Salva Kiir Govt: From tribal to regional govt!!

By: Weirial puok Baluang

April 25, 2014 (SSNA) — The government of Salva Kiir Mayardit has been a tribal government for the whole of its term since the than autonomous government of southern Sudan in 2005 till 23rd of April 2014 when he reduced it from the tribal government to the regional one (Bhar el Ghazal Government).

The case of Gen, Hoth Mai and Gen. Mach Paul

According to the decree read on Juba regime owned TV known as SSTV on 23rd of April 2014, Salva Kiir Mayardit the president of the republic of south relieved Gen. Gathoth Mai and Gen Mai Paul and he replaced them with Paul Malong Awan and Gen. Marial Cinuor respectively.

The fact that the two former leaders hails from Greater Upper Nile and the newly appointed leaders hails from Greater Bhar el Gazal qualified that President Kiir has shifted his government from the formerly Dinka dominated government to Bhar el Gazal Dinka dominated government. Therefore, it is still going on in an increasing move to be a Clan government that will be dominated by Rek Dinka of Warrap where our president comes from as long as the deal between Yuweri Museveni and himself (Kiir) is still active militarily.

The proverb of "" What goes around comes around"" became true. last year of 2013 December when the made up coup erupted in the national capital Juba, 17,613 innocent Nuer civilians were murdered/massacred by Kiir’s and Malong’s militias, therefore, the world described the move as a ‘‘Tribal War"" which many politicians including Kiir himself denied. Now it has proven itself alone.

The removal of a man like Gathoth Mai has a little but not big affect on Mayardit Government. But replacing a man who’s been cautioning the army against tribalism and politicizing the military with a man who has a private, tribal militia he pays with state funds instead of the national fund is just plain dangerous; a very unfortunate precedent that will drag not only himself (Malong) to the ICC but Kiir and Museveni too.

One of my friends, Kuir E Garang a political commentator, asked a question on the social media about the removal of Gen. Hoth which goes like this: Malong Awan, the newly decreed-in COGS, was involved in the operations of the three nights when thousands of innocent Nuer were slaughtered. What message is the president sending to the Nuer community with or against the government?? to me it is a very good question since Gathoth Mai did not even condemn the deaths of his brothers and relatives if not all Nuer during the Juba Massacre for fear not to get his job lost should he quote of why his tribe is being killed on his watch?

”For the case of General Mach Paul”,

Gen. Mach Paul is a man of all the people due to the fact that he tells truths though it hurt many people in our country. If Mach Paul could have rubbished the made up coup de atat since the beginning of the fights he could have been respected more than the late time he rubbished the fabricated coup.

However the removal of Gen. Mach Paul did not surprised me more as that of Gathoth Mai, because of the statement he made According to the Citizen Newspaper report, Mach Paul told the court that the four political detainees have nothing to do with the alleged coup and the subsequent armed rebellions in Jonglei, Upper Nile and Unity states.

"The SPLA Director of Intelligence, Gen. Mac Paul, told the Court that he, as an intelligence officer, has no clue that the four suspects were behind the attack but pointed out that he believes there were some political problems within the SPLM party which started way back before the incident of December 15.

Gen. Mach Paul is a truthful leader like Dr, Machar to criticize or tells truth though in the system without fear of loosing the job. that is a spirit of nationality and togetherness which have got no room in our country under president Kiir. many of the Kiir government officials are aware of the failed assassination attempted against the reformists on 15/12/2013 but could not talk so that they don’t want to loose their respective job as happened to Gen. Paul innocently. Therefore my message to the current Kiir’s officials is that: if you need to survive politically use the tactic of Marial Benjamin, Makuei Lueth and the likes by praising Kiir all the times and tell more lies that please Kiir.

My brothers and sisters who does not know that the current government is the combination of self-imposed president, Yes_Man Vice president together with some of his puppet governors/Ministers and members of parliament who were rejected by their constituencies, that gave birth to the most corrupt government the world has ever seen in the 21 century, as tribalism, nepotism, insecurity, robbery, and terror to keep oppositions out of their club because the government was designed to please the president and not for social service delivery for country’s citizens.

