Wani Igga is visionless and liability!!!

By Peter Gai Manyuon

June 23, 2014 (SSNA) — Absolutely Wani Igga has been known of nonsensical talks and comedy in South Sudan generally. Moreover others are viewing him as opportunist and speechless fellow who have destroyed the dignity and prosperity of all the Parliamentarians when he (Wani) was the National Speaker of South Sudan Legislative Assembly before he was installed as the Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan on the July 23th 2013, which he does not deserve. But because of too much backwardness, drunkard and shallow thinking in the system of governance in juba, he (Wani) assumed the office that is bigger than his capacity and size as well. What a disgrace and insult to South Sudanese publics?

Well, Leadership roles are all around us, not just in a work environment. They can be applied to any situation where you are required to take the lead, professionally, socially and at home in family settings. Ideally, leaders become leaders because they have credibility, and because people want to follow them but for the case of South Sudan where doing wrong things is the mission and vision of the regime, you find that national issues are taken in tribal way. Credibility is not there at the movement in Juba and the people who are behind that include James Wani and his opponent Salvatore.

Another area which is crucial for leaders is skills in leading people. After all, without followers, there are no leaders. Leaders need skills in working with others on a one-to-one and group basis, and a range of tools in their armory to deal with a wide range of situations. If I may ask, is Comrade Wani Igga having skills to lead?

However, when you hear the name comrade Wani Igga, what come to your mind as a South Sudanese citizen who is intellectual and informed upstairs? Do you really see a vision in Wani Igga?

Realistically and logically Igga is just a man who had lost his value, integrity ,vision and his speeches , reactions through the Media always exposed him of being uncivilized in the way he speaks in public gathering and rallies in the Republic of South Sudan. Before going further, I would like to give you snapshots about who really Wani is in South Sudan context beginning from Liberation struggle up to date.

James Wani Igga is the current vice president of South Sudan deputizing the only dictator and notorious human being in Juba by the name of Gen Salvatore. He was previously Speaker of the National Legislative Assembly , which he held for decades where he only promoted tribalism, corruption and nepotism in the Parliamentand he was also previously Secretary General of the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM).

Furthermore, he (Igga) is variously described to stem from the Bari and Zandeethnic groups and he is a Roman Catholic, his background is not yet well clear. Hence coming to education, he studied economics in Cairo which he did not understand well. He is half way educated which any one can evaluate from his speeches.

More interestingly, Igga joined the South Sudanese rebels in 1985, training in Cuba and Ethiopia. He rose through the SPLA ranks rapidly, and by 1987 Igga had the rank of Major and commanded the Shakus Battalion. The same year he served as Zonal Commander of Central Equatoria and as a member of the SPLA High Command. Igga was reportedly well-respected among civilians by that time but right now, even dogs from Greater Equotoria don’t visit his home as I speak.

Subsequently, Igga was one of the SPLA’s most senior representatives during negotiations with SPLA-Nasir. He represented Garang as the head of the SPLA-Torit delegation at peace talks in Nairobi in November 1991. In 1993 Igga accompanied Garang to Nairobi for a peacemaking seminar in June 1993 and to Kampala for an IGAD-mediated dialog with the Nasir faction.

Why Wani is Visionless and Liability?

After having evaluated and visualized my Vice President Igga, I found out that he (Wani) is the only backward South Sudanese, whose main focus is eating, telling lies to the publics. His recent trip to Kampala has exposed him to the world that, he is among the South Sudanese people who have got mental disorder due to the fact that, a normal human being cannot talk without evaluating his/her speeches. Talking without full stop, apostrophe is regarded as talking of uncivilized in the dot.com world.

Looking at the claimed the South Sudanese vice-president, James Wani Igga, has appealed to the Ugandan government, which he described as a “good Samaritan” to help in convincing the world that President Salva Kiir should not step down as demanded by the rebels led by Riek Machar. He said that when addressing a small Community meeting, which many assumed was supposed to be for all South Sudanese at DIDI world but after all ended up as clicks meeting.

Igga also explained to the Ugandan senior officials in the same gathering that President Kiir should not resign as demanded by the rebels, describing it as unrealistic and asking for Uganda to help in explaining it to the world on behalf of Juba. Now, if you may ask, does it mean that, there is no one who can explain to the world from Mayardit Government in Juba rather than Uganda as a Country?

Now, if you are Nationalist, where will you find fact and reality in that nonsensical talk?

God of the earth and universe should find the solution of South Sudan Crisis!!!

The author is the Independent Journalist and Columnist who has written extensively on the issues of Democratization and human rights in South Sudan, he is reachable on [email protected] . He is publishing a book soon on the tribalism and Corruption in South Sudan context.

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