Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA Protest Letter to SPLM/A-in Opposition

Press statement

From: Twic East Community people letter
To: SPLM-In Opposition about new States conceptual idea press

July 19, 2014 (SSNA) — This is our letter to opposition being chaired by Dr. Riek Machar and his groups. We release this press in regards to recently released press as conceptional idea when it comes to South Sudan 10 States being increased to may be 21 States or more. The article or press we are talking about here is of the cited sources, “SPLM-in Opposition Proposes 21 New States, Ramciel to be the National Capital Addis Ababa, July 16, 2014 (SSNA)”. Also article or press was published on many websites like Radio Tamazuj, Sudan Tribune and so and so media sites and blog like Nyamilepedia.

We believe the idea is still in practical stage, and not yet in reality though, however; we Twic Community in USA are curious about how the naming of the suggested new States came about? And under those suggested names, who was with who to concluded the names as for future States’ names? Where they proved by constituencies who might be falling under the suggested names and/or those names were just individual given names without them being proved by citizens? We are confusing where other Counties like Twic East County fit in? Because when we go through the names of the new States, especially within Jonglei State areas, we only see Bor State, Greater Pibor State and others. 

If you the oppositions have putted our County of Twic East under Bor State suggested name, we say to you the SPLM-In Opposition to scrap that kind of unilateral idea of naming any new States without consulting populace would be deadly wrong, and could be troublesome. Because it is not longer old days where an individual can just go and name any communities by himself/herself. This is 21th century. Also, the name Bor is 100% for Bor County people alone, and not Twic people name. For instance, if we were part of that name, our county must have not been named Twic East County, period. Please just hear our voices of democracy calls you the oppositions in which you the oppositions fighters are fighting for justice. That means nobody or community has to be wrongly forced against their right or will anymore if we really believe in democracy manner of justice.

Our community knows your idea is still at concepts stage, but in case this idea might be implemented in near future according to your group suggestion. Even though, we might not know what the future may hold about your group idea. Before it is too late though response later on if there is anyway it becomes formidable idea, ASAP we want our County to be under Jonglei State name. Also, we want our County of Twic East to be with Duk County, Ayod County if our neighbors would be able to accept our calls for us being under one State. And if these two Counties accept “Jonglei State name” to be our new State name. We would be fine with that, and if these two Counties decided that our three Counties should have another name they see is good to be inclusive name, will be alright too with it. This time we reject our alliances with Bor County. They better join other parties in the area or them having their own State. Moreover, just in case Duk County and Ayod County rejected our alliances. We think it should be better for our Greater Twic East Community to remains in current status of Twic East County.

Headquarter might be Gadiang or any place in middle they join group might choose later on.

Warning to any Dinka Twi intellects or citizens that will signed on to any names or State in which we the majority of Greater Twic East Community people don’t considered as our really ancestor’s Twi/Twic or any party we don’t want to join will pay consequences.

Conclusion, this is our sincerely message we have to forwarded ASAP to Opposition in regards to suggested idea of more States creation and naming, before they have fulfilled their conceptual idea of adding new States in later. Our voices of democracy way is the one that ringing to you the opposition here. It is our natural right to reject or to accept basis on democracy system.

This information was validated by Greater Twic East Youths of South Sudan-USA,
Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA.
Vs. Information & Media Office
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