SPLM-in Opposition Proposes 21 New States, Ramciel to be the National Capital

Addis Ababa, July 16, 2014 (SSNA) — The leadership of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-in Opposition (SPLM-O) has announced a proposal for creating twenty one (21) new states instead of the existing ten (10).

The new proposal titled: “Proposal for Creation of New States”, comes just seven months after fighting erupted in Juba late last year.

In a press statement extended to the South Sudan News Agency, the official Spokesperson for the Chairman of the SPLM-in Opposition, James Gatdet Dak, said the new scheme is in accordance with the April 2014 Nasir Resolution—a resolution which he said endorsed a federal system of government for the Republic of south Sudan.

“…1) Kodok district as Fashoda state with capital in Malakal town, 2) Renk district and Akoka county as Northern Upper Nile state with capital in Paloich town. 3) Nasir district and Baliet county as Sobat state with capital in Nasir town. 4) Fangak district as Fangak state with capital in Fangak town. 5) Akobo district as Akobo state with capital in Waat town. 6) Pibor district as Pibor state with capital in Pibor town. 7) Bor district as Bor state with capital in Bor town. 8) Bentiu district is already Unity state with capital in Bentiu town. 9) Aweil district is already Northern Bahr el Ghazal state with capital in Aweil town. 10) Wau district as Wau state with capital in Wau town”, the proposal reads in part.

“…11) Raga district as Raga state with capital in Raga town. 12) Gogrial district as Gogrial state with capital in Gogrial town. 13) Tonj district as Tonj state with capital in Tonj town. 14) Rumbek district as Rumbek state with capital in Rumbek town. 15) Yirol district as Yirol state with capital Yirol town. 16) Yambio district as Yambio state with capital in Yambio town. 17) Maridi district as Maridi state with capital in Maridi town. 18) Yei district as Yei state with capital in Yei town. 19) Juba district as Juba state with capital in Juba town. 20) Torit district as Torit state with capital in Torit town, and 21) Kapoeta district as Kapoeta state with capital in Kapoeta town”, the document said.

The proposal to create 21 states also emphasizes that the 1956 former district’s boundaries are instrumental and should be used to help draw new borders.

“The boundaries of these states shall be as they stood in 1956 as the former districts’ boundaries. The national capital shall be Ramciel”, it added.

However, Mr. Dak affirms that the new proposal is not final and that comments and consultations are welcome. He also stated that the proposal is in line with the policy of Taking Towns to the People.

The SPLM-in Opposition says the only way to get the young nation out of the current crisis is by adopting a fully established federal system of government, where powers are split equally between States and the central government. President Kiir disagrees, asserting South Sudan does not need federalism in what he calls a “difficult time”.

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