SPLM-USA National Secretariat Defects to the Opposition, Demands Regime Change

Ruling Party SPLM-USA National Secretariat officially declared joining SPLM/A for Reform under the charismatic Leadership of Chairman and C-IN-C Dr. Riek Machar Teny to establish Democratic Federal System and calls on Gen. Salva Kiir to step-down.

Official Press Statement
July 30, 2014

United States, July 31, 2014 (SSNA) — The SPLM –USA is hereby to inform the South Sudanese in Diaspora, International Communities, and South Sudanese Americans that the SPLM-USA National Secretariats has officially joined SPLM/A for Reform under the leadership of pioneer and charismatic Dr. Riek Machar Teny and his deputy, Lt. General Alfred Lado Gore.

Immediately after the assassination of our historical leader Dr. John Garang de Mabior in 2005, it was the starting of the worst chorionic disease calls “South Sudan tsunami” with a very high acceleration rate– the SPLM/A has been experiencing innumerable injustice, insecurity (anarchy), inequality among its members and the whole nation under the leadership of Gen. Salva Kiir. The rampant corruptions, nepotisms and tribalism have become the SPLM/A values which were intentionally created by Gen. Salva Kiir and his Gangsters in Juba. Those greed malpractices were rapidly spread into the SPLM-USA National Secretariat and therefore, Mr. Magok Mayen exercised them without being felt shameful of the USA green system, the American green system pulled out Mangok Mayen’s criminal activities and corruption records which led him to the suspension by the secretariat members; they were posted on South Sudan media in Jun 2013 for future reference. Thus, the SPLM-USA National Secretariat is now calling on all South Sudanese including members of legislative Assembly, SPLA army and concern citizens in South Sudan from all over the world to abandon Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit and put country’s national interest first than government money. We must join SPLM/A freedom fighters for a swift removal of the genocidal regime via military mean so that we recue South Sudan from being disintegrated into many independent regions. This call is also extended to international community to stand behind the people of South Sudan in support of regime change in order to bring a lasting peace and stability to our people and also to investigate December 15,2013 Juba genocide.

The SPLM party leadership in the United States of America took painstaking process to evaluate enormous political scenarios through series of discussions for a long time now to tackle convincing political principles and objectives which are reckoned appropriately to bind us together as South Sudanese who are profoundly concerning about the current political deterioration in a newly nascent country.

The USA Party Office came to a conclusion that enough is enough and immeasurable damage has been done to the country by General Salva Kiir and innocent citizens are continuously paying a horrendous price under the dictatorship governance of decrees rulings, and event of 2013 Juba civilians genocide based on tribal propensity. The South Sudan government system under the leadership Gen. Salva Kiir came up with new terms called Juba genocide house to house or door to door masse atrocities which were spilled over into Jongelei, Upper Nile and West Upper Nile State. Those terms are legacies of Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit found under his profile in South Sudan political arena.

Based on our understanding through genuine discussions, we are not keenly going to sit back leaving notorious president and his political associates to get away with the committed horrendous crimes and injustices without involving the rule of laws and justices. Moreover, the death of the innocent children, women, servicemen and elders who lost their lives during those painful tragedies in Juba, Jonglei, Unity State and Upper Nile states will not be forgettable.

Therefore, based on these empirical reasons, the USA-SPLM National secretariat of the ruling, objectively declared its intention to join and support the fundamental cause to liberate South Sudan from tyrant regime of Salva Kiir Mayardit and quest for federal democratic permanent national constitution whereby every citizen in South Sudan will embrace equitable distribution of country’s wealth, equal liberty regardless of tribe, religion, gender and disability.

The following below are concrete evidences which compelled the SPLM-USA National Secretariat to switch allegiance to SPLM/A under the Leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny.

1. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit has lost legitimacy as president of the Republic of South Sudan on December 16, 2013 when he intentionally committed horrendous war crimes against humanity by ordering his private tribal militias to rape, burn, displace and massacre over 15,000 South Sudanese citizens wholly hailed from one ethnic community in his own Capital Juba. He (Gen. Kiir) must face justices in South Sudan criminal court and we call upon the international criminal court to deeply involve their expertise to investigate Gen. Salva Kiir about Juba genocide in South Sudan. He is only a criminal who must stand trial sooner or later like Sadam Hussein and Mummer Gadaffi rather than illegally governing a country in a small isolated bloody bathtub capital Juba where numerous trucks seen full of dead bodies disappeared in vicinity of the white Nile.

2. Gen. Salva Kiir failed terribly with all evidences to rule South Sudan democratically and merely adopted dictatorial propensity that led to a fake self-inflicted coup attempt used as gateway to carry out murdering to silencing political opponents within the SPLM ruling party leaders and beyond the party lines which finally led to his hands full with innocent civilians’ blood.

3. Gen. Salva must be removed because of his mismanagement of the nation’s resources that led into an individual nation building instead of the nation building, which results into rampant corruption (politicians stick their feeding mechanisms on oil revenues like ticks sucking cattle blood), promotion of regional leadership tribalism, poor management, privatization of the country resources and marginalization of 90% of south Sudanese living in rural area.

