SSIAHR Condemns the Targeting Killing of ethnic Nuer by South Sudan Government

For immediate Release
October 19, 2014

October 20, 2014 (SSNA) — South International Advocacy for Human Rights USA
SSIAHR has closely been watching South Sudan oblique strategy device as tool for ethnic cleansing against community of South Sudan. To date our field team in South Sudan has documented four disturbing incidents against members of ethnic Nuer after Juba massacre in following towns:

On October 10, 2014 a UNMISS engineer Jang Deang who is a member of ethnic Nuer was abducted  by the government security personnel while repairing a generator at Movcon UNMISS office at Malakal Airport (Upper Nile state) at 11am and since then is where about is not known. 

On October 16, 2014, Mark Diang who works for WFP was rounded up by security personnel in at the present of UN personnel who scouted him to Malakal Airport (Upper Nile State) to board plane to Juba. Local people in Malakal have said that those arrested him are under direct command of General Johnson Oliny. Mr. Diang a member of ethnic Nuer.

On August 5, 2014 Gabriel Yien Gach a South Sudanese Norwegian Aid Worker was picked up in NPA car in Maban county of Upper Nile state and was killed in cool blood by government security personnel. Mr. Gach is a member of ethnic Nuer.

On April 17, 2014 government soldiers in disguise wearing civilian clothes forcefully entered UN Compound in Bor Town -South Sudan (Jonglei State) massacred hundred innocent children and women of ethnic Nuer inside that compound besides March 5, 2014 Juba massacred of uncounted number unarmed civilians and soldiers of Nuer ethnic Group.

With all these track records, SSIAHR is appealing to International Community and all people of good will to help stop these clandestine activities pursues by Kiir’s regime against Nuer ethnic in South Sudan and we strongly demand the release of these two young men. Crimes of this nature committed under the watchful eye of the United Nation are intended to taint the cemented sanctity of the UN and are at the same time in defiant to the UN charter of 1949 Geneva Convention that makes such practice a crime against humanity and punishable by law.


Peter Gatkuoth wadar kuel
SSIAHR Executive Director
Email: [email protected]

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