Nuer Students Union in South Sudan demands the release of the University Students arrested in Wau

Press Release

Juba, April 29, 2014 (SSNA) — The Naath Students Union in Universities and Higher Institutes (NSUHI) in South Sudan are hereby, however, again announcing the disappearance of its members after Wau’s incident. The Wau’s incident, as you all know or might have heard, came about as a result of the Mapel’s massacre which took place in the training center. The same scenario was also a practical case in Wau town. That in Wau, was started on 26 April night up to April 27, 2014.  The incident could target any Nuer ethnic group member specially the University of Bhar El Gazal Nuer Students. One of our Students was initially arrested in the night of April 26, 2014. We thanks the UNMISS for having opened its door for our students in Wau, though late.

On 27 April, 2014, when Nuer Students realized that their lives were in danger, they decided to leave the University’s hostels for UNMISS’s camp. Which they think could be safe for them, but as they were trekking to the UNMISS’s camp; some of them were captured on the road by SPLA individuals soldiers and personnel. Because it was impossible for these Nuer students to pass not through SPLA Grinti Military barrack, located between the University premises and UNMISS camp side.  From there, on the way, a dozen of Students were arrested and taken to unknown places. The rest of these students, who were captured or arrested yesterday, on 27 April, 2014, are searched and have been found by the University Administration. While the rest are not found up to now, that is why we are writing this press statement. However, we are urging the University (UBG)’s Administration and the Government of Western Bhar el Gazal state to assert much more efforts so that our students’ colleagues whose whereabouts are not yet known, to returned if they are alive with those soldiers captured them.

Most importantly, both the Government and the University Administration should find solution to the question of where do these Nuer students gets their meals from? Yes, it may be safe for every student to remain inside the dormitories to avoid being arrested outside the University premises, as H: E the Governor, Rezik Z. Hassen said. But, since there is no food (services) being provided in the hostels, all University students use to go outside and have their meals there. Hence, the Administrations should secure the basic need of these students; otherwise it will be a potential chance for their killers who are just waiting outside the University.

We hope our demands can be taken seriously by the Administrations. In fact, it is not good to loss again innocent students in the University of Bhar el Gazal, as it had happened in the University of Juba last year. Where Nuer students were intentionally dragged out of the hostels and miserably killed by national security personnel. No, that should be enough atrocities on us!! What have we (Nuer Students) done wrong to the authorities?

Nuer Students’ Union
Juba, South Sudan
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