The Fundamental Roadmaps for Future Leaders of the SPLM in Australia

By John ChuolMuon, South Australia


October 22, 2014 (SSNA) — 1. SPLM Queensland State’s Chapter (QLD): Cde. Samuel Gai Yuot SPLM National Information, and Cde. John Deng Bol, Chairperson of QLD Chapter, Must work together to facilitate the state’s election process and shall report the outcomes of their work to National Coordination office

2. SPLM Western Australia State’s Chapter (WA): Cde. James Kai Nien SPLM National Secretary General-AUST and Cde. Simon Chang kuoth, Interim Chairperson WA Chapter, Must work together and facilitate the election procedures in Western Australia. And shall report the outcomes of theirs works to the Coordination office.

3.  SPLM Victoria State’s Chapter (VIC): Cde. Gatluak Puk, SPLM National Coordinator,   Cde. Chuol Bol Maker, National Advisor for Political Affairs, Cde. Kaway Mun Nok, National Advisor for Mobilization, Cde. Nicodumus Ruach Banak, National Advisor for Peace and Unity Cde. Dr.Lokuowe Gordon, National Advisor for Medea affairs and Public Outreach and Cde. Tito Tut Pal, Interim Chairperson Vic Chapter, Must work together to facilitate the state’s election procedures and shall report their works to the National Coordination office.

4.  SPLM New South Wales State’s Chapter (NSW): Cde. Robert Duku, SPLM Deputy National Coordinator, and Cde. James Must work together to facilitate the state’s election process and shall report their work to National coordination office.

5.  SPLM Tasmania State’s Chapter (TAS):  Cde. John SPLM Interim Chairperson TAS Chapter, and Cde. Juma Must work together to facilitate the state’s election process and shall report to National coordination office.

6. SPLM South Australia State’s Chapter (SA): Cde.Biar Garang SPLM National Advisor for Cohesion and Community Affairs and Cde. John Chuol Muon National Advisor for Public Relations theyMust work together to facilitate the state’s election process and shall report to the National Coordination office.

7. SPLM Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Chapter: Cde. James Peter SPLM Chairperson ACT Chapter Must work with his team to facilitate the election procedures in ACT and shall report to the National Coordinator’s office.

SPLM National Interim Youth League Office-Australia

Cde. Peter Bidong Pal, SPLM Chairperson National Youth League, Cde. Gabriel Chol Garang Deputy Nation Youth League, Cde. Bol Koang Luak, Secretary General National Youth League Cde. David Jock Nhial, National Information Youth League, Cde.Keak Bnguot Kier, National for Political Affairs,Cde.Jashua Mayan Tot Way,National Advisory for Peace and Unity and Cde. Ruot Khat Marweng, National Advisor for Medea and Public Outreach, they