Greater Equatoria Youth Leadership Supports Creation of New Federal States

Press release

July 26, 2014 (SSNA) — The Greater Equatoria Youth Leadership today have fully declared supports, commends and congratulates the leadership of SPLA/M in Opposition for creation of new federal states in Democratic Republic of South Sudan, as one of the principal and remarkable ideal towards implementation of historical political dreams of people of South Sudan.

With an utmost gratitude, we foresee these administrative new arrangements as an important factor to accelerate speedy development, and act as effective tool in rendering more balance resource, power, and service distribution in consistency with vision of taking towns to people of South Sudan in their respective rural areas.

The GEYL, therefore encourage all sections of our population, from within or outside to promote and support the leadership of the opposition in order to realize people’s driven agenda, and element of participatory governance as proposed by the leadership of the opposition under overall command of Dr. Riek Machar.

It’s a known fact now that the people of South Sudan should not waste their time anymore in trusting the current regime that has caused pain and agony to the citizens of this country just in pursue of power greed and resource control, in breached to all existing laws the governs the state.

It’s our assurance that the Greater Equatoria Youth Leadership (GEYL),in support of opposition, will continue to work tirelessly to sensitize the population of region to embrace the system of federal state, and equally accept the proposal of new federal states arrangement for their betterment and effectively get involve inclusive  governance process.

The GEYL is confident that, the opposition is a clear driving force for better change, and decent livelihood of all the citizens of South Sudan, and essential drive that will offer services to all diverse population of our country, and instill democratic practices as well.

This is the first ever initiative proposal offered by democratic oriented leadership to all the citizens of South Sudan, as constitutional gesture of inclusive participation in the governance process, in the affair of their own state, as well as decision making process.

Signed by: Greater Equatoria Youth Leadership

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