South Sudan: Final Gait to Permanent Peace and Freedom

By Thiang Geka

May 21, 2014 (SSNA) — I hope everybody is as optimistic as I’m that peace must surely return to South Sudan. Permanent peace and everlasting Freedom for all!! No matter how long this useful and present war will last. President Salva Kiir: had this to say in Juba, that “this war which had happened in 2013 is the first and will be the last war in the Republic of South Sudan”. Only that, history had to take it dimensions. Yes, thousands of innocent South Sudanese civilians were killed in the middle. Nevertheless all of us are convinced that table is the only road to peace and everlasting freedom.  Many South Sudanese, people, from different works of life need to have peace return to the nation. Therefore, I’m personally, the author, asking ignorant South Sudanese to begin working for it. We have now seen its roof. There is no sustainable development and stability without peace or freedom. And you won’t have such modern realities without your making. Your physical and personal participation is very, very important. Let us projected and generate budget for Peace!!!

Each and every one of us would want to stay not idle but add his/her contribution for it. That is for Peace and Freedom! What are you waiting for? Aren’t you part of this country? Then what are you doing? Are you fond just of talking without rushing into action? Take the point, here, please. It isn’t my obligation alone. It isn’t Mr. X or Mr. Y duty alone to bring peace to South Sudan. It is our overall responsibility. I’m not in my home(s) now. If I were to wait there, I would have been slaughter. Do you know why? You might have seen or heard it. But now, I can cater the living and don’t feel nostalgic at all about those homes. So let me tell you one thing or the other. What I fundamentally needed and we still searching for are Peace and Freedoms. Because, some of you might had been erroneously convinced or rather, deceived. Why I orally objected the governing—reasoning approaches. South Sudan can’t afford to import cunning techniques from Zimbabwe, Libya, Arab world etc. This is the only reason. I objected the approaches, so that to have permanent peace in the country. I’m sure we can do that with or without help. Don’t say our number is just and so, we won’t manage to bring peace. No we will. It is deeply rooted in our culture, habit, norm and values to stand up against any inhuman styles. We are (born) there to be the first to say NO! And at the end bring peace and lasting Freedom for all. Doubtful and fearful group (s) would join later. The only choice they picked. A Country’s best food doesn’t eat by or benefit its genuine builders. This is a proven fact and saying.  From very my mother tongues.  Some of you may and may not understand me well in. Kuejiok a genuine redeemer of this retarded land. The past and present milieus vindicate the realities.

I have prepared a short tale for you, the readers, to read. Compare them later on. This tale is all about my unplanned journey I was forced to have had, a century ago. From a central region called Equality.  After, an annihilation attempt, that had happened to me. You may call it assassination attempt. I needed no further urging. I knew not this strange country had only a dim idea as such.  Since everything could be reasoned traditionally. But I struck out bravely across the desert toward the land of Freedoms. To ask myself a question as to why they wanted to silenced me and my likes. Or why they would want to have had our souls sent to heaven in mass for no good reason. Late those days, I reached a rough district(s) as inhabited as desert. The sharp rocks bruised the feet of my faithful, peaceful dynamic young men and soon they were picking their way slowly and painfully along. I met neither men nor beasts and could well understand why they shunned this inhospitable land. Sometimes we had our bullets not billets with them exchanged. It was such a journey from then on as few men live to tell of. Day after day I plodded along. I almost ran out of my basic needs. The heat of the sun was merciless. I had to endure all these, simply because there is no easy walk to freedom. At the end of the day I slid from the back of my mount with the feeling that I was too weak to ever remount and I would surely die, lost in that abandoned country. Presently referred to this!

As all groups were domestically and regionally being biased against me. Yet altogether, they understood the lessons I taught them while trekking. They will forget not those lessons. I stretched out up the ground and slept, not waking until the first gleam of daylight. I sat up and looked about me. There was coolness in the morning air. About me was a vast waste of destroyed country covered with rock, sand and thorny things. No sign of peace at all corners, naught to eat for man or whatever. Then a question came to me. It was. Could it be that in this peaceful quiet I faced my end?  NO! I said. My mind was clearer than it had ever been before. I looked across into the uninviting distance and once again came to me a question “Have I the soul of a slave or the soul of a free man?”  Then, after a while with clearness I realized that if I had the soul of a slave, I would have given up, lie down in the desert and die, a fitting end for a runway slave. But because I had the soul of a free man, what then? I have to continue preaching the spirit of peace. The last question I put to myself was. Who still has natural field powers to serve manly? My answer: Thiang Geka, his nation as well as the people around. Including those of central region where I survived an annihilation attempt. Ok if this is the case. Let me go, it is me talking. Thiang Geka had come to hut (Luak). I am now in a byre.

I became fresh now as ever before. Surely, I have to force my way back to Greater Equality Region (GER). I decided. In order to pay homepage to the people who trusted me and me trust, bring happiness to my friends who truly loved me and bring peace and contentment to my country human beings. Who cannot able to stand up for rights lonely.  Organize prayers on mass graves of my own family members perished there. Butchered by bearded killer’s district mobilized clannish men. I can see the things that I must do countrywide. First I have to go back to GER as stated to face every man to whom I owed untaught lessons about peace. Peace is our mission, vision and objective. Any obstacle on the path must be fought fiercely. I should tell them that after months of wondering, I had come back to pay my debts as fast as God would permits. For the first time, in months, after I survived that annihilation attempt.  This restarted time written in my forehead a slogan, read: Wide-ranging Forgiveness a best way to permanent peace and freedom. Lest. Alternatively, carrot and stick approach was another potential best way I chose. Modern spears were available. Next I must compose homes which will accommodate everybody. From there I begun and made my successful way back to GER. Without wasted much time. I reached GER and implemented all that I mentioned. And we could live in our region without hindered. In that land of ours peace and freedom can be found everywhere now. Justice rolls like water!

Coming back to South Sudan’s final stride to permanent peace and freedom‘s achievement.  Yes, we have a strong hope that despite these slippery, atrocious situations we can find ourselves in. Permanent peace and freedom will soon be prevailing in South Sudan.  I am 100% sure! This is inventible. Change had already changed the nation. Cognitive people and intelligentsia know it. Only myopic persons can deny. And it will also be after this unrest, that the country, South Sudan’s citizens equally become first class citizens and forever proud of their making. The participation you are asked today to offer as your last rejoinder in a process to have genuine justice or stabilized South Sudan.  More importantly, together we install a solid Constitution terms limits and Federal system of governance. History!! Otherwise permanent federal constitution, Justice, equality, stability, peace and Freedom will be brought to South Sudan without your participation. Utilize or waste your golden chance. END.

Thiang Geka is currently on a National Mission and will soon return to his historic home town, Old Fangak, for celebrations after the completion of this Mission. He can be reached for comment (s) at his Face book Page: Thiang Geka.

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