Genesis of Lakes State Crisis in South Sudan (Part two)

By Peter Gai Manyuon

October 7, 2014 (SSNA) — According to different analysts who analyze Lakes State problem, some came to realize that the reason why President of the Republic of South Sudan, General Salva Kiir Mayardit is not willing to sack Military Caretaker Governor Matur Chuot Dhol is due to number of threats and intimidations from the Governor. He (Matur) is known in South Sudan context as one of notorious Military minded person that does not listen to higher authority directives since the time of the liberation struggle, between the Sudan People liberation Army/Movement (SPLA/M) and the National Congress Party of President Hussan El- Bashir of the Republic of Sudan.

After General Matur was appointed early last year 2013, there have been number of gross violation of human rights, torturing of people in the State and as well giving orders to close down businesses that are an avoidable in the world context and subsequently people abandoned peaceful. And again after realizing that all people abandoned drinking of alcohol and selling, he (Matur) came to the extent of killings people based on clans in the state. There have been a lot of revenge killings that happened within Matur family and other sub-clans in the Central County of Rumbek. What do Matur want really in Lakes state? Is he authorized to kill Civilian population of Lakes State?

The complexity of Lakes State problem is the reason why President of the Republic of South Sudan is not removing the person who is behind the killings, revenge killing and violation of the human rights within the state. When will right time come for dictator to be sack for people safety in Lakes State? Is South Sudan government very happy with the ongoing killings in Lakes State? Are there no competence politicians who can lead Lakes State communities democratically, peaceful and willingly?

Withstanding , South Sudan’s National Parliament voted Monday 23th of August 2014 and recommend to the president about removal of Lakes State caretaker military governor Matur.

Dhol was appointed to his position January 2013 by President Salva Kiir after the president ousted elected Governor Chol Tong Mayay.

The parliament recommended that Dhol be removed from office followed by a reconciliation process.

The recommendation was unanimous and came after lengthy deliberations in which lawmakers voiced support for Dhuol’s ouster.

Furthermore, last month more than eighty (80) Cueibet county residents in Rumbek Central county of South Sudan’s Lakes state have fled to churches and police stations amid fears of revenge attacks for the last two weeks, no one is sure of where they are about this time around.

Those fleeing reportedly fear they could be killed by relatives of Lakes state’s military caretaker governor, Maj-Gen Matur Chut and government of South Sudan is not talking immediate actions.

Activists have accused Dhol of indirect involvement in insecurity in the region, accusing the latter of allegedly allowing his family members engage in killings of people along Rumbek highways.

Before going further, I would like to remind us on what has been happening in Lakes state for the last one year and half. In February 2013, the Deputy of Military Governor, Mabor Achol Kuer warns Journalists and Activists in the State where he said “anyone who will report the violation of human rights in Lakes State will be crucified like Jesus Christ” Matur Deputy said.

In reality, where on earth will you find a leader talking that way? Is Lakes State curse or what is in the mind and hearts of its leaders? Is it because of Geo-cultural diversities?

Moreover, since that time up to now, there is gross violation of human rights, lost of property and lives going on and no Government who is seeing the suffering of the people of the State respectively.

A number of human rights defenders have been calling for the removal of the Military Caretaker Governor but nothing is put in to consideration by the Government of South Sudan. National Assembly have approved for the removal of the dictator of Lakes State as well Civil society but President and his Legal Advisor Telar Ring Deng have sat on the issue without issuing a decree for the removal of the gentlemen who have destroyed the human dignity of the people of the State.

The recent speeches of Military Caretaker Governor of Lakes state justify a lot to the people of South Sudan. Logically, if General Matur rebel where will he go? Will he join the Sudan People Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM/IO) or form his own rebellion in South Sudan?

And where will he get supporters since the people of Lakes State are not supporting him and the entire government due to number of issues that does not need exposure at this time?

Besides, it is very interesting and debatable of bringing someone who is illiterate in to the leadership in the State. Matur is among the 70% which South Sudan needs to educate at this time and one of the best way is to relive him/them to go for studies in the other Countries so that he/ they should get to acquire knowledge and expose to the world of intellectuality. Anyone who has not gone to school does not know the important of human lives and rights as well respect for the rule of law. Uncivilized human being considers people as slaves!

How do you expect someone who doesn’t know A B C D E or 12345 to lead the people in the State? Who to blame now? The answer is very simple; the regime of General Kiir Mayardit is blamable in all these messes going on in the entire Republic of South Sudan and the State as well.

You might have read through the media what General Matur has been telling the people of South Sudan. To quote his recent comment where he said, “it is not only Lakes State which has the problem only”, I remembered he (Matur) said there is insecurity in Juba Central Equatoria state, where the headquarters of the Government of the Republic of South Sudan is located. If you contextualize that statement properly, what will you conceptualize? Is General Matur going to join rebellion, if he is going to be sacks from governorship position or what will happen really? Something that needs analytical thinking!

I think that is just intimidation that does not have support from the grass root. Who will support Matur in Lakes State? None of the people of Lakes will ever support Matur in the State, accepts his wives and relatives but Republic of South Sudan should take a recommendable actions to discipline Matur before things goes worse and worse in the state.

One of the recommendable aspect that need to be observe by the Government of South Sudan is to bring in someone from Greater Yirol to be the Caretaker Governor of Lakes State because once the appointment also come from Rumbek Central or Cueibet respectively then crisis will still be more and more in the State. The good idea is to bring a peace lover person from Greater Yirol to lead for this particular period of time until general elections next year 2015 commerce as the constitution acknowledge.

Furthermore, the appointment should not be based on bringing illiterate person but rather bringing a competence, educated, influential and committed person to reconcile the people of Lakes State at this particular period of time since there are insurgencies controlling one of the greater regions in South Sudan. It is advisable for the government to take immediate action about Lakes state issue before citizens change their minds from the government of the newest state. It is very simple for the community to mobilize themselves and there after insurgencies can have opportunity to take over power unanimously, which I think is not too far from reality.

President should know that Lakes state issue does not need legal advisor to be consult. There is a need for a surprise decree calling the Military Governor to Juba and thereafter taken to Military wing and there after appointing a person of people of Lakes interest.

The author is Independent Journalist and Columnist who has written extensively on the issues of Democratization and Human Rights in South Sudan, he can be contact on or [email protected].

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