Mabaan Community in North America Joins Opposition, Declares Kiir’s Policy as ‘Destructive’

Re: Mabaan Community in USA/Canada frustrated with Kirr destructive use of power and declares our support to SPLM in Opposition

United States, May 5, 2014 (SSNA) — It’s not a surprise for us Mabaan community in USA/Canada to conclude that our country under Kiir leadership becomes a failure’s state that are plagued by two structural disorganize, political identity fragmentation and weak national institutions that together preclude the formation of robust governing system by tribalistic minded leaders that severely undermining the legitimacy of the state and leading to political orders that are highly unstable and hard to reform.

In the light of political crisis caused by weak leaders that subjected our people to execution, violence and psychological harm; we the Mabaan Community in USA/Canada strongly denounce the government of Juba abuse use of power to massacre innocent people and drag country into unwanted war.  We strongly reject government of Juba ethnic extermination policies and declare our position to support SPLM in opposition because we believe in reforms. The government of South Sudan is not only an enemy of the people but a killer of hope and dreams of the people of South Sudan.

Political legitimacy that they claim is misinterpreted and it was up since Dec 15. He was not elected to kill and divide the nation based on regional and ethnicity. President abused power delegated by the people of South Sudan to commit genocide on his own people particularly Nuer ethnic in Juba and hired Uganda people defense force by the nation resources money to help him carried out atrocities on his own citizens; just for him to stay in power, and his action is a violation of 2011 expired interim constitution.

We believe that Kiir political fragmentation directly affect the capacity and aspiration of the people of South Sudan to create positive institutional environment system to encourage productive economic, political, and social development because it undermines the usefulness of traditional informal institutional system.

Destructive use of power undermine democratic transformation and good governance that overwhelmingly expected by the people of South Sudan. Corruption, nepotism and tribalism are the factors reduce accountability and distort representation of policymaking which compromise the rule of law and weaken government public administration system resulted inefficient distribution of wealth and services. This unwanted war cause fear, displacement of our people, and mass destruction of infrastructures that expose civilian to disease and famine.

In order for the people of South Sudan to have peace, security and sustainable development;  Kiir must step-down to pave road for peace, Ugandan people defense Force and JIM, SPLM-N must be out of South Sudan , and  urgent needs of Constitutional amendment. We are strongly rejecting the IGAD proposal to assign regional troops in the oil areas because they want to make South Sudan as another Somalia.

The use of foreign troops by the government to fight rebel doesn’t cover up big tattoo written on face of the wall that South Sudan under Kiir is a failure State. They must know that the way to lasting peace is through power of negotiation not bullet as government campaign.

In conclusion, we Mabaan community in USA/Canada strongly warn and condemn the notion of our commissioner to disarm and send out Nuer community who are living in Mabaan county because they are Nuer; such weak decision is an acceptable; Mabaan people have no problems with Nuer or Dinka, they have equal right, access and freedom like any mabanese to live in Mabaan county as citizen of South Sudan. We blame the new deputy governor of upper Nile state action to influenced Mabaan commissioner to order Nuer community to leave county and he will be held accountable for his unethical decision. We call commissioner to stop propaganda campaign and designate county as safe zone for all South Sudanese displaced by war regardless of their ethnicity. We are proud to be South Sudanese not tribes.

The statement is signed and released to media by Mabaan Community in Canada/USA Executive Committee, Ontario Canada:

Mark Eisa, Chairperson
Paulino Kiet, Deputy Chairperson
Phil B. Dan, Secretary General

Date: May 4, 2014

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