John Kerry May Be Ill-Advised By The So-Called ‘’ Igad Countries Foreign Ministers’’ During Nonessential Meeting In Addis Ababa

By. Mak Banguot Gok

May 3, 2014 (SSNA) — John Kerry, the US Secretary of State during his recent tour to Africa , dedicated to the South Sudan and the CAR crisis, people of South Sudan have not satisfied of what Kerry brought to result the bloodiest conflict in South Sudan. John Kerry should first stopover the December Nuer Mass Graves in Juba prior to his ascription of Salva Kiir as Legitimate President.  It is indistinct whether US Senator John Kerry is ill-advised by the so-called IGAD Countries Foreign Ministers during his tangential meetings in Addis with Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya and others IGAD member countries who have earlier, either take part in fighting rebel at Salva Kiir’ side or since then, unenthusiastic to tell Salva that, what happened in Juba is purely out of compromise and, therefore, there is nothing called voted president in South Sudan. The corrupts and criminal IGAD countries members’ politicians who only serving the interests of their  bankrupted governments out of the South Sudanese conflicts cannot solve the problem no matter what attempts.

We know those countries whose foreign ministers convene John Kerry in Addis Ababa are the suckers of the South Sudanese oil money and, their coalesce political and economic interests in this young nation is the cause of all these sudden catastrophic. We are really speculated if Kerry’s statement is deemed the American position in gaze at the genocidal government of Salva Kiir.

It is one thing to elect a president like when Salva Kiir was elected for only three years under an Interim constitution. The 2010 election that brought Salva to controversial seat was all on common purpose bond people of South Sudan and reached referendum with whomever a president.  And, that does not qualify him as an elected president to kills the very people who chosen him to the presidency just for unity toward independence of South Sudan.

It could not happen even in the US that, for example, President Obama after training his own private army carrying on ethnic cleansing on particular tribal community or State in USA with no reason whatsoever and still individual like John Kerry regard him as legitimate president. You cannot thinks of solving the current military conflict in South Sudan without properly addressing the roots cause of the bloodsheds. If Kerry not aware of what slip this country into this problem, he should follows it through any sources.

The question why thousands of innocent Nuer civilians gunned down by Dinka-lead government still Salva Kiir will answer even after when he reached the ordeal.  Whichever a country alliance to Salva Kiir would remains optimistic that, Salva Kiir is come to an end and waiting for only last minutes of departure. That could happen anytime in less than a year despite what are African dictators trying to salvage their colleague. If John Kerry knows how many Nuer innocent civilians exterminated from date 16th-20th December, 2013, he might feel guilty of articulating Salva Kiir legitimate in whatever a walks of human life. He (Kerry) would be ashamed of his word recognizing Salva Kiir’s legitimacy.

Salva Kiir is a failed president and, he must go either through finding the middle ground or belligerent. This is because, there is no democracy in the world that advocates individual elected president to carnage his people and still the US governments can talks of its authenticity. However, the victims of the famous Juba genocide will rummage around for justice and let Salva Kiir answer. And, the US government or whoever an actor to the South Sudanese conflict should understand that,  there will be no peace whatsoever if Salva Kiir who killed thousands of Nuer still the president of South Sudan. That matter should be understands carefully by those Kerry’s alike.

John Kerry should not ignore the fact that, Salva Kiir Mayardit has been the first head of state and government in the African continent to have private notorious Dinka Touich militia ill-trained, undisciplined and brute killers. Tribal militia  who rune in disarray when faced  real combat  enemy and active in killing only unarmed civilian like what they did on the Nuer civilians in Juba during December incident.

Dinka of Salva Kiir could not speak any other languages except the Dinka Twic, the most notorious, stubborn, brute, uncivilized and uncouth Dinka militia in South Sudan known in Dinka language as AgetwangAbut Bany andMalwal Anyuol commanded by the notorious killer and butcher Paul Malong Awan the former Governor of Northern Bahr-el-Ghazel State who he (Salva) appointed recently as the Chief of his flattered army.

On 15th, December 2013, a group of SPLA soldiers from Presidential Guard mainly from Dinka attempted to disarm their colleagues from the Nuer tribe who were in the same Presidential Guards. It was a directive by Salva Kiir to the said Presidential Guards commander- Maj Gen. Marial Chinour after he ordered his own private security force to hunt Dr. Riek and the rest of the SPLM leaders and arrest them for no reason, only resisting democratic process of power transference.

On the nights of 16-17 December 2013, Salva Kiir gave astonished orders to his lieutenants to unleash the so-called “dogs of war” or “The Dirty Dozen”- militia into the City of Juba to kill run amok the Nuer people in the streets and to move them out from house. Seizing Nuer tribal members from house to house to go out to kill  the Nuer children, women and men, students, doctors, civil servants and other professionals if they have been identified to be Nuer folks, to loot their properties and money, burned down to ashes their homes, including the home of the former VP Dr. Riek Machar which is a government assets.

Moreover, the civilians’ population, university students, professors, lawyers, economists, medical doctors mostly Nuers who studied  different professions  abroad with in North America, Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan and other parts of Europe and North America were   almost all gunned down in their homes or in the workplace or on their way homes from work.

