Nuer Youth and Students Association in Egypt: We stand for federalism

Press release no: 02
Date: July 11, 2014
Place: A. R. Egypt

Subject: NYSAE; We Stand for Federalism

Cairo, July 12, 2014 (SSNA) — The NYSAE understand that Federalism is a system of government in which the sovereignty is constitutionally divided between a central governing authority and constituent political units such as states or provinces. Federal system will entail devolution of power from the national to the states government and that does not mean division of the country but only division of powers from within the government.

Federalism is the ultimate option

Since when the idea of federal system was raised by the leadership of the SPLM/A – in Opposition, the Nuer Youth & Students Association in Arab Republic of Egypt has been debating on the advantages and the disadvantages of having a federal state.

We subscribe that every state has political & economic problems peculiar to the region itself. State government representatives living in proximity to the people and mostly from the same community would have a better understanding on the local challenges that faces the community and they will offer unique solutions to them.

For example, traffic congestion in Torit, Eastern Equatoria state is a problem that can be best solves by the state authority or local government, keeping local factors in mind rather than by somebody living in the country’s capital Juba.

Federalism is a system practice by developed & developing countries

Presently, federal system is being exercise not only in the first world nations such as US, Australia, and most of the Scandinavia countries but also in developing countries like Mexico, India, & Brazils contemplating a change in the governing set up of the nation, some countries like Sri-Lanka and Philippines are intently scrutinizing its advantages. In an ideal world, a centralized government is great, its provide equal opportunities for every citizen.

Some the leading countries with an ideal (literate) citizen & government centralization is good but in the reality its susceptible to graft corruption, monopoly, cronyism and more due to the fact that human nature (human can’t be satisfy) is to go above everyone else & succeed.

As soon as the state takes upon itself the task of planning the whole economic, the problem of the due station of a different individuals and groups must indeed inevitably become the central political problem. As the coercive power of the state will alone decide who is to have what, the only power worth having will be ashore in exercise of this directing power. There will be no economic or social questions that would not be political questions in the sense that their solutions will depend exclusively on who wield the coercive power, on whose are the views that will prevail on all occasions.

We the members of NYSAE strongly oppose & condemn the current government lead by the dictator Salva Kiir Mayardit and his cabinets; we reject any system that gives all authority to individual.

South Sudan government is "decentralized" but in real sense the national government in Juba has a wide-range of powers over the states, local government even counties and payams. For instance four out of the ten states governors were appointed by president while it is the citizens to elect them.

Dear Patriots and Citizens of South Sudan

The NYSAE is calling every single one of you to take charge & determine a decision that you don’t look back to again. We the NYSAE are advocating for any state to manage its own affairs separately without national government’s interference.

The demand for federalism should not be misinterpreted by few individuals who stand on the way to obstruct the implementation of federalism. Federalism doesn’t mean to separate tribes from their respective states, we don’t mean such maim act of selfishness we are of good called for new system which will enhance a new way for permanent peace, reconciliation and services delivery.

Hopefully south Sudanese will all embarked on the called for federalism once and for all.

Long live Republic of South Sudan
Long live Citizens & nationals of South Sudan.

Signed by:

Zechariah Gatnog Mahar, Chairman
Gatguat Tap Gatluak Thob, Secretary General
Cairo, Egypt
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