Gordon Buay Will Soon Take Over South Sudan Government from Kiir

By Koryom de Jamuth

The Government of South Sudan is nearly to be taken by Gordan Buay Malek Chol

August 13, 2014 (SSNA) — A reliable sources revealed that Gordan Buay’s mission to take over the Government of South Sudan from President Kiir Mayardit is about to be accomplished. While Mr. Buay was on the official visit with President Kiir in Washington DC early in August, he has been talking with family and friends in the US, and aware them that his mission to sack President Kiir from the government is at edge. Buay told his family members that they need to stay close to him at this time because his time to achieve the goal is coming soon. 

On his arrival to Washington DC early in August, Gordan Buay reached out to various South Sudanese communities in Diaspora and offered to accommodate anyone willing to come to DC to protest against those who protested against the President. He paid for people’s airfares and accommodated a number of his supporters at the expensive hotels in Washington DC. Gordan Buay convinced the people that they should act solidly as the supporters of President so that, the president will know that he have people who stand with him to Support him and the Government of South Sudan.

At the same time, Buay reminded his two trusty family members who refused to disclose their identity that he believes either Kiir or Riek Machar cannot bring peace in South Sudan. Gordan Buay reminded the family member with the video that he put up on the internet in 2011, when he declared himself as the nation’s new president at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIkyM7J0t_4". He said that he has a vision to lead the country and he believes that it will happen soon.

Buay also disclosed that he has already invested his leadership by establishing a close friendship with international community and the world’s super power nations to back him in his plan. Buay further revealed that he will try his best to stay close with Kiir as possible so that he will get chance to let him go slowly and smoothly.

Gordan Buay has been the front line media fighter for the government of South Sudan on the side of President Kiir since the outburst of violence on December 15, 2013. Gordan Buay’s words are being taken seriously by the readers on various Social media. He becomes trust worthy to the Government and is currently included in the president’s special team.

The author lives in Juba, South Sudan, reacheable at kordejamuthk in 1980s at live dot com.

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