South Sudanese Nuer Community in Canada: President kiir Planned Genocide and Displacement of Nuer Tribe

Press Release
Date: May 17, 2014
H.E. President of the United States of America, Barack Obama
H.E. UNSC Chief Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon & Members
H. E. Ethiopian prime minister & Chairperson of IGAD, Haile Mariam Desaleg
African Union & IGAD Leaders
All European Union Leaders
Hon. Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harpher             
UK. Prime Minister David Cameron
H.E. French President Francois Hollande


Canada, May 21, 2014 (SSNA) — We are expressing our regrettable and disappointment to the international community for its inaction of the killing of the Nuer innocent civilians in Juba and other states; we the community members known as the South Sudanese Nuer Community in Canada have been affected by genocide committed in Juba as well as the ongoing conflict in the Republic of South Sudan. In the light of the political crises prevailing in our beloved country, South Sudan, we the Nuer Community members and leaders in Canada are very sad and deeply concerned by the loss of innocent lives and continuous living in fear of our people in the Republic of South Sudan, especially in major cities and towns in Juba, Jonglei, Unity and Upper Nile States because of the tribal government’s ignorance to the people. The tribal government has killed enough and continues to kill hundreds of thousands of people from the Nuer Ethnic Group in particular, as it hires many notorious, criminals, and terrorists or mercenaries from Uganda and M23, three Rebel groups of Sudan, and recently from Egypt. The international community should not sit and watch all the foreign armed groups that have been hired by the government in Juba to massacre millions people of Nuer so the tribal government implement its long term plan to displace Nuer people from their territories in South Sudan to Ethiopia and to other neighboring countries. We regret for the loss of innocent lives of foreigners who are assisting us in various capacities, including peacekeepers, humanitarian activities, capacity building, and businesses in Juba and across the country. We convey our condolences and sympathy to all the families who lost their dear/loved ones and those who have been wounded in the recent violence in various parts of South Sudan.

After careful assessment and deliberation on messages coming from different sources including our own relatives, news media, South Sudanese Government, the opposition within SPLM Party, various levels of governments, we the Nuer people in Canada’s leadership reached the following resolutions based on how the international community views the current conflict in South Sudan:

1. We condemn in the strongest terms possible any act of violence aimed at settling political differences but ended up in massacred one ethnic group by the Salva Kiir Government. We encourage our people, the international leaders at the United Nations Security Council, the European Union, the United States of America, IGAD, African Union, and Government of Canada and the people in South Sudan at large to look at the root causes of this current conflict, including who did what in the first place to embrace a true and genuine dialogue for the interest of our new nation to prevail. We have learned through our history of struggle that through a just and a true dialogue we reached in Addis Ababa Agreement and the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) were achieved because the world bodies understood the root cause and the way forward. We do not want more bloodshed, self-inflicted suffering to our people, and loss of property as well as the massive displacement of our people both within South Sudan and to the neighboring countries. We do not want the implementation of displacing Nuer from their places into Ethiopia as a solution. Instead, we want our people to enjoy the fruits of their collective struggle without loss of lives and fear under self-claimed dictatorship. We urge IGAD and other international community partners to expeditiously resolve the political differences through condemning the main genocidal of the leadership in Juba and embark on really reconciliation, nation building, and development. Without pointing out those who planned to kill the people of South Sudan’s one ethnic group, the Nuer People in Juba from December 15-30, 2013 that fueled this conflict, South Sudanese’s various ethnic communities’ future are in jeopardy/danger.

2. We, the South Sudanese Nuer People have condemned the turning of what was purely a political differences in order to serve the nation well within the SPLM Party into tribal conflict. Any ethnic group whether from Bari, Moru, Shilluk, Murles, Anyuak, and Dinka to be massacred by their own leader is a crime, leave alone Nuer People being deliberately and intentionally killed in Juba.  We the South Sudanese Nuer Canadian members and leaders in Canada have condemned the tribal government and its like who incited our tribes to involve in violence for the interest of Salva Kiir and his inner circle leaders, who planned the massacre to gain leadership. We want to make it clear that our general populations in South Sudan and around the world have strongly condemned the killing of innocent people by Salva Kiir in order to remain in power; this is a crime. We the Nuer Community at home and in diaspora still wonder of why a political differences within the SPLM Party unfortunately turned by some opportunists into a tribal confrontation. The SPLM Party does not only belong to the Dinka and Nuer as the initial killings in Juba suggested; it is the South Sudanese Political Party with the membership from across all tribes in the South Sudan. For instance, those who eager to reform the SPLM Party are not from Nuer Tribes alone. If so, why there were no other tribes got kill in Juba?