My dear readers, to confirm and believe whether Salva Kiir’s formerly Dinka dominated Government has changed to the worse one which is the regional government that would take the country into the blood bathe (Bhar elgazal Government) we need to go through the below Cabinets and the Top Government posts as per the regions and tribes:

Salva Kiir Mayardit (Bhar elgazal Dinka) – president of the republic of south sudan
James Wani Igga ( Greater Equa.) – Vice prsident
Paul Malong Awan (Bhar elgazal Dinka) – Chief of General Staff
Four deputies of Chief of General staff ( Bhar el Gazal Dinkas with the exception of Ayom Door the Dinka of Upper Nile
Barnaba Marial Benjamin (99% Bhar elgazal Dinka and 10% Nuer) – Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
Martin Elia Lomoro (Greater Equa.)- Cabinet affairs   
Kuol Manyang Juuk ( Greater Upper Nile Dinka) – Defense and Veteran Affairs
Telar Ring Deng – ( Bhar elgazal Dinka) Justice minister in the Office of the president ( Bhar elgazal Dinka))
Obuto Mamur Mete (Greater Equatoria) – Office of the President for National Security Service
Aleu Ayeny Aleu (Bhar elgazal Dinka)- Interior and Wildlife Conservation
Aggrey Tisa Sabuni (Greater Equatoria)– Finance, Commerce and Economic Planning  
Kuong Danhier Gatluak (Graeter Upper Nile)- Labor, Public Service and Human Resource Development
Michael Makuei Lueth(Greater Upper Nile Dinka)– Information, Broadcasting and Telecommunication and Postal Services
Riek Gai Kok (Greater Upper Nile)– Health minister
Beda Machar Deng ( Bhar el gazal Dinka) – Agriculture, Forestry, Tourism and Animal Resources, Cooperatives and Rural Development
John Gai Yoh – ( Greater Upper Nile) Education, Science and Technology
Jemma Nunu Kumba – ( Greater Equatoria) Land, Housing and Physical Planning (
Bhar elgazal Dinka) ) minister of Electricity, Dams, Irrigation and Water Resources
Simon Majok Mijak ( Dinka Upper Nile)- Transport, Roads and Bridges
Stephen Dhieu Dau (Dinka Upper Nile) – Petroleum, Mining and Environment 
Ngor Kulang (Bhar elgazal Dinka)- Culture, Youth and Sport
 Awut Deng Acuil (Bharel gazal Dinka)– Gender and Social Development


Paulino Wanawilla Unango (Greater Equa.- Justice
Jadada Augustino Wani (Greater Equa. – Interior and Wildlife Conservation
Mary Jarvas Yak (Bhar elgazal Dinka) – Finance, Commerce and Economic Planning
Kengen Jakor-( Bhar elgazal Dinka) Finance, Commerce and Economic Planning
Rebecca Joshua Okwaci ( Greater Upper Nile) – Information, Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Postal Services
Nadia Arop Dudi ( Greater Upper Nile Dinka) – Agriculture, Forestry, Tourism and Animal Resources, Cooperatives and Rural Development   
Bol Makueng (Bhar elgazal Dinka) – Education, Science and Technology  
Deng Arop Kuol (Bhar elgazal Dinka)- Land, Housing and Physical Planning  
Martin Daku (Greater Equa.)- Transport, Roads and Bridges
Elizabeth James Bol ( Bhar elgazal Dinka) – Petroleum, Mining and Environment
Ateny Wek Ateny (Bhar elgazal Dinka) _Presidential spokesperson
Akol Paul ( Bharelgazal Dinka) SPLM youth league leader and so on and so forth from Dinka Bharelgazal Leaders in the national level.

In conclusion, the so called regional government of Salva Kiir Mayardit with the help of president Museveni of Uganda would not make it to the august this year due to the fact that those Nuer SPLA members and militias fighting alongside the ruling of Kiir for life will be hopeless because Malong Awan is the worse night killer South Sudan has ever get. because Kiir’s power depend on J.E.M, UPDF and Puljang’s Militias as Bentiu was captured when Puljang withdrew for his life, there will be a little to be achieve through Paul Malong unless to kill the remnants of 15/12/2013 and 17/4/2014 Juba and Bor massacres survivors respectively who are now seeking the safe haven at UNMISS across the country otherwise his appointment is to spray on Nuer lands the cluster boms and other chemicals that kills both Human and animals which could not be allowed by the former Chief of General Staff Hoth Mai

God bless South Sudan!!!

The writer/author is reachable at [email protected]

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