Evil on the eve of Africa’s rise

By Anteneh Yilma, Addis Ababa – Ethiopia

July 31, 2014 (SSNA) — Several persons’ Amharic saying ‘linega sil yichelimal’ direct translation- darkness strengths when dawn comes soon…or to mean bright comes after challenge, makes me hopeful merely, not totally conclude all the things we are observing and hearing about Africa. I do not want to justify phenomenon as if this age is not misfortune for anyone who can understand anything because the consciousness is developed unless one purposely remain unchanged.

I don’t know the reason for someone to be conscious enough about different qualities and responsibilities in every level for not assure him/her to stay to last with her/his full willingness. Why it is? Several persons around the World are lost as they are liked and wanted to this globe by their contributions? Why those persons who are kind, knowledgeable, orators, man of duties, solution, love, forgiveness, etc…can’t stay in this World by their power and others hope and volunteer?

What’s the reason behind for any human being to be considered ordinary whatever good he/she does to this World?  

Everyone with healthy mind can realize the above questions and definitely answer. In our continent [Africa] and other part of the World, all mind kinds, particular individual we are not created really to fulfill only our own personal desire! May be to keep our personal qualities, to keep continue our authority, fame, to fill only our bread basket, to strengthen our economic capacity, to keep continue on our own power and be influential politically … no never!

Had it not been, we are oriented only on our betterment; quarrel, individual displacement, miserable life to society for centuries ….would not been seen especially in Africa. Surprisingly what is being seen now in South Sudan, Central African Republic and some other part of Africa is resulted from what directly or indirectly mentioned above. 

Are there no intellectuals who concern on this? Are there no institutions to overcome the problem? Is it curse to African land to continue all times with economic crisis, political instability, death of people, displacement of people….?

Are all these problems happening because of God, leaders, societies, Satan…?

If people are suffering, dying because of selfishness of leaders to stay lifelong on power; please you all dear leaders now on power try to take the role model of two brilliant and genuine late leaders (Jullius Nyerere and Nelson Mandella) who fought for freedom truly, came to the power and give pass the throne for others by their own willingness rather than being tied on power and be the cause of death of millions of people.

We have been hearing and convincing our minds about Africa’s rise. But before we saved in mind sooner, we heard thousands death and displacement in South Sudan and Central African Republic only through opposition of governances. Which one is better please? Rise of Africa or some individual power on some areas? Nations or political leaders issue is to matter? Please, I in my little experience and understanding felt heartbreaking, and say you dear leaders who you are exposing your societies for death and displacement, it’s better for you to give ear and do what is better for the nation genuinely and truly.

The Author is an independent writer on Education and other Human Rights Issues based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He should be reach on: [email protected].

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