Nuer Students’ Union in Kenya: Wipe the tears of the victims

Press release

(Put a smile on someone’s face)

Nairobi, June 12, 2014 (SSNA) — Since the fighting erupted in South Sudan Juba on 15th December, 2013 which resulted to death of 20,000 lives from Nuer ethnic group, displacement of thousands from their homes to either UNMISS compounds or seek refuge in neighbouring countries and also resulted to the worst famine ever in the history of South Sudan, Students from Nuer ethnic community in particular both at home and those who were taking their studies in east Africa became the victims of South Sudan crisis.

According to our statistics 180 students from various universities and colleges in Kenya had dropped out due to financial constraints from their initial sponsors who are either killed, escaped from their places of work or join the freedom fighters, we are saddened by the situation these students are going through and we are obliged to share it with all friends stakeholders and people of goodwill and see how best we could rescued these brilliant students from their faded away future,  we also have 150 secondary school students some of whom are candidates to sit for their KCSE in few months to come, these students are stranded at their places of residents and are hoping a good Samaritan will appear through God’s will.

Nuer students’ union take this task as a core responsibility since the objectives of the union clearly stated that the institution shall lobby for scholarships and financial assistance to assist those who are interrupted in the middle of their studies due to financial inadequacy. We are appealing to the people of goodwill to ‘’put a smile on somebody’s face’ and that’s our hashtag.

Education is known worldwide as the key to every country’s prosperity. i.e Socially, politically, and economically. Currently, the greater Equatoria children are busy with their academic programs, Bhar el ghazal also the same so only greater Upper-Nile is affected by this crisis both at home and in east Africa where students are supported by their relatives and parents in South Sudan, we are afraid that in the long run this vibrant community shall lack human capital where intellectual capacity is required given our burst resources. We are appealing to all people of goodwill and generosity to intervene in this specific problem and take someone back to class by doing so you would have contributed positively to South Sudan human development. My office is also asking all well-wishers to connect us with any organizations dealing on such projects so that we shall forward our proposal to them with all the detailed statistics.

We would be glad to contact us and give you more information on those students affected by this crisis in the middle of their studies.

Bona Kueth Machar
The chairman, Nuer Students’ Union in Kenya
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