3. Therefore, we urge the international communities of AU, IGAD, and UN to Not only condemning Salva Kiir but to stop him and his government from killing one ethnic group, than  bring him and those perpetrators to book in order to have a nation that belongs to all people. Abusing, harassing, and killing of the innocent citizens based on their tribal affiliation leave a lone Nuer is a crime in 2014. Killing people in order to defamed individuals is unacceptable in South Sudan. The people of South had suffered a lot and fought the war together to create this nation. All opposition leaders and media leaders have been targeted due to their being informed and promoted the spirit of working together and continue to live together as one nation for generations to come. Killing and dividing the citizens and human rights abused was not what the People of South Sudan Fought for. Is it what the international community members were looking for to be upheld in our entire country? Our leader and his inner circle groups should desist from using hate or provocative languages that could prolong the conflict and misery of our people.

4. This message is to the Leadership in the United States of America under the current leadership of President Barack Obama. For South Sudanese Citizens to have bright future as America Dream, the Obama Administration has to look back into the American Transformations, the long struggle for freedom for all Americans, including the Black Walk to Freedom in the US History that inspires the whole world.

5. It is important at this juncture that the United States’ Leadership and the UNSC Chief (Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon) understand the US Secretary of States, John Kerry’s recent sanction that involved Peter Gatdet Yak has been received as unjustified based on reality. We and many other people both in South Sudan and in diaspora did not receive this sanctioning of General Peter Gatdet as legitimate for one reason. Peter Gatdet didn’t commit any crime rather, refusing and reacting to the systemic humiliation and killing to citizens of South Sudanese who were intentionally displaced from their country by their own government in Juba. Killing one ethnic group in Juba unlike the rest of the state men, women, children, and elders in South Sudan is unjustifiable. We believe the US Government should head up to it principles of all people. We hope the people of the United States have to re-read the long walk to freedom and how it came to be as a nation. We hope Secretary of States John Kerry recalls back his speech when he endorsed President Barack Obama at the National Convention of the Democratic Party to run for the US President. The question that the American people may answer is this; is it okay for them to to see South Sudan be a country like the US in terms of its political system? Or does the US want another dictatorship country in South Sudan? The common citizens of the people in South Sudan and in diaspora not one tribe were the ones consenting nation to be led by Salva Kiir in 2010 Sudan General Election and 2011 through the ballot box at the time of the Referendum. Every single citizen is important and dear in South Sudan and indeed, in the eye of the international community. The question is this; why did the AU, IGAD and International Community Leaders recently condemned the fighting in Bentiu, Unity State while forgetting or turning away from one of the most painful killings in the nation’s Capital, Juba? Instead, the international community forgot the long planned of South Sudanese’s Massacre in Juba.

6. We, the South Sudanese Nuer Community in Canada want to alert the international community of what happened in Bentiu, the Capital of Unity State, South Sudan on May 04, 2014, immediately after the U.S. Secretary of States John Kerry left Juba, South Sudan. For instance, after he (Salva Kiir) met with the U.S. Secretary of States John Kerry in Juba; at the same time, Salva Kiir ordered his (South Sudan SPLA) troops to recapture Bentiu, the Capital of Unity Stat, Nasir, and Longchok Counties in Upper State. This can be termed as that, he the President of South Sudan Salva Kiir deceived the U.S. Secretary of States, John Kerry as he was advised not to use violence in the country again while peace process is going on. Moreover; Salva Kiir’s constant lies, he brought the North Sudanese Rebels of Blue Nile, Nuba Mountains, Darfur of Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), and his SPLA troops that enabled him to storm Bentiu, the Capital City of Unity State until now. We need all the international community leaders to take a look of how Salva has been supporting Sudanese Rebels in order to use them to preserve his power. One of the best examples from Salva Kiir Government’s lies was in 2011 when he lied to the U.S. President Barack Obama that he had no longer allied with the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), SPLM-N whose missions are to topple the Khartoum Government. This president is using what so called “pretext” tactic. What happens daily is that Salva Kiir is using those (Sudan Rebels) as tools in South Sudan by financing them to fulfill his plan. The killing of Dar Fur in Bentiu was not done by the rebels in Opposition. The JEM personnel in uniforms were the one being killed in action. Two days before fighting, rebels announced to the civilians in Bentiu Capital to leave the city and to report themselves to the UNMISS Camp. Instead, government troops prevented the civilians to leave and used them as human shell. At the same time, most of the mercenary fighters had no military uniforms. Moreover; since South Sudan President Salva Kiir announced the state of emergencies for both Jonglei and Unity States in January 2014, there were no civilians from external traders. Those who might have been killed were mercenaries. What we the people of South Sudan and the UNMISS Authority in Bentiu knew was that all civilians left Bentiu since December 2013. Salva Kiir announced the state of emergency and that had never lifted. How did these people come to Unity States? Who provided them with vistas to come to a state that has been in the emergency? Therefore, those people are the rebels (mercenaries) allied to Salva Kiir for all these years.  

