To Bor County around the Globe

By Daniel Mabior Achiek

Dear Community,

July 12, 2014 (SSNA) — Our members of Bor County are blaming the leadership of Bor County for not responding to the pitiful press releases by some members of Twic East County, in which they have disgracefully attack Bor County for no good reason other than their hateful agenda.

In fact they are right, however; we are not in a position to response to such malicious press release by some disgruntled members of Twic East County, who are out for nothing, but to create more problems within the three counties of Duke, Bor, and Twic East. Responding to such naïve article could snowball whatever differences the group claimed.

The genuine question is that, do we want to remain united communities? The answer is absolutely yes. The leadership of Bor County in North America has promises, and will remains committed to peaceful coexistent within our three counties, and is wishing for Twic East County in North America to do the same. So a leader of Bor County in the United States, I still advice people of Bor County to ignore such malicious press releases altogether.

The members of Bor County should know that I condemned such action by some members of Twic East County because our differences should never find their way to the internet if there is any. There are better venues to address our differences than the internet. Doing it in the internet is not going to be in the best interest of both communities.

My leadership and I have been trying to solve any problem we may have before it grows to a major disagreement between the two counties. We have tried to solve it through diplomatic means by not responding negatively. However; we have not been successful in this endeavor because of the two competing leaderships of the Twic East County in the United States.

The two leaderships are representing the same people. The leadership of Kuol Anyieth and the leadership of Wal Garang are neither one nor governing two difference groups. When you look at these leaderships, you would not tell the difference between the leadership of Kuol Anyieth and Wal Garang vs. the power struggle between president Kiir and former vice president Dr. Riek Machar.

The only differences you can tell is that the Twic East opposing parties have no guns in their hands, but the conflict is no different in any way. I am afraid that their conflict within their own community would lead to more conflicts between our two counties if we are not careful. In the last two days, someone questioned me why some of the Twic East youth in North America blames President Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar for starting the war due to power struggle, but they have not managed to resolve their differences through diplomatic means in here in North America either. I told that person to direct his question to either Kuol Anyieth or Wal Garang.

My direct appeal to the people of Bor County, Duke County, and Twic East County is that if you want to blame the Government of South Sudan for not handling the crisis in our country diplomatically, then you needs to handle your small differences in a way you want those in the government to handle their conflicts.

You cannot blame somebody for not doing enough, to end the crisis while you are not able to solve your minor differences within such small communities. Remember what the bible says “First, take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye (Matthew 7:5). Twic East in North America ought to solve their differences, and immediately unite under one leadership and this will open them wide door to blame the both the government and the rebels as well to handle their differences with other counties like Bor County.

You know that the war in your neighboring state can cost you economically and politically, because Twic has no unifying leadership, Bor county leadership has hard time to handle the differences that occurs between the Bor County and the Twic East County here in North America.

Our office is not ready to contact both leaderships one by one. We consider the two leaderships as no leadership period. Two years ago, the Jonglei Peace initiative led by Dhiiu Deng Leek has invited the eleven counties leaders of Jonglei communities in America to meet, discuss ways to end the instability in Jonglei State. On that meeting, two leaders came from Twic East County and each claimed the legitimacy.

The unity of Twic East County in North America is crucially important for us to address or resolve our differences between the three counties. If Twic East had one leadership we could hold hands and sees how to stop our members who are spreading hatred massage through the internet. In conclusion, Twic East’s differences in North America are so small compare to South Sudanese’s differences. Therefore, any conflict within Twic East in North America can be cheaper and easy to resolve than the conflict in South Sudan.

Many of you who are blaming our office for not doing enough to ends this reckless writing on face book and public news media by the so called Twic East youth office. We are sorry there is no way we can stop it unless Twic East County unit under one leadership.

According to Marol Diingbol “We know you our people for your unresolved character that always go along with any situations through calm of maturity and self-control, We are being hate by them basis on our good traits of honesty, hospitality, humble, good distributor of everything fairly, fair and balance leadership we historically owned within Dinka communities or sub-tribes., Since the beginning of currently conflict in our new nation, we do perceive it as political disagreements and shouldn’t be categorized as being tribal conflict between two major tribes of Dinka and Nuer. It should have been done politically and not spills innocent for what we consider as small case.,Press release may 9,2014, “

We the Dinka Twic Community believes in reasoning and more pro-diplomatic solutions as usual before anything that might spill precious blood of other human beings, and what not to spills blood of other human beings in vain” The group claimed

My advice to Bor County members around the global is that, let wait and see when the so called Twic East County youth group will practice to themselves the personalities and the characters they claimed a bove statement.

Daniel Mabior Achiek is president of Bor County Community in the United State. Reachable at [email protected].

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