China’s role in South Sudan’s Conflict

By Sarah Nyanaath Elijah Yongkier

July 12, 2014 (SSNA) — In my view; China has taken part in the South Sudan Internal conflict and her role in arms deal with the Kiir’s regime will significantly damage and hindrance the attainment of lasting peace between the warring parties.

China’s interest is met beyond imagination by Kiir’s regime and they will do anything to protect it.

You know the current regime has set a historical record and becomes one of the 21st century worse countries ever that Historians are going to refer to.

A military primary goal in any given country is a protection of the citizens and second come the property and the resources, but that is not the case with our country. The military is actually the eradicators of the day not living the example to embrace the military oath and ethic. They are intentionally made weak such not to have military moral standard to protect the constitution and law nor question or resist. That is why salary is used as a mean to humble our soldiers to their knees.  

Kiir perceived his actions holy because that is what and his circle can understand. The vision focused on power and rich but has nothing to do with the strange animal called South Sudan or Nation whatever name mentioned first.

One can only feel disgrace on things you can define and comprehend, which my uncle and former president could not understand. By the way, I have lawfully withdrawn my vote from him and therefore he is no longer my president. This is my constitutional right.

I pray that God should not take Kiir before he gives him the chance to understand the sin he has committed against innocent civilians. God created all human beings equal in South Sudan regardless of their tribes, sex, age, culture and political beliefs. It is so disgraceful how Kiir walks shamelessly among other leaders in the world, because a head of state pride is vested on his/her nation which Kiir has destroyed.

He [Kiir] thinks China is a friend? Should Kiir be so foolish or forgetful, China never love South Sudanese, even when we were at war with the Khartoum, Beijing was never on our side. China will always take the side that is reducing South Sudanese population.

A stupid Dinka, Nuer, Equatorian, Murle, Anyuak, Shulluk, Maban, etc who are currently in Kiir’s camp will think they are loved or succeeding but nothing like that my idiot brothers/sisters for all that are currently and directly dying are South Sudanese, Women, Men, Children, Elders, Youth name it, even our animals and land is suffering because of what was claimed to be a coup.

The United States will first study our ideological levels, then acts according to its findings. The American Government and the rest of the developed countries will see their governments and people interest first in such a conflict; if their interests are insignificant they will only enjoy watching the game and mind their business.

China got an opportunity to kill so many birds with one stone; a chance to make money through arm deals, a chance to settle some of Chinese in South Sudan, Chance to monopolize South Sudan economy since it heavily depending on oil revenue debts; China designed as a chance to deal with rubber stamped institutions that have no capacity to see china’s evil action long planned against South Sudan.

God made those people like that because he knows them perfectly.  A friend will want to see your house at peace but, that is not the case with China. China will want to see us burning ourselves up by ensuring more fuel is added on the fire that mean arm deal, etc.

It is up to brainy South Sudanese to help rescue this nation otherwise clinging to the tribe will not help the bigger brother South Sudan: Kiir MUST GO and South Sudan MUST GO FEDERAL.

Sarah Nyanaath Elijah Yongkier is a former high ranking official in the government of Upper Nile State. She is currently a prominent Member of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-in Opposition (SPLM-O).

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