Analysis: South Sudan Government is at stage of Collapsing!!!

By Peter Gai Manyuon

July 2, 2014 (SSNA) — Absolutely, the mass killing coordinated by individuals in Juba on the December 16th, 17th, and 18th 2013 justified the failure of Juba Government. The number of people who got killed in Juba, Malakal, Bentiu and Jonglei is far too large. Who can deny the fact?

The current fighting that escalated to states have affected each and every one in South Sudan, no family will say, they have not lost human being unless those who called themselves neutral might have escaped the death but what I know so far is that, they might have been affected morally, psychologically and economically as well if am not mistaken. The numbers of Republican decrees issued out by the President Mayardit justify the failed administration. The recent announcement by fund for peace the Washington non-profit organization justified as well what kind of leadership South Sudan is having in this 21th century. Who to blame?

Based on your logical thinking as individual, what kind of government is in the Republic of South Sudan? What come to your mind, when you analyze the government in Juba? Do you see really picture of the people government or do you see a tyrants government composed of people with dirty backgrounds and records? When you see what is taking place right now, the manmade catastrophes that are going on in the new nation, what come to your mind?

Hence, after having viewed and internalized the policies and regulations of Government of Juba, I failed to capture what Mayardit is after up to now. Many people have been killed, tortured ,displaced and raped as well and moreover the President do not see the future of the people of South Sudan but seeing what to benefit the stomach is the only motive and mission. What a shame?

What kind of government is that on earth?

Well, for those who might not know the combination in Kiir Mayardit administration in Juba, take this right time to know from the author of this article who they really in Juba.

Furthermore, after evaluating the government of Salvatore and his small, narrowed minded Vice President known by the name, Comedian Wani Igga, you will find that, the combination of the two is a big Shame and insult as well to the people of South Sudan because their reasoning capacities are low and shallow, they don’t think about the lives of the people of the new Nation.

Secondly, the Combination in Kiir Mayardit government in Juba, most of them are the most uncivilized , half way educated , indiscipline , tyrants , tribal minded fellows who have wrong records from their constituencies. 

Most of the Cabinet Ministers are people who do not worry of the people condition rather; their main aim is to destroy the economy and the Integrity of the people of South Sudan. The main aim of the cabinet Ministers is to get money for their survival and loot good dollars for their future relaxation. When you follow the people in the system, you will find that, most of them destroyed their relationships with their communities, relatives and even their political agendas are destroyed already. I don’t know where will they go afterward? Interesting!!!!

Over view

Each and every one from the world know that, the people who brought this current mess are only two people in the Republic of South Sudan, fact must not be denied. There is need for people of South Sudan to advocate for the peaceful co-existence in the society rather than talking nonsense talks that incites the current mess that is going on.

We all know that, Juba government has failed already, what is remaining is how we should make the government to be people government rather than individual’s government. And the only way, citizen should advocate for is by advocating for their rights and aspirations regardless of tribe and political affiliations.

In Conclusion, the ideology of primitiveness and selfishness is what has taken back the Republic of South Sudan to zero level as we speak, but it is not too late to change the government that is advocating for the discrimination of some Communities in the Country. The current issue that had happened where most of the educated Nuer were eliminated in Juba by Kiir and his allies is an indication of targeting one tribe. Well in other way, it might be good for the coming of democratization processes and the respect for the rule of law and human rights. When you evaluate the world politics, you will find that, democracy came after wars and wars. No one will deny the fact about this observation and analysis accepts the extremists who do not want realities to be mention.

The author is Independent Journalist and Columnist who has written extensively on the issues of Democratization and Human Rights in South Sudan. He is reachable on [email protected].

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