Rebels Military General Denies Having Link with Defected Civilians

Addis Ababa, September 25, 2014 (SSNA) — A leading military General of South Sudanese Rebels has denied having any link with Nuer civilians who decided to join the government.

Last week, eight Nuer civilians who stationed in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, joined President Kiir’s government, citing bewilderment when the conflict started in December of 2013.

On their arrival in Juba, the leader of the group, Yiech Puoch Luor, stated that Major General Siddam Chayot Manyang will soon join them.

The rebels accused the individuals of being bribed by agents of the South Sudanese government.

Major General Manyang who hails from Gaatjaak Nuer has denied the rumors and accused Luor and his group of spreading lies; adding that those who defected are ordinary civilians who have never experience a bush life in their entire lives.

“I am South Sudanese trained army General and if I decided to defect to Juba government who massacred Nuer Civilians in thousands during Juba Nuer Massacred, I cannot defect with civilians”, Maj. General Manyang said in a statement.

“How can I join Juba government while my 8 boys are in the front lines fighting Juba rotten government?” he asked

The General also revealed that one of his sons was recently wounded in Renk fighting.

Meanwhile, the leadership of the Gaatjaak Community in Diaspora released a statement dismissing the significance of the defection, describing the defected civilians as Gaatjaak sons who are known by names only.

“Nobody should even think about those people [defected civilians], the individuals who have decided to be part of Kiir’s regime have no values in the Greater Gaajaak Community and no one should even think about their self-serving move”, the statement reads in parts.

Gaatjaak Intellectuals (GI), a group of highly educated/experienced individuals in Diaspora accused Mr. Luor, the leader of the defected civilians, of preferring money over his murdered relatives.

“[The] leader of 8 Nuer civilians [who] defected to Juba, his sister and her six children [were] killed in Malakal by Juba government forces”, the group said.

Major General Siddam Chayot said he is on his way to Longechuk County, Upper Nile State, to fight against what he termed as the enemies of the nation. The rebels’ General also added that the current conflict is not Dr.Riek Machar’s war, saying the ongoing war is a war imposed on the Nuer and other South Sudanese tribes by Salva Kiir.

Fighting broke out in Juba in December last year between different units of presidential guards after months of political mishap among senior leaders of the ruling Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) party.

Gaatjaak Community is a sub-section of the Jikany Nuer located in the Upper Nile State.

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