7. We urge all South Sudanese in Diaspora to be united, work together, and avoid promoting a tribal state like what Libyan Leader Mohammed Gadhafi did in his country before the citizens woke up and deposed him recently.  One of the best examples of Salva Kiir’s Tribal Government is when he recruited his tribal men to be his presidential guards whom he ordered to kill the Nuer in Juba on the 15th-30th of December 2013.  Salva Kiir has done this in his three states of Bhar El-Gazale Region by recruiting his private republic guards like what Sadam Hussain did in Iraq a few years ago. Another important example the international community and world leaders have to recall was one ethnic group that was being massacred in Iraq by the dictator, the notorious leader Sadam Hussain in Iraq a few years ago.  Sadam Hussain killed the Kurtis Ethnic Groups in Iraq by using nerve gas in the present of the international community.  Indeed, Saddam and his inner circle did the crimes against humanity in the events that took place in Dujail in 1982 (see also human rights abuses in Iraq) reference to the human rights abuses in South Sudan. Burning the Nuer People in Juba is one of the worst human rights abuses in modern human history. Even the Khartoum Regime with whom the people of South Sudan fought with never burned South Sudanese people in Khartoum by the Khartoum Government during civil war.

8. The people of South Sudan cannot afford to groom a dictator who will deliberately kill them in the years to come by using his own chemical weapons. A dictator who has been murdering people for the last 8 years and still killing them today in a bright day light. We wonder how the international community leaders view the leadership that is intentionally destroying the country. Is the international community waiting for a dictator to acquire biological weapons to kill more people in the years to come? Massacre had taken place in December 2013 in the National Capital City of Juba and still taken place daily in other parts of the country.

9. Killing of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) of children, women and elderly in Jonglei State, Bor Capital inside the United Nations Camp is a great example for the international community’s failure. National Minister of Information, Michael Makuei Lueth and Defense Minister, Kuol Manyang Juuk ordered the killing of the vulnerable Nuer Civilians in the UNMISS Camp. These are the nations’ national ministers. Back in the past, the same Makuei Lueth with SPLA Army Forces from his own ethnic tribe tried to enter the UNMISS Camp in Bor, Jonglei Sate, which accommodates the same thousands of IDPs Nuer Ethnic Group whom he killed.

10. The United States needs to sanction the Presidential Guard General Marial Chieinuong Mangok, who killed the Nuer Civilians in Juba that fueled the current conflict. How does the US leadership view its position as it has been the human rights and democracy advocacy?  Many people believe the United States and other international leaders would fairly direct sanctions to the following known officials. Defense Minister Kuol Manyang Juuk, Minister of Information Michael Makuei Lueth, Former Governor and Chief of Staffs Paul Malong Awan, Foreign Affairs and International Corporation, Dr. Barnaba Marial Benjamin, and President Salva Kiir. These are the rights people who planned the genocide plus some of the SPLM National Liberation Council Members. Paul Malong Awan was the one who recruited his private tribal militia men from his own Bhar-El Gazale Region whom Kiir used in December 2013.

11. President Salva Kiir issued his God Given Presidential Decree in January 2014 and declared both Jonglei and Unity Sates as the states of emergency. That decree has never been lifted till today. We believe the African and Western leaders know the term “state of emergency” than we the ordinary people know. There were no civilians in Unity State with the exception of the host citizens and those in the UNISS Camp. We, the people of South Sudanese Nuer Community have realized that the world now is implementing the plan to eliminate the Nuer People (Tribe) in South Sudan. This plan has been there for years even during the 21 years’ war between North and South Sudan that the Nuer should be pushed to Ethiopia by some ring leaders in South Sudan and the neighbouring countries’ leaders. Could that be nation’s resources?

