Uror County Youths: We reject empty attack and cold war used by the self-claimed Commissioner, Peter Mabor Bol

June 27, 2014 (SSNA) — We the Uror youths have rejected this plank attack and a cold war wanted to be used by the self claimed commissioner,its a way to plan and forge a route to accomplished the fail assassination attempt tried by the Kenyan pilots in the name of humanitarians food agency to the conflict effected people living in Uror, Nyirol and Akobo west and east respectively.

Peter Mabor Bol whose office base became the county coordination office was appointed during the crisis of December 15/2013, by the dictator regime in Juba. He has taken the powers to his own hands and busy planning more harm to the united Nuer nation and to the Royal people of Bieh state (Lou Nuer). But the gods of the land will not allowed Him to carryout his evils plans to destroy our beloved home land. Your wicked thinking will always fail in the evils forest.MABOR BOL ATTEMPT TO DESTROYED UROR COUNTY AND GREATER LOU NUER.

First, the April meeting in Marial Benjamin,s home to discussed how to attack Uror county and the capturing of Ayod will mean to defeat Dr. Riek Machar rebellions despite the sending of Aerial bombardment to bomb Pamai cattle camp. All these report he was the chief negotiator.

Secondly, the desperate commissioner was also among these who bribe the Kenyan pilots and his crews to go down to the county carrying 20 bags of poisons maize, Two silence pistols with two magazine each twenty bullets. This process was done to eliminate the top rebel leaders including the spiritual leader Dak Kueth Deng.

Now He again came up with the claimed that Rebels are blocking ways for the humanitarian food access to take assistant to the vulnerable and the victims of Salva Kiir poor leadership who are in rebels held Territory.

This is a fabricated lie and we will not take it anymore because the self claim commissioner and his group in the national government are just after their interest and not the interest of the citizens.It is difficult to trust a person who killed your wife,brother,child,father,destroyed your house and stole all the properties you have. It’s not also easy to put truth on somebody who used cluster bombs to kill you and He claim to gives you food.

How will we know whether it’s not clusters bomb or chemical weapons that he need to airlift and drop to us?

He is a lair!! A big liar that is working his benefit out of the innocent blood.

We the Uror youths association have rejected this process, we term it as a plan to killed more innocent souls and it should be block! The commissioner is a traitor,assassin,and he is after money we cannot trust him, and we will never ever make a mistake to  trust him. He is running after endangered US dollars.

Our message to the government of south Sudan is short and brief "We are not a part of your government and you should not worry about our suffering." Urorian are not fishes to be trap by the snail on the hook.We are wise and strong we know where to turn to and it should not be your direction. We are a great family and we will survive no matter what circumstances.

Juba regime is no longer truth worthy they are not to be believe because their hands are full of innocent blood. The regime is famous of wide spread corruption,pogroms, Carnage,dictatorship,poor governance,ethnic cleansing and tribalism/nepotism.

We denounce this government and it should not continue to fool people giving empty promises to the citizens. We are calling to the international community to put an eye on this thugs and gangs who are destroying the reputation and the image of our beloved country south Sudan.

The people down in villages have said enough is enough to Salva Kiir and his Servant Peter Mabor Bol.

We are strong to protect Uror county till remain the last man standing.


Uror county Oyeeeh!!!!!!
Mun Loal Oyeeeh !!!!!!
commissiner Hoth Duol Oyeee!!!!!!
Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual Oyeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dr.Riek Machar Teny Oyeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lou Nuer for federalism Oyeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God bless you,

By: Sirir Gabriel Yiey Rut
Federal secretary for information
Uror County Youths Leadership
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