The Inter-Governmental Authority for Development’s double standard against SPLM-in Opposition

By Gai James Kai

August 29, 2014 (SSNA) — Regional politics at Inter Governmental Authority for Development – IGAD is a dirty rotten game played by the so-called “big powers” of the region that has been blatantly discriminatory to the Nuer caused over the last 8 months. These daily fabricated and bogus accusations of Salva Kiir`s reign of terror against Nuer and SPLM-IO at the kangaroo court known as IGAD are meant to deny the right of Nuer and South Sudan existence as sovereign state.

These oft-repeated myths and fabrications of Inter Governmental Authority for Development – IGAD and its sponsors has become a monthly ritual for Juba`s genocidal regime. Anything! Even if it has nothing to do with reality. IGAD just pass some kind of bias resolution that please Salva Kiir and punishes Dr. Riek Machar and his SPLM-IO.

The level of ignorance and double standard at Inter Governmental Authority for Development -IGAD when it comes to South Sudan politics is sickening. We have tried our very best telling the IGAD that Uganda is occupying sovereign South Sudan illegally in defiance of International Laws and per International Court of Justice`s decisions and instructions but all in vain and perhaps, fall in their deaf ears. How is that for justice really?

These self-proclaimed “big powers” at Inter Governmental Authority for Development-IGAD can see no right on the side of opposition and no wrong on the side of Salva Kiir. Nuer throughout their history has been subjected to a unique double standard of judgment and criticisms for their actions in defending their existence. If Nuer were judged by the same standard as every other African tribe, then it would be at or near the top of the list in every test of human rights, morality and justice. But this double standard applied to Nuer continues at IGAD.

The Inter Governmental Authority for Development – IGAD for instance has never condemned Salva Kiir and Museveni for massacred thousands of innocent Nuer in Juba and continues illegal occupation of sovereign South Sudanese territories respectively. If the IGAD was not a kangaroo court and SPLM-IO was allowed due process in defending themselves, these false accusations by Kiir would have been thrown out for lacking merit. If IGAD is truly interested in human rights and peace South Sudan, a good place to start is with the investigation of Salva Kiir`s genocidal actions against innocent Nuer in Juba.

The more the IGAD picks on SPLM-IO, the more South Sudanese people circle the wagons and jump to the defense of their caused. The IGAD is just making mockery of human rights in South Sudan. Seriously, the rotted regime in Juba deserves sanction and its leaders must and will be brought to the court of law for the crimes against humanity they have committed in the last 8 months against Nuer. As soon as possible, the International Society must do something before the people of South Sudan at large are destroyed by Kiir and his bribed IGAD and before the country is dispersed.

If the IGAD is for peace and human rights, it wouldn’t have prevent to investigates the root cause of the conflict instead of rushing into unnecessary and undesired power sharing that favours non rather than the blood-sucker AKA Salva Kiir Kuethpiny. Also they wouldn’t have kept quiet while thousands of Nuer civilians were becoming a target of all kinds of weapons from China and Uganda. They wouldn’t have kept silent while watching innocent unarmed Nuer being massacred, old men and women with their children for more than 8 months. They wouldn’t kept quiet when more than 500,000 South Sudanese children are starving at UN`s camps. What reason does SPLM-IO have to trust this so-called IGAD as a body for peace?

We wants to be treated fairly, first let the root cause of the conflict be defined, implement constitution, let the people moves freely…then power sharing at last, for we are not fighting for glory but the massacring of our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters uncles, aunties, grand-fathers and grand-mothers by Salva Kiir in Juba. Don’t forget that (IGAD) is just a frog not an elephant.

Most analysts would agreed with me that, historically, the foundation of the SPLM/A was not only to free South Sudanese from Khartoum`s occupation but also to liberate South Sudanese from international or regional oppressors like IGAD member countries such as Uganda and to ensure a sustainable development in the country through democratization. Thus, understandable, people had been inspired and promised by the revolutionary leaders that once got independence, South Sudan would be for all the citizens and each citizen would be treated with dignity and equality regardless their ethnicities. No one would be above the law and the ladder of the opportunity would be accessible by all to climb to the greater heights. That the country would have a set of rules, a Constitution that would govern all people impartially.

However, Salva Kiir Kuethpiny through the “help” of President Museveni of Uganda has failed South Sudanese people`s desires at the watch of the so-calls Inter Governmental Authority for Development – IGAD. Kiir charged to a despot and has put at risk the very nation which he shamelessly claimed to “never brings back into war,” quoted in his campaign for 2010 elections. Hence, the rules of the jungle prevailed, dissent is not acceptable, following is no longer a choice, the national bread is serves behind the closed doors, ladder for opportunity is only accessible to the privileged, the ratified constitution is remained hidden and some of our neighboring countries like Uganda intervened into our internal affairs without due consideration of our sovereignty.

Yet despite the horrendous consequences of Salva Kiir`s ruling in South Sudan, the double standard, regional bloc known as IGAD still engaged in the treacherous habit of denial. Above all, they are in denial when they continue the mindset and practice of unjust past. South Sudanese have experienced their national catharsis. It has cost us very dearly: massive loss of life and destruction of properties, displacement of a significant portion of people; and countless other ills, but worse still, the barking dog that can’t bite (IGAD) persist on their ignorance about Salva Kiir and Museveni`s evils politics.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “it is true that you may fool all the people some of the times; you can even fool some of the people all the time but you can’t fool all the people all the time.” We the people of South Sudan have attempted to prove Abraham Lincoln wrong. We have deluded ourselves for over 8 months now, trusting this failed regional bloc called IGAD. At what point will we wake up from the slumber of self-deception to the dawn of realistic national awareness? God have mercy on South Sudanese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The author is an independent writer who has written numerous articles on politics, democracy, law and order. He can be reached through, [email protected] or add him on Facebook; searching for the above names.

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