Peace Is Not On The Table For The Gangs of Self Service In Juba!

By Bhan Riek

May 29, 2014 (SSNA) — In consideration of newly leaked information, what then is the incentive of government of South Sudan’s chief negotiator, Mr. Nhial Deng Nhial, to bring peace to this already malnourished country? To those of us whose sanity is still intact would agree that the man has a ZERO incentive to speed up any process that will see this country go back to its normalcy, where there would for once be some kind of accountability.

It has been leaked that the man is receiving what is apparently known as "daily subsistence allowance (DSA)” of over $2000 per day, which if true, sees him go home with nearly a whopping $60,000 a month!  Where else in the world would a public servant make that money in a month? These are the reasons our country is not getting anywhere because the people responsible on the side of the government are only too concerned about their pockets above our lives.

Meanwhile, this same body allegedly contracted a very well-known private military/security firm based in South Africa. This firm is famous for lending its services (for large sum of money) to those who  want to get away with something they are not entitle to, pretty much what Kiir and his group of businessmen are doing to our beloved  county to date.  This firm can carry out anything from assassinating political opponents to lending their spectacular combating skills gained over the years as these people are alleged to be military personnel to join forces in a mercenary to being becoming hit men, according to the arrangements. 

In the case of South Sudan, those “gangs of self-service” currently in charge of genocide and disappearance of South Sudan’s assets and its complete destruction before our very own eyes, have allegedly, (with the help of a renowned international author who has dipped his nose deep in the affairs of south Sudan, and conveniently employed as a payroll officer of one of the Juba killers) wired $5 million of your money to this military/security firm, to get rid of Kiir’s political opponents, regardless of their tribal background so long as they are not in the good books of Kiir. You’d have to be a silly duffer if you won’t show concerns of the successful implementation of this deal because your sons, mothers and husbands are being hired ‘hit men’.

First and foremost, warning goes to Nuer people. Whilst this plan was primarily set up to target those known Nuer rebels, it is also alleged that it will take care of those Nuer who have been brain washed to call themselves ‘the best of the bad bunch’, as well as those other few and brave men and women from other communities who stood up for the truth.  Needless to state the obvious that those in the circle of Kiir’s “friendship of benefits” should start getting in the habit of checking that your heads are still attached as Malong Awan, Kuol Juuk, Telar Deng, Makuei, Akol Koor Kuc, and company have only few nerves left and therefore do not give a feather about who is siding with Kiir/kill.

Coming to the deal of century between the government and Yau Yau, Reverend General David Yau Yau, what a useful man in the history of South Sudan? This man was a rebel and tormented the government for years since he was overstepped in the 2010 election results, have been denied any recognition at all and as far the government is concerned, have collaborated with the enemy to destabilised South Sudan; were sent countless battalions of the mighty SPLA to capture and destroyed, THEN miraculously, his cause is recognized after the government’s failure to capture the very same state he was denied victory of? Would this have anything to do with the government’s needing to use the lives of those Murlees that Kiir wished could crush to their last bones only 12 months ago, the Cobra battalion to destroy Jonglei?..You bet! So then, if I were Yau Yau I’d be asking, why should my bribe prize be to destroy my state, the very same state I was denied leadership of only a few years ago? I hope (he) Reverend General David Yau Yau still remembers very well what had happened to his dear friend George Athor, like Dr John, both men perished between the hands of Kiir and Museveni’s UPDF! This demonstrates the level of desperation the gunmen in Juba are willing to go to finish our country to it is last man standing so long as they still guarantees them ‘leadership’.

Kiir and co know that they are going down as can be seen in their desperation trying everything under the sun in a hope to cling to power; even if that means lighting the first fire that will start the third world war. I could not conclude without drawing your attention to the recent diplomatic ploy of sending Marial to Russia in demonstration of this point….yes, Russia he paid a diplomat visit to… of all places?  In all honestly I have nothing against Russia, I think the guy (Putin) has done great for his country and deserve to be applauded but, if I remember correctly, South Sudan was brought into existence by many factors but jees, I think forming friendship with Russia on your last bit of pickle with America is an obvious attempt to start chopping off the hands that are feeding!  The monster that US itself raised has now flexed its muscles destroying everything made for it.  If this is not daring its master to pull the last plug attached to its power, then I don’t know what is. So much for legitimately demon-structured gunmen show!

Bhan Riek lives in Australia. She can be reached at [email protected]

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