SPLM-in Opposition Launches Membership Application Forms and Registration

Date: 24/07/2014

Press Release

Re: SPLM SPLA Launches New Membership Application Forms and Registration

July 24, 2014 (SSNA) — At this stage of the struggle by the SPLM/SPLA against the government it helped put in power, it is imperative that demand for reforms in the government and restructuring of state goes hand in hand with reorganization and restructuring of the SPLM/SPLA Party.

From May, 2013, President Salva Kiir and his group overthrew SPLM/SPLA from holding government and driving the aspiration of the people of South Sudan towards unity, equality and progress when they blocked the SPLM/SPLA National Convention scheduled to discuss and pass basic documents which contained much needed reforms in the Party and the government.

The abuse of power in government of South Sudan is due to failure of President Salva Kiir and his cohorts to act in accordance to or be sanctioned by political party’s principle and ideology which are engraved in the manifesto, and the vision of the party. SPLM/SPLA is a historical party and is a vehicle which has not yet reached its destination until the change and transformation of the society and state of South Sudan is achieved.

The new membership application form is a subscription to a number of fundamental principles that the SPLM/SPLA now advocate for and this includes; Democratic federal Republic, popular sovereignty as opposed to dictatorship, and tyranny; Constitutionalism and rule of law, economic revolution in which wealth and resources shall be left to the people, transparency and accountability among others.

SPLM/SPLA is a movement political organization comprising of sisterly opposition political parties opposed to the corrupt and murderous regime in Juba and therefore the membership is opened to all south Sudanese nationals within the country and those in diaspora in regardless of their political party affiliation, sex, religion, ethnicity and race etc.

The new application forms are upgraded with modern features and applicants can now subscribe online using electronic version by filling within the yellow box or submit a print copy to any nearest office. Old members are required to renew their membership as a subscription to the reforms and transformation that the movement currently is working to achieve. All our supporters in Upper Nile, Equatoria, Bar El Gazel region, Abyei and diaspora can now apply through their nearest branch office or cells or apply on line. All registration serial numbers shall be determined by the Office of Chairman for National Committee for Political Mobilization.



Cde. Oyet Nathaniel Pierino
Chairman, SPLM/SPLA [in opposition]
National Committee for Political Mobilization
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