4. Failure to implement SPLM basic principles to immediately deliver services to the long marginalized people of south Sudan. For instance; lack of roads, affordable healthcare or hospitals, schools, and agricultural food security although South Sudan is considered one of the richest agricultural countries in world that should be East African bread basket. The citizens are now suffering under UN camps all over the country while the dictator is enjoying his normal life in his mansion.

5. Gen. Salva dangerously drew a red line to the entire nation instead of finding a peaceful solution to the conflicts. He seriously failed to undertake a leadership responsibility to accept installation of interim national constitution of Federal Democratic System of governance in which the entire citizenry of South Sudanese could exercise their freedom which they fought for.

6. President Salva Kiir Mayardit embroiled or imposed our new country into an armed conflict based on false testimony of an attempted coup because of interminable greed for power.

7. Gen. Salva Kiir included jointly with president of Uganda to rent Uganda’s air force to bomb South Sudanese civilians in Jonglei state using worldwide banned cluster bombs.

8. He chooses to pay mercenaries such as UPDF, SPLM-North, Justice and Equality Movement, and M23 to kill South Sudanese instead of using South Sudanese oil revenue for development as a result of peace dividend.

Due to the above mentioned evidences, we vehemently believe that fighting for federal democratic system and combating or confronting cruelty, brutal killings of unarmed civilians based on tribal grounds at maturely will as it surfaced in South Sudan Capital Juba, we must safeguard and deter future inhumane activities and detrained dictatorship interim national constitution and replaced it with a full federal democratic permanent national constitution that will indeed help diverse South Sudan to fully attain its diversity and decentralize national government based on guiding principles and rule of law. Federal system is the only way that vigorously touches hearts, minds and souls of vast majority in South Sudan.

It is worth mentioning that, the SPLM under the leaderships of Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit monumentally failed South Sudan in variety of reasons. It is a fact that the current political turmoil in South Sudan had surfaced because of a failed leadership of Salva Kiir Mayardit who inevitably failed to lead both SPLM ruling party and South Sudan as country democratically. He solely decided to adopt dictatorial inclinations which he wholeheartedly believed will help him to everlastingly rule South Sudan until omnipotent ended him.

We tremendously believe that taking or joining army struggle to vanquish unwarranted and deforested centralized dictatorship who is currently ruling installed in South Sudan, must be replaced with a decentralized federal democratic system. It is a just cause and paramount importance for South Sudanese because of our diversity and a noteworthy sacrifice that we must pursue to trounce tyrant regime for quest of genuine freedom and tranquility which are not the case in this current corrupt government of Gen.Salva Kiir Mayardit.

This is a huge wakeup call for South Sudanese youths, elders, politicians, intellectuals and SPLA army to reverse the course of supporting the genocidal regime. This dictator truly believes that the biased transitional constitution of South Sudan gives him an ultimate power not only to loot resources of our country but also to massacre any community in South Sudan at his will. This notion of Gen.Salva Kiir Mayardit must be stopped by all measures, include military mean because the criminal man has chosen to be removed from power through hard way instead an easy way. After living through an anarchy rule for almost ten years now, it must be a military mean that will justify the end of his regime and restructuring of South Sudan into free prosperous Federal of the Republic of South Sudan that will unify and fairly treats all tribes equal in our diverse country.

In conclusion, we are strongly urging all political parties in South Sudan, SPLA army, Youths and members of South Sudan Parliament to urgently join SPLM/A under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny and fight for total Federal Democratic system . Together, we must expedite the process of removing a cruel and anarchy dictatorship regime in South Sudan. The people of South Sudan fought and championed liberation of this new born nation based on the SPLM’s objectives which were for true justice, freedom and equality against the North Sudan. We did not fight because they were Arab, Muslim or anything, but it was because we deserved total freedoms in our own country and God’s given right. Giving these genuine lines of reasoning, we must also liberate ourselves from this despotic government of Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, in order to make sure that are totally free again and enjoy everlasting peace. It is sinful act and humiliation against our innocent people by allowing the genocidal government to continue ruling our country in a bright daylight and using our oil revenue to pay foreigners while citizens are suffering under UN camps and rural areas.

Long Live South Sudan!!!
Long Live Dr. Machar!!!
Long Live SPLM!!!
Signed by:
SPLM- USA National Secretariat:
Cde/ Thabor Deng Ding – Secretary General.
Cde/ Othow Kur Awang – Secretary for Political Affiars and Mobilization

SPLM –USA States Chapter Chairpersons:

1. Cde/ Bol Deng Dei-Chairperson, Arizona State Chapter.
2. Cde/ Gideon Abram-Chairperson, Colorado State Chapter.
3. Cde/ Makuel Wie-Acting Chairperson, Nebraska State Chapter.
4. Cde/ Peter Dokuoth Gak- Chairperson, California State Chapter.
5. Cde/ Simon Puok Dak-Chairperson, Iowa State Chapter.
6. Cde/ Simon Tonyik Nguoth Del-Chairperson, Tennessee State Chapter.
7. Cde/ Kak Banguot -Chairperson, Alaska State Chapter.
8. Cde/ Thok Timothy Tutlam-Chairperson, Minnesota State Chapter.
9. Cde/ Gatluak Nyang Bidiit –Chairperson of Utah state chapter.
10. Cde/ Julius Rombe Dima- Chairperson Missouri Chapter (Kansas City) state chapter

For further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact: Thabor Ding @ [email protected]

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