Is Dr. Elia Lomuro an oriented adversary of Federal Democratic Republic of South Sudan?

By: Bol Khan Rom

September 30, 2014 (SSNA) — The present South Sudan’s Minister for Cabinet Affairs, Dr. Martin Elia Lomuro, is an arch enemy of Federal Democratic Republic of South Sudan (FDRSS). He is a motivated opponent of the proposed Reforms, the reforms which shall lead our nation to permanent sustainable peace and development. Dr. Lomuro is purposely deployed to talks against proven and accepted system of governance anonymously approved by majority of South Sudanese people. Speaking to reporters at the closing session of the seventh speakers’ forum on 25 September 2014, Martin Elia Lomuro, said any move to replace the current system of government is unacceptable and must be fought up to the last man. The author read Dr. Martin’s rhetoric statement in Sudan Tribune online news web. Previously, I always do hear him, Elia, very much favors John Luk’s constitution that gave him a ministry, on purpose, in the kitchen Cabinet against the reforms if not against the betterment of the whole nation.

“Our objective in fighting this war is simple and has been clearly stated from day one and it will remain so. Our objective is to maintain the leadership and very unitary system of the current Juba’s Government. This government was democratically elected by the people of this country,” said Lomuro. Does Hon. Elia mean the business? Contrary, the John Locke’s Document Elia purposely supports, in article 4 (2), however, Refers the present Government headed by Benydit Kiir as “Constitutional Government not an elected Government” Is Hon. Minister familiar with this article? Even the drafter, John Luk, disowned it and calls it a repealed constitution.

Dr. Elia further lamented that, calls for Federal Democratic Republic of South Sudan or reforms are carrying tribal agenda. If these calls for a pro-democratic reform government was motivated by a tribal or carrying tribal agenda. Then, why was it anonymously approved countrywide? I am not a member of any SPLM factions; however, I can read, hear and know which faction is struggling for public or South Sudanese people’s interests. Federalism won’t allow the struggling tribe to impose its tribal agenda, if it has any, on Eastern Equatorians or Awielians. That was why, we saw Equatorians in big numbers on the streets anonymously welcoming the proposals. Do Equatorians have tribal agenda? Do Bahr El Gahzalians who went onto streets as well have tribal agenda? Do others Upper Nileians who did the same have also tribal agenda? In Public Administration I studied, all public figures—politicians measure their popularities through political programs they have for public consumption. How the ordinary citizens react or welcome political ideologies from political parties or politicians individually. An ethnic origin of politicians is less consider. Rather political programs of each and every Leader in any country are the ones matter. Can South Sudanese people’s demand brought up by their son and Father be considered tribal? The demand for Federal Democratic and reformed Republic of South Sudan (FDRSS)! I don’t think so.

However, we are all aware that in Africa most of the groups are too venerable to say no and defend their interests. You can find such groups clandestinely and orally support reforms in hearts but soft in action against dictators that impose fatal rules. Those groups do pretend and say “We are peaceful people who choose an amicable solution to the problem”. Though, they are being killed. If the former is the case, then let the world know! Do African’s dictators forgive them—the easily entangled and scared individuals or groups? Definitely, NO! Instead, the dictators do round up helpless citizens they find and brutally tortured them to the end, so that they give up hearts supports for reforms. Do dictators agree to and implement political programs that haven’t an armed threat behind? I doubt. Whatever political programs you orally bring forward and how much words or greater orator you are, all can be nothing to dictators but finally damped underground. They have tried it in the SPLM and we subsequently saw most of them (SPLM’s Leaders) ended up in jail. As we see it now, any attempt to resist the proven popular need for reforms and for FDRSS must be a move to blocks efforts that are being sought both internationally and nationally to restore peace and feasible stability in the country.

Logically speaking, Dr. Lomuro should clearly tell the nation why resistance against reforms and FDRSS is so important to him. Otherwise, he can be seen as a person who is set to preach individual—tribal agenda himself. Instead he should be one of the leaders in negotiations forefront in Ethiopia to push for reforms. For instance, let’s take the case of hard currency being sold in black market in Juba. Can Dr. Lomuro tell me that there is no need for reform inside there, given the tribal policy installed in distributing the Dollars for black market? Imagine, in Juba market nowadays or in Central Bank premise people talk to International fiscal Organizations’ Managers in local language. Yet everybody understands what a fresh villager young boys & girls of 10 years old want. Why only members of particular South Sudanese community have 24hrs access to dollars? Neither in Arabic nor in English they communicate and sell dollars in black market. However, young people from Yambio, Kajo-keji and Kapoita for instance who could fluently communicate best with International people in English have no access at all. What is that happening there? Dr. Martin, as a powerful Minister of Cabinet Affairs, does he know this? If yes, isn’t reforms required, in this particular area also?

Therefore, I think the intention behind Lomuro’s expression isn’t of public interest, but may be of his own party interest. Or he might have been directed, who knows, to speak so! Mr. Thomas Jefferson, rightly put it “The Tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”; unless, government officials remain genuine servants of the people. That all people were created equal “The Laws of Nature and Nature’s God” had given every person a set of rights that could not be legally alienated, and that among those rights were “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

Hence, Dr. Martin Elia Lomuro should answer aforementioned question of whether or not he is a politically oriented opponent of Federal Democratic Republic of South Sudan (FDRSS). Otherwise I ask the Juba Government in which he is a Cabinet Minister, to let my people—South Sudanese people pursuit their Happiness. The Federal Democratic Peaceful Republic of South Sudan!!

The author is a South Sudanese commentator; he is on [email protected].

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