Former SPLA Chief of General Staff, James Hoth Mai, not Welcome in Australia

By: Mr Gatjung Choap, Mr Gatluak Deng Gai, Mr Tito Tut Pal, Mr Mun Khat, Mr Changkuoth Deng, Mr Moses Abraham Gatluak, Mr Buom Chan, Mr Kueth Golong Kueth , Mr Gatluak Deng, Mr Chuol Puk, Chuol Deng Gai, Mr Gatluak Puok, and Mr Bill Jock

Re: Former Chief of General Staff, James Hoth Mai, was not received by South Sudanese and Nuer Community in Australia

June 12, 2014 (SSNA) — We are writing in respond to allegations posted by Gordon Buay Malek, that James Hoth Mai was warmly received by Nuer Community and South Sudanese in Australia. This allegation is untrue and will never be true forever. Hoth’s arrival in Australia was viewed by many people as mocking of the victims whose family members he murdered in South Sudan. Buay, Hoth and their likes, have failed to realize that Australia is a signatory to Human Rights Convention and thus has an obligation to uphold and protects such rights from perpetrators and abusers.

In all accounts, it does not surprise us that Buay, as he always has been, would not be ashamed of describing Hoth and we quoted as "a battle-hardened commander and strong ally of President Salva Kiir". In fact, Hoth is a weak and coward general, who attempted to buy popularity outside his family, clan and tribal circle. He saw his nation being destroyed and torn apart in his watch by the man he praised and hailed high as his God and President, Salva Kiir.

The following evidences prove this claim:

First, concentrating rigidly on protecting his employment and status quo as Buay has been advising him to do so; Hoth gave up the lives of millions of South Sudanese for his own goods to affirm his loyalties to his rigid minded boss, Salva, who tribalised, clanised and sub-clanised the government in his watch; however, he never hesitated to question or warns Salva of such dangerous moves.

Second, tribal Militias from the clan of Warrap State-the birth place of the God of Hoth, were trained to pursue and fulfill the wishes of Salva and his destroyers; however, Hoth never implement any serious actions aiming to deter or prove his experience as a decorated general charged with protection of his citizens and constitution of the nation.

Third, military alliances aiming to destroying Mr Mai’s nation, tribe and clan were accorded by Salva and his murderous partner in crime, Yoweri Museveni of Uganda and Justice and Equality Movement of Darfur (JEM) in Mr Mai’s watch; however, he was mindful of only his ranks, employment and status quo. Hoth and Buay’s own birth place county-Ulang, was destroyed by the man and the regime that blindfolded them as a loyalists. Mr Mai’s immediate family members were killed by the same regime that he thought would continue to protect his employment and status quo and his parents were forced to escape to Egypt. Others left Juba for their own safety and could not return to Juba.

Hoth was used to murder his own fellow citizens, family, clan and tribe and was dumped later on after his God father Salva and his regime become aware that his fellow tribal men, children and women have been exterminated to extinction in the country and found him lonely on his highland of blood bath. Shame on Hoth for resorting to seeking asylum in Australia as a safe haven after he foolishly destroyed his own nation.

Buay has demonstrated to South Sudanese in all accounts that he is a mad man suffering from identity crisis and untreatable psychosis. He claims to be a die-heart supporter of the regime which saw his nation torn apart, destroyed his tribe and family members that shaped him to who he is today. Coward Mai and his accomplice Buay immediate family members, clan and tribal men are confined to UNIMISS camps like any other Nuer without loyalists to Salva’s regime.

Buay is the terrorist not us here in Ground Under. He is one of the secret service personnel who have immensely contributed to destruction of South Sudan today by inciting violent and crimes, masterminding the political disappearance of many innocents South Sudan and misleading Salva and his loyalists by providing him ill-advises aiming to destroy the nation in order to remain in power and continue to rule in fiat in the new nation. We have all the evidences of Buay’s communications with Salva, commandos in the frontlines and secret service personnel. We will provide this evidence to Canadian Authorities and the world.

