The people’s revolution must triumph

By Mayian Tot

April 15, 2014 (SSNA) — South Sudan –the land of great abundance blessed with many resources. Both human and natural resources has been goose-stepped into bloodshed and misery by none other than its leaders.

Now a killing’s field embroil in the midst of catastrophic catalyst marked by acute human suffering with men in arms barbarically killing innocent civilians with impunity.  

The land of gold, oil, milk and honey is poisoned by leadership greed with meaningful reforms and its people’s potential progress barricaded by the genocidal system. Now perpetuating ethnic cleansing, hatred and is equally pushing vicious ideological hegemony of one ethnic domination.

In a matter of months this nation descended into a deadly proxy war theatre whereby ethnic massacre of ritual violent are committed.

Civilians’ populations mainly children, women, the aged and the unarmed men become the main victims caught up in the midst butchered with impunity in places like Juba, Bor, Malakal, Bentiu, Leer etc. etc. Brutalise by the men in arms for reason none other than their ethnicity.

From December 15, 16, 17, 18, the presidential guards and other security apparatuses’ went on lynching operations. Going door-to-door killing rampaged of ritual violence decimating innocent unarmed civilian of Nuer ethnicity with brutes’ savagery displaying their psychopathic heroism.

To cover up these ritual animosities dead copses were thrown into river, some burned while others were secretly buried at night during the curfew hours in mass-graves.  

In Juba all these graves atrocities of highest barbarism were unleashed only to protected the power that be and precisely for president Kiir to remain in power. But instead, these are the criminal acts against humanity that brought this nation down to its knees will cost Kiir his leadership.

Contrary to these harsh realities, some diehard supporters still called it a legitimate elected government as if it was elected to kills with impunity.

The government of South Sudan had failed to equally protect civilians and that is the main reason to why many citizens appreciate and accredit UNMISS for protecting, sheltering and feeding civilians. Because, had it not be the present of UNMISS in this country. South Sudanese would have butchered themselves surpassing that of Rwanda genocide with brutal intensity given the ferocity of the violent.

But God forbid none shall be annihilated, never.   

Precisely, because South Sudan belongs to all ethnic that currently occupied its territorial land. Therefore [None] deserver extermination be they Nuer, Dinka, Shilluk, Equatoria or others ethnic groups. All are different ethnic but supposedly equal citizens, none worse none best.

It is inhumane and immoral to condone brutal acts of ethnic cleansing  and fundamentally any leader who benefited and capitalise on human death, misery and destructions to maintain his reign is poisoned by greed of cynical evil and is equally doomed to tumble down on the process.

Now we hear voices from hosanna, from deep swamps, from remote villages, from UNMISS camps and from the whole diaspora calling out loud.

‘’By all mean possible the people’s revolution must triumph, the sooner the better.’’  They said, and we echo back, surely it must triumph’.  

It must triumph against injustices, against marginalisation, against inequalities, against this corrupt and genocidal system that perpetuate, ethnic cleansing, land grabbing, destruction etc.

For how long shall we tolerate a system that facilitate tribalism, nepotisms and bad governance with failed leadership that pays foreign arm to come kills us and therefore allowed foreign economic juggernaut to plunder our resources.

We unite stand firm and fight against such system to the very end.

Inwardly and outwardly the vivid conclusion reached is that such system be topple and dismantled. We cannot longer afford to lives under the guises of a system that create military and political personalities to rule us with iron fist, divide us on ethnic lines and then make us butcher ourselves with impunity like wild beasts.

Kiir’s leadership has derail sight and had utterly plunged our beloved nation into deep abyss.

The masses ‘em citizens of South Sudan need to understand it crystal clear that the entire power vested on Kiir belong to them as a whole. It doesn’t belong to one ethnic two ethnic or three ethnic groups that unite to destroyed the others. It belongs to all 64 tribes combined.

Therefore the government of South Sudan and its institutions, its funds, its political structures and its constitutional arrangement is theirs.

To spare lives or to stop the bloodletting [He] the president better opt to relinquish the people’s power back to where it’s rightfully belong. So that the people can command their fate, shape their destiny and have equally protections from thy government and elect leaders of their choice. 

Principally to elect a leader who shall reign with [No] absolute power to victimise them, oppress them, marginalise them and divide them on ethnic lines so as to butchers themselves with impunity. 

A leader who will be nothing but people’s servant and spokespersons represent and guiding his/her people’s well-being, fate and destiny.

More so, a nationalistic leader who shall respect and be abide by our constitutional framework to the point that –the will of the masses ‘em populace is to be of supreme virtue and the moral guiding star.

Therefore, Greater Bahr el Ghazal, Greater Equatoria and Greater Upper Nile our destiny are joint and our fate are one we ought to joint ranks and files.

Time is of essence here, it warrants swift actions to make the ends met.

The people’s revolution must triumph. It must triumph now and anything short of that shall mean another ticking time-bomb ready to explode with brute savagery. Sadly however the only vivid conclusion point to barrel of guns.

Mayian Tot is a concerned South Sudanese citizen reachable via [email protected].

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