Is South Sudan Television (SSTV) a Dinka Own or a National Own?

By Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut

Jesus said to the multitude people who gathered around him" whose head in this coin? Caesar !!! shouted the crowds ‘ then give God what belong to God, and give Caesar what belong to Him’ said the Messiah.

June 14, 2014 (SSNA) — SSTV is a National Television whose role in the country is to aware the public on daily going in the country, delivering hopeful information,news and dedicating  important events to the beloved citizens of south Sudan.But the regime in Juba is using it as traditional horn to blows war songs to warriors, Juba government used the National TV to conduct private meeting, individuals programmed, which doesn’t carried the mandate of TV. The cripple regime went far by sending Hate messages and mobilizing the youths to have a permanent hatred among themselves.


It has come to my knowledge that our fellow dinka brothers are trying harder to impose colonization, humiliation, ignorance and segregation to the other smaller tribes in the country after pushing out Nuer in the country. It’s clear that as long as Salva kiir continues to sit on presidential seat the carnage won.t stop, the ethnic cleansing will not end and more blood will still be shed. SSTV face denial of it right as National Television which act as messenger to the people of the country.

Dinka community think they will lead this nation forever and that is why they are enchanting filthy words of tribal division everywhere, Dinka can’t differentiate a national owned asset and President Salva kiir’s properties which he himself owned.

‘It’s rare in the whole world to fine a drunkard villager singing in his dialogue in the National Television for almost one hour and nothing, absolutely is done about it.’ This shows a high percentage promotion of tribalism in the country and its Dinka tribe doing that.

Where on earth, will you find the President and his cabinets ministers delivering speeches to the masses in their own mother tongue? it only south Sudan and its only Dinka doing that.

South Sudan is country bless with multi-million people with different tribes, 64 tribes with different languages.

For your information, Dinka language was not chosen to be the National language and you should not used it in National TV.

The random used of Nation TV by one ethnicity is embarrassing both internally and internationally, if its the state government in Bhar el Ghazal, Bor, Renk and Abyei? that didn’t aware its people that SSTV belong to the government then today you should take it as a warning to do so.

The other tribes in south Sudan and the international community view south Sudan national television as a traditional horn and whistle to blows war song to the warriors.


The national TV have contributed much in the current crisis in the country by the wrong use of its staff .Col. Philph Aguer ,Brig.Gen. Malaak Ayuen, Hon.Micheal Makuei Lueth have carried alots of damages to the image of National Television and they should not continue preaching hate messages and fabricating lies to the public. The whole world, Africa and south Sudan in particular is tied of your evils in formations.

In conclusion this message is representing the voices of south Sudanese who are tied and bored by the Dinka language which is randomntly used in the national TV shows, ceremonies, party public turn up and events.

I wish Kiir’s government will come back to its own senses and realized that SSTV is a National Television and not Dinka own television.

Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut is the Secretary for Information of Uror youths.

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