Pagan Amum Okiech and his Colleagues Injected Their Tongues with a Lethal Poison

By Bayak Chuol Puoch

The Former Secretary General of the SPLM Pagan Amum Okiech and his Colleagues injected their tongues with a lethal poison that will never cure out in short period

May 30, 2014 (SSNA) — The SPLM Former Detainees started their uprising against President Salva Kiir in December 2013, in Juba. We the South Sudanese continue to think that these former officials are ready to delivery services to the people of South Sudan. Also, we continue to think that that they corrected their wrong doing of looting $4 billion US dollars which is supposed to be used for developmental programs of our country. Their wrong doings will never be forgotten by the South Sudanese in the long range of time in the future from generation to another. The SPLM Former Detainees said that they are not part of the country’s bloodshed meanwhile they are the major part of this problem.

Why they came out in a big number on December 6th 2013, if they were not involved in this problem? 

For me as a person, what am I thinking about these former officials? They are greedy interested in power and they deceived themselves at the same time because South Sudanese are clever enough to hear and see things naturally as they were in reality. In fact they want to lead the coming transitional government, why? Because to my suspect and it is true that they the people who will of everlasting corruption in South Sudan. No single development was done in the country during their era starting 2005 up to 2013. 

The Nuer Community has lost noticeable number of children, women, elders and youth in this conflict and the number we lost will not be fulfilled within Twenty years. We the Nuer Community in general are telling the SPLM Former Detainees that you are preventing neutrality and all your offenses and wrong doings will be in our record and you will never get our support because you are not taking care of the people rather than your personal aspirations and interests.

The Former Secretary General of the SPLM Pagan Amum has publicly shown us what is going on in his mind by saying that “Killing of innocent Nuer Should Not Be Used as the Mean to Fight. This word disappointed every Nuer member and it will be registered down in our record.  The Former Secretary General of SPLM Pagam Amum wants to end this war within one day in order to form his government and I think he doesn’t know that he cut himself out of tree like (Deng Guer)

God Bless South Sudan!

Bayak Chuol Puoch is the Chairperson of the Nuer Community in Egypt.

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