My removal from the parliament by an illegitimate parliament

By Reath Muoch Tang

September 4, 2014 (SSNA) — I came across a news item that was published on Sudan Tribune on August 27, 2014 regarding my removal from the national parliament in Juba along with 22 of my colleagues on the grounds that we have absented ourselves for 12 successive sittings contrary to the assembly’s business conduct. The news item further mentioned that the motion to remove our membership from the parliament did not generate much discussion from the parliamentarians, however, it mentioned that one of the lawmakers raised a legal point arguing that the removed members actually have not been absent for 12 successive sittings. Nevertheless, her point, though legally valid was never heeded.

What matters here is not why we were removed from the parliament, but one would expect this highest legislative body in the land to atleast have the least of decency and integrity to respect and abide by its own enacted laws. If this parliament breaks our nation’s laws with impunity, what would become of our nation and its citizens? Where would ordinary people go to seek justice, if the lawmakers are not showing any moral compass for the nation?

Now let’s us wait and see whether this very same parliament would notify the National Elections Commission, so that it can arrange for by-elections within 60 days as stipulated in article 64, item(1,2) of the 2011 interim constitution.

I left the parliament on December 15, 2013 without submitting my resignation because I consider the parliament illegitimate. Reasons being that the parliament did not bother to convene in order to discuss the mass killings of civilians by the regime in December 2013, nor did it table a motion to remove the genocidal president, Salva Kiir from office. To me this shows that the parliament is nonexistent or it’s just a rubber stamp.

Hon Reath Muoch Tang is a Former member of the South Sudan National Legislative Assembly and Current SPLM/SPLA Representative in the United States of America.

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