SPLM Australia congratulates those who broke the chains of tribal lines and hatred

September 29, 2014 (SSNA) — The SPLM Leadership in Australia under the Chairmanship of the Commander-In-Chief, Dr Riek Machar Teny and his Representative, Comrade Aguer Rual and the entire SPLM Coordination Office and Chapters in Australia, has congratulated the following nationalists sons and daughters of the Republic of South Sudan for standing tall, speaking out loud and strong condemnation of the extermination of Ethnic Nuer and destruction of the nation by Salva Kiir and his extremists:

Comrade Aguel Rual, Comrade Adhar Chol, Comrade Deng Mading and Comrade Magach Awan.

Also, the leadership extends its is deep gratitude and appreciation to those who broke the chain of tribal lines and hatred at first; including Mama Rebecca Mabior and her son, Comrade Mabior Garang De’Mabior, Brigadier General Dau Aturjong, Chairman of External Affairs, Dr Dhieu Mathok and countless brave individuals whose name cannot be mention.

South Sudanese should realise that Greater Dinka is bigger than Salva Kiir and his extremists. It was not a mistake that a member of this great community has led this great nation, but could be mistake if Salva is using his tribal benefit to exclude, marginalise and exterminate others minority tribes for his own gain while his community members remains silent to condemn his actions and evil deeds.

The South Sudanese, Dinka Community in particular, should not allow Salva Kiir to spoil their image and integrity in the supreme eyes of South Sudanese and the world at large.

Although there are no proper censes conducted yet, from a number of analyse, it seems as if Dink Community approve to be largest tribe following by Nuer in South Sudan. Traditionally, the adult or elderly person, or the majority, assume the responsibility of protecting the minority, or younger one, not capitalising on their vulnerability and weaknesses.

Likewise, Salva as someone coming from the majority and bigger tribe should ensure the protection of the minority tribes and nation instead of exterminating them and destroying the nation.

The biggest mistake we would ever make as Southerners is to attempt covering Salva’s evil deeds and egos that have destroyed our unity, prosperity and trust amongst ourselves.

Those who are supporting Salva Kiir and his extremists for the sake of tribal cohesion would forever be remembered best with the massacre of their beloved fellow citizens, betrayal of the nation using foreign forces, bitter division of the young nation.

Author: SPLM Chapters Coordinator in Australia

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