12. South Sudan’s elected leader VS. Egyptian Revolution against their elected leader; when comparing the current South Sudan’s conflict to Egypt’s conflict, this can be termed as naivety. The Egyptian People removed their dictator of Muslim Brotherhood Government three years ago because of his divisive leadership between communities and religions. We, the people of South Sudan are wondering what Foreign Minister Barnaba Marial Benjamin and the Egyptian Leadership signed a month ago so Egypt to send its troops to fight alongside with Salva Kiir troops against opposition Forces. Even the United Nations, the United States, European Union and IGAD leaders did maintain their positions in Egypt, Syria, and Libya conflicts and support those are eager for democracy. Furthermore, now Egypt deployed its military assets and began fighting in South Sudan alongside Salva Mercenaries against opposition forces. Some are deployed in the Ethiopian border with North Sudan and South Sudan.

13. We wanted the international community to recall back the security situations in South Sudan before the current conflict. Many journalists and media personnel were abused and some even murdered by the regime in Juba. Isaiah Abraham who was murdered is a good example. When Isaiah Abraham was murdered, the United States of America sent the FBI Team to investigate the case. Did the team announce its finding in the media up to now? Not really.

Reference to citizens being murdered in South Sudan  Isaiah Ding Abraham Chan Awuol

14. Therefore, we want the international community leaders to recall back their best experience in the leadership in Juba. We urge the international community to be relevant when reacting to the reports on the ground and the damaging the media reports and rumors that is tearing South Sudan apart. Those media outlets and some neighboring leaders have their own interests in South Sudan.  Take Uganda’s Military involvement in South Sudan for example. We wanted the world to view the situations in South Sudan as what happened in Iraq many years ago. There is no different between the current conflicts in South Sudan with what happened in Iraq under Saddam Hussain in the 1980s. Sadam used nerved gas against Kurtis Ethnic Group in Iraq using the country’s military assets (helicopter gunships and jet fighters). Salva Kiir used Uganda’s military assets in exchange for oil money to remain in power while doing nothing for the nation except divisions. The results were very clear when Salva and Museveni used cluster bombs against the civilians and rebels in Jonglei State. What were the international world leaders’ reactions? None. Instead, they all praised the Ugandan President by killing the Nuer People. Do IGAD and other international world believe in the unity of the people of South Sudan? The message of hope and peace to the people of South Sudan both in South Sudan and in diaspora need the world to carry out a thorough investigation into the current conflict not randomly in order for our various communities to promote peace and a national reconciliation among our political leaders and tribes.  We need the international community to set a thorough and a genuine investigation in regards to the root cause of this conflict and who did what. Why did the political differences within the SPLM Party resulted in one ethnic group (Nuer) being? Without publicly denouncing the Government of Salva Kiir for the crime he had planned for years, South Sudan will not be a perfect nation. We want the troika countries to recall back the experiences their officials from embassies in Juba, South Sudan had experienced from the security situations in the country.

15. Violations of freedom of expression and censorship of the press: In the months prior to the outbreak of Nuer Genocide in South Sudan, the climate for freedom of expression in South Sudan had progressively worsened. With the outbreak of violence on 15 December 2013, a sharp deterioration was evident by all the embassies: US, UK, IGADs, and other European Diplomats. That a political debate between the party members, particularly those who eager to reform SPLM Party and those who opted for dictatorial rule. Because Salva Kiir and his inner circle groups have planned to remain in power without democracy in South Sudan, he ordered to massacre the Nuer to turn/incited communities against one another. Recall his announcement for the postponement of the election supposed to be held in 2015 and extended to 2018-2020. In mid-January, the HRD was informed of dozens of incidents involving the illegal arrest, detention, intimidation, harassment, and expulsion of national and foreign journalists, as well as the surveillance and censorship of media houses. We call upon the international community to look back and analyze what the regime in Juba has done to the UNMISS personnel, including the representative of the UN Secretary General. Calling the UNMISS Representative and other officials rebels and abusing their names in the media is another important violation of international norms the Juba Government has deliberately has been doing. This government has some of the most notorious elements, who have committed war crime and crime against humanity for so long and has torn the country apart. Because of all these human rights violations and atrocities committed by President Salva Kiir against the same people who brought him into the power, we the people of South Sudan concluded that Kiir must go so that the people of South Sudan will remain united as one people, one nation and to live in peace and harmony for the generations to come.

Signed By: South Sudanese Nuer Community Members and Leaders in Edmonton and Alberta in Canada.

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