Analysis: why President Kiir must be questioned?

By Peter Gai Manyuon

May 26, 2014 (SSNA) — What does the word “I remained the President and will always be the President” signify to the citizens of South Sudan and the world at large?

Well, most of people have taken the statement of the President seriously because I followed some posts on social Media pages like tweeter, face book denouncing and condemning what Mayardit said out of emotion as abuse of public office when he (Kiir) arrived at Juba International Airport from Ethiopia where the document was signed between the Government of South Sudan and the Sudan People Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM/IO) headed by  Dr Machar as rebel leader.

Moreover, others said President always has no good public relations and communications techniques in his speeches and other term the President as the speechless leader globally. And on other hand, other are judging the magnitude and the weight the word from the President carries.

After reading and viewing at the same time what the President of South Sudan Salvatore Kiir Mayardit, said when he was addressing International Communities and Regional Governments in Ethiopian Capital Addis-Ababa on the 9th of May 2014, I was very surprised why my President aired an irritating word that demoralized audiences across the globe.

Absolutely, in diplomacy and foreign Politics President Kiir has lost his credibility and trust from foreign diplomats and International Communities as well due to the fact that, after he (Kiir) signed a document on Friday 9th of May 2014 with Dr Machar in Ethiopia, he claimed of being forced to sign by the Inter-governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) proposed agenda that aim at bringing peace and harmony to South Sudanese.

After his return to Juba, he told his cabinets that, he was forced to sign a document which was not his wish. Realistically, what kind of a leader is Mayardit in the eyes of South Sudanese? How can you signed a document when you have not agree with what is contain in the context of the document?

For real, what signify that statement in intellectual context? But for some people who have known the mind of the President in and out, the word he said carries no meaning in the peace process rather than exposing him (Mayardit) to the world that he has got some gaps upstairs and has no experiences in strategic Communication and Public Relations as well.  What a disgrace?

Nevertheless, I don’t know whether Kiir has got speech writers who can evaluate his speech before addressing any gathering. What I know internationally is that, for any President worldwide, he/she must have good speech writers that have specialized in Communication, Public Relations and English as well.

It was like a joke for him the President to say that ambiguous statement but he was not sure that  statement “ I remained and will always remained the President “was too bad for a Country like South Sudan that need peace and harmony at this particular period of time. Truly speaking, where is South Sudan as the Country heading to?

In Public Relations “Giving a necked statement to the public’s, sometimes when you are a politician reduces your audiences in politics” like what Mayardit said, need good evaluation and analytical monitoring mechanism from the International Communities and the people of South Sudan as well. 

Hence this is a very crucial time to document what the head of the State emphasis or aired out.  

Well for author of this article think, this is a good reference to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to document before they forget. That word “I MUST be the President always is enough evidence to be document for further future indictment ,because realistically and logically, whether people like it or not President Kiir MUST be trailfor the crimes against humanity and abusing  South Sudanese in the eye of the World.

Justification of President Kiir Statement

What I have visualized and contextualized from President Kiir speech in Addis-Ababa is that, he was not meaning what he said but because of no good tactics and art of public speaking in him, he aired out a word that might bring him problem tomorrow or in the nearer future. Let the world and the people of South Sudan at large forgive Mr. Kiir Mayardit.

However, no one on earth can be a permanent President because there is death that is waiting for each and every one. What I have viewed is that, he was forced to sign something which was not his wish because at the first, he said no Interim or Transitional government formation in South Sudan and now, it is the U turns. Very interesting indeed!!!

The author holds Bachelor Degree in Journalism and Mass Communications and he is Independent Journalist and Columnist who had written extensively on the issues of Democratization and Human Rights in South Sudan. You can contact him through;[email protected].

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