It is with a grave concern to learn that Buay has been fully bribed by the desperate regime that rule the new nation with fiat and irons fist in Juba to shamelessly spend time on propaganda war. Regardless of Buay feeding the world with unfounded and deceptive information about us being militants in Australia, Hoth will never be harbored by an accredited nation like Australians, which is best known for taking human rights abuses seriously and apprehension of human rights abusers with blood of millions of innocents in his hands.

The world should also be aware that Hoth and the regime in Juba have got use to fabrications and deceptions that we all witnessed torn apart our nation today. Buay and the regime in Juba are still shamelessly preaching allegation of Coup D’état when South Sudanese and the world has already discredited their claims by ordering them to release the political prisons. Moreover, the former Head of South Sudan Military Intelligent Services, General Mac Paul Kuol, in his testimonies, publicly denied the current humiliations and massacre of the remained survivors and savage civil war in South Sudan as a Coup D’état attempt, but rather described as an incident between the Republic Guards. General Kuol’s version of event was confirmed by the second incident erupted again among Republic Guards three months later after the fabricated incident by Buay and Salva and their like minded partners in crime in Juba and in the region.

The deception that Nuer attended at the Australian airport to receive coward and weak, Hoth who brought them shame forever, is indeed unfounded information and senseless. Nuer did not and will never honour murderers; or celebrate the murdering and massacring of their family accept Hoth and Buay who have been disowned by the South Sudanese, their family members, tribe and clan for shamelessly capitalizing on their expenses and letting their blood spilt for their own gains and preservation of their status quos.

Referring us in Ground Under as militants because we sympathized with the victims of the atrocities and determined to protect human rights by informing Australian government of the crimes and atrocities committed by Hoth is a disgrace to humanity and complete denial to existence of human race.

We are not terrorists but we are more than prepared for any threat that appears to destroy the nation, tribes, clans and families that shape us to who are today. Unlike Buay and the regime in Juba with blood in their hands, we will never retire to fabricated allegations that destroy the social fabrics of the nation. Buay wrote and we quoted, "individuals like Gatluak Deng, Gatluak Puk, Chuol Puk, Chuol Deng Gai and Bill Jock travelled to rebel controlled areas few months back and delivered money to the rebels to carryout various crimes ranging from civilian killings to coldblooded murders of anybody suspected of rejecting their version of political events in South Sudan,". This mad man-Buay, would never produce any evidence if demanded to do so by the authority. We wish we travelled to South Sudan to rescue his family that he abandoned shamelessly when he travelled to Canada after his puppet Salva’s secret service hunted him and burned his hometowns Ulang.

Also, Buay alleged, "in Australian laws, any citizen or permanent resident of Australia who engages in promoting, aiding and abetting any form of violence or terrorism is subject to criminal prosecution. Therefore, the Australian government has an international obligation to observe UN Security Council Resolutions against such kind of acts being practiced by Nuer militants in Australia." If acquiring a citizenship status in a foreign country and suspected of taking part in a foreign conflict resulted in persecution, then, it is certain that Buay will be the first criminal who will be persecuted and tried in the Canadian Law Court since Canada is a signatory to human convention as Australia.

Buay and his regime in Juba have not yet had enough in spilling the blood of innocent South Sudanese. They have no guilt and shame to apologies to the nation so that unity and harmony can be restored. They continue to finance foreign forces that are desperate to securing financial support in return for burning human alive and destroying states.

This crisis in South Sudan will be over soon and these perpetrators would be brought to justice on-by-one. South Sudanese are now better informed of the fabrications and deceptions of these faceless groups and therefore the regime in Juba is displaying all signs of last kicking of a dying horse. This is evidenced by mass defection of South Sudanese from all works of lives-law-makers, arm forces, politicians, spiritual leaders, scholars and ordinary people.

In conclusion, we would like to inform the world and the South Sudanese in particular that our organisations are humanitarian based agencies determined to supporting the victims of conflict and vulnerable South Sudanese who are now struggling to survive in South Sudan and neighbouring countries.

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