Hon. Racheal Nyadak Should Immediately Withdraw Her Intention to Kill More Children from Uror County

By: Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut

September 20, 2014 (SSNA) — I was so surprise and got shock all over sudden went I saw Racheal Nyadak Paul deputy minister for information and broadcasting in the government of Salva Kiir Mayardit dedicating a message of mobilization to Uror county chiefs to bring their kids/children out of UNMISS camps to join a certain school they had rent in the name of Uror children.

This is a suggested tactic of increasing disputes between the Uror natives,  greater Lou Nuer as well as the other Nuer sections, if they succeed in mobilizing more IDPs to join the ‘Ritual center’ they claim to be an education center.

Hon. Nyadak and her well-wishers who gang around her in support of her evil decisions are creating disaster to themselves no single child will be release to them. Never!

Uror County administration is under SPLM- IO’s control since the genesis of December 15th crisis Hence, Some vulnerable Ministers like Racheal Nyadak should not lie to the public that they will convince the chiefs to except her maniac act of cleansing the remnant of Kiir massacre who were butcher in Gudele, Gerger, Bor UNMISS Base, Mapel, Malakal, Gumbo, Manga Teen, Logo-Logo 1&2, 107 and Munuki respectively.

Nyadak Paul, born in Uror County was among the few officials from Lou-Nuer who can die for the sake of Lou Nuer during those years back.

But that’s went money didn’t become her small god. I believed money have snatched away the love she had for Lou Nuer for all those years.

It is obvious that a widow can easily surrender her love to whoever satisfy her needs and whoever care for her, Nyadak have turned a blind eye at Uror county in general from the beginning of the turmoil and she should still continue to close them still if she would love to; we don’t need her help or support any longer.

I want to aware my people who attended Nyadak’s briefing on the other day recorded by (SSTV) and gives them a warning at the same time that Nyadak Paul is making her money in any way around so should you accompany her all the time, you should end up spoiling your reputation and dignity at the same time.

Let’s not forget that she is saving the enemies with honor and respect.

Let us boycott her activities because whatever she said must end in bloodletting……………………….. Honorable Nyadak is not our Nyadak we use to know she has change instantly.

Watch out for double faces and people of interest!

I have spoken my words……..
May gods hear my voice……

Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut is acting Chairman of SPLMYL in Egypt get him through [email protected]  

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