On 16 December, the infamous Nuer massacre took place in Juba and lasted for three days up to 19 December 2013, by their Dinka attackers who impersonate as Presidential Guards inside Juba town. They summarily executed over 10,000 civilians including 35 personal bodyguards of Dr. Riek Machar who were first disarmed by the government soldiers and later killed in cold blood when the government soldiers (SPLA) smashed a two storey government building used by the former Vice President with military tanks.

Inside the same house it was sheltering over hundred civilians most of whom were closed or distant relatives of former Vice President and his dear wife who an emergency sought refuge there. Unfortunately, military tanks crashed all of them and this was the most gruesome massacre ever conducted in the history of South Sudan in one town since South Sudanese fought successive wars with Khartoum regimes in the past. The UNMISS did not revealed the exact figures of those Nuer killed in Juba for fears of reprisals from that notorious government in Juba. And, Toby Lanza, the UNMISS/Humanitarian Coordinator in South Sudan scared by possible termination of their mandate in July, 2014 by Salva Kiir and, nevertheless, partially  plays interest to let Salva Kiir government extend their mandate if he ( Salva) reached July as president to decide the fate of UN in this country.

Salva Kiir’s Forces recently acting on orders of Sector One Commander, Lt. Gen. Jok Riak executed 220 unarmed Nuer Officers, NCOs and Trainees at Mapel Military Training Centre in Western Bahr El Ghazal State.

What UNMISS has been preaching following the fall of Bentiu to the rebel forces on 16 April, through the international news outlets, the resultant of it was the worst gruesome and awful attacks on Nuer civilians at UNMISS camp in Bor on the 21 April, when some SPLA soldiers and other organized forces from the government along with Bor youth went on rampage and attacked 6,000 IDPs from Nuer as retaliations by Dinka to what happened to their allies force of JEM in Bentiu.

The attack on UNMISS camp in Bor was a government initiative which was directly spearheaded by some well-known senior government officials from Jonglei and Bahr El Gazal States to massacre Nuer. On 23 April, the town of Renk on the northern part of Upper Nile State was briefly captured by the SPLM/A – In Opposition forces in which they dislodged government forces and their ally’s forces from town.

After the rebels withdrew from the town which bordering the White Nile State, Republic of Sudan, the Nuer officials in the government and other organized forces were deliberately killed by their Dinka colleagues and militia soldiers who were armed by the government to intentionally fight the rebels. About 300 Nuer civilians have been killed in Renk alone

The question remains as, were the Nuer civilians’ population also the ones thespian the alleged coup d’état or, was it because Dr. Machar’s negatively perceived and implicated as the ring leader of imaginary military coup d’état is of a Nuer nationality like them that made them to become part and parcel of the alleged and collectively punishment for the crime that they have not done, which they ought not to have done?.

Salva Kiir’s militia murdered in cold blood many Nuer people as the targeted group and most of them were innocent Nuer civilians’ population, families of the professional civil servants, including the SPLA forces and many of them were those repatriated from north Sudan after the independent.

The intellectual Nuer community that we will never cover up in twenty years. It was strategically, surgically planned and calculated pogrom, genocide similar to the 1994 Rwanda Genocide and specifically collective punishment targeting the Nuer nationality because the accused- the former VP- Dr. Riek Machar is of a Nuer nationality or ethnicity.

Based on this precise narrative, one could imagine and conclude that it was all really hell break loose and lawlessness of the third kind because the Dinka dictator went all out berserk to collectively punish the Nuer  people and their leaders.

Hundreds of thousands of unarmed Nuer people and other nationalities were forced to flee their homes because of fear of probably being killed by Salva Kiir’s militia ran to the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) Compound for safety and the militia followed them at the UNMISS Compound and managed to kill wherefore the UNMISS personnel could not provide protection because of its size, outnumbered and could neither control the militia nor provide the necessary protection to the victims of the perpetrated genocide in Juba town.

Of course, what transferred in South Sudan on the nights of 16 and 17 December 2013 was genocide pure and simple. If this war in South Sudan is not handled carefully, regional conflict may flare up very soon because the continuous supports of UPDF, JEM, and SPLA – N and other invisible actors like Egypt and Zimbabwe to the government of Salva Kiir in Juba would definitely attract other regional countries to join the ongoing war. And, Nuer will not hesitate any help from whoever having an interests of either his own our ours in the conflict of South Sudan.

US Government to show Kerry’s seriousness must double its efforts to pressurize both Juba and Kampala to immediately withdraw the UPDF forces in South Sudan in order to give peace a chance.

The same thing with Darfurian   (JEM) and SPLM-N (Nubian & Ingessnia of Blue Nile) rebels who are siding with the government in Juba against the SPLA – In Opposition. The present of Sudanese rebels in South Sudan to protect the oil fields installations which are under threats from the SPLM/A – In Opposition forces and in turn they also receive their shares from oil revenues and in addition to supply lines through Upper Nile and Unity State to continue with their war against Khartoum.

The JEM and SPLA – N have abandoned their cause for material gains in South Sudan. Therefore, UN should advise their leaders not to involve their fighters in conflict in South Sudan while at the same time disusing as Sudanese traders.

Mak Banguot Gok is SPLM/A/IO/ Youth Representative in Jonglei State and can be reached via [email protected].

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