Interim or Transitional Government formation in South Sudan

By John Clement Kuc


July 10, 2014 (SSNA — Interim Government or Transitional Government is a care taker Government that should be set up at national and states level in South Sudan for a specific period of time to carry out certain agreed programs by all the parties to the current crisis


The formation of the Interim Government especially in our case, we need a kind of inclusive national Interim Government that includes all of the stakes holders taking into account regional ,gender balances and at all the level of the government in South Sudan.

The program of this Government among others

1. To implement the peace agreement signed between the parties in the spirit and letter.  

2. To running day to day service delivery to our people.

3. To oversee the people’s driven Constitution making process.

4. Resettlement of the displaced persons and returnees.

5. Making reconciliation and building of confidence among the affected people by this war and making sure that those who committed human rights abuses are to be held accountable for their actions.

6. Prepare for the general elections.

7. To reform the three branches of the Government, the executive, the Legislature and the judicially, with aim of stamping out the corruption in these institutions and especially the judicially to be credible in order to handle the post elections cases or disputes and handling cases of human abuses in the country.

8. Creating sizeable and building an inclusive national army without political or tribal affiliations and banned of the sectarianism in the army.

9. Police and other security agencies should be professionally trained and disciplined.

The author is the former Judge of the Court of Appeal in South Sudan; he can be contact on [email protected].

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