SSAG: South Sudan Government Commits Another Massacre Inside UN Compound in Bor Town, Jonglei State


Victoria, April 19, 2014 (SSNA) — The South Sudan Crises Management and Advocacy Group (SSCMAG) in Australia is hereby expressing its condolences to the families who lost their loved ones during the barbaric incident occurred at UNMISS compound in Bor on Thursday, 17th April 2014.

The SSCMAG is deeply affected by the massacre and mass killing of the internal displaced people (IDPs), mainly the Nuer civilians by the South Sudan Government forces in Bor town. The attack is evident to be carried out by the SPLA, Youth and the police killing civilians indiscriminately. The death toll reached 250, with approximate number of over 300 wounded and uncounted numbers still missing from their hiding.

We strongly condemned this brutal and ethnic killing of innocence people, therefore SSCMAG requesting the United Nation to act now and consider the following:

1. Relocation of the IDPs

  • Relocate the IDPs to the neighbouring countries such as Ethiopia, Sudan and Kenya for their safety.
  • Hold the President Kiir and his Information Minister, Makuei Lueth, Bor Mayor, Nhial Majak & Defence Minister Kuol Manyang accountable for inciting attacks among the ethnic groups.
  • Demand the president of the Republic of South Sudan to step aside and allow the formation of the interim government for peace to prevail in South Sudan.

2. Ugandan involvement in the conflict

Again, we strongly condemn in its strongest term possible the present of Ugandan Forces in South Sudan. The SSCMAG recently learn that the Ugandan fighter jet bombed UNMISS compound in Unity State Capital, Bentiu on the same Thursday 17th April wounded 3 IDPs. The present of Ugandan troops in South Sudan:

  • Undermines the national sovereignty of South Sudan.
  • Is an invasion of the Republic of South Sudan.
  • Contribute negatively to peaceful resettlement of the current conflict.
  • Intensify the division of tribes in South Sudan and while the world remains silence.
  • Undermines the legitimacy of IGAD peace settlement and indeed fosters a negative role in modelling the African affairs.

3. Respect for cessation of hostilities and ceasefire

We are writing to inform the International Community that the government of South Sudan continues to breach the ceasefire signed on 23 January 2014. Therefore, the SSCM&AG urge IGAD, AU, UN and other world bodies to strongly warn the parties to the conflict to:

  • Respect the cessation of hostilities and ceasefire.
  • Stop killing innocent people.
  • Allow humanitarian access to all corridors.
  • Impose consequences on any party that breaches the cessation of hostilities and ceasefire.

Furthermore, SSCMAG is calling up on the United Nations, IGAD and AU to pressure the Government of the Republic of South Sudan and SPLM/A in opposition to respect the cessation of hostilities and ceasefire and to release the political detainees.


Musa Abram, SSAG- Press Secretary
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