Join the rebellion or leave the country

By: Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut

(One word is enough for wise)

July 25, 2014 (SSNA) — My fellow youths of south Sudan, it has come into my very own mine that, the regime in Juba will not have a follow up of all the promises they had made during general election campaign done in 2010.Our leaders left the way of the light and the truth and follow a wrong route of lies, corruption, murder and black mailing.

Forgetting what they were chosen or elected to do, but clingy hold onto Evils plans of national destruction and human displacement. Hence, causing more souls to perish and properties looted. A government like this should be dissolved and reconstructed.

I called upon the vulnerable youths in Bhar el ghazal, Eguatoria, Murle and those in Greater Upper Nile who are still being fool that there is still a gold left for them to enjoy. Government of comrade salva kiir, comrade Paul Malong Awan, Makuei Lueth, Kuol Manyang and among others does not have a vacancy for a desperate youths with fresh skills and experiences like we do, instead deployed some youths who are not qualified simply because they won’t know whatever they will be doing there on top seats.

So the only option for us is to joint the rebellion under comrade Dr. Riek Machar or else leave the country to Museveni and his Updf who were allow by Salva Kiir to invade our country south Sudan indirectly. President Kiir allowed the Ugandans Army to caused permanent destruction, Chronic conflict between the two sister countries. And they will one day regret it.

The youths are the true future leaders of tomorrow. But if we won’t take this chance to clearly decide our position, than we will be no more in the coming years because the dictator would have enriched its roots deep into the soil, and its will be hard, very, very hard for us to uproot it.

God help those who help themselves and it always true to act earlier than latter, dictatorship is a chronic greed of leadership without vision and mission. Why should we allow somebody to destroy us? And we kept quiet watching him slaughter our friends who help us fight our strong enemy (Jalaba) for years and we are still laughing together with him? This is unwise of us.

Why can we just look at few examples as why the leaders don’t have plans for us, we spent our days in a hot “Tukul” or unfinished buildings repeating the same tea for several hours and maybe we can’t afford to pay that, secondly their families are living in abroad and they refused us to stayed with them in the house saying that it’s too much to accommodate many people? Why do they look for us went it comes to defense them and they don’t look for you during their enjoyment time? They think we are fool.

We will prove to them that every dog has it own day by disgracing them in public, by saying enough is enough. Our position is needed being in frontline or in term of demonstration and protest whether in the country or outside, we have to denounce this government by revealing every secrets, every evils move, every every every every………………………………..

To those who will not be interested in joining the revolution, I personally ought you to evacuate the country as soon as possible because Salva Kiir and His counterpart Yoweri Kunguta Museveni who is famous and well known of assassinating African leaders have actually redesign our country to be their field for launching their weapons.

I once again I thank those young warriors with strong hearts, who are struggling in the frontline to get rid of the status quo bravely. Continue with that spirits of liberation and installation of democracy and federalism. We will one day celebrate the victory with our rifles and machine guns held high.

Hopefully, one fine day in steal of a night freedom will come.

The author can be reached simply by his email address [email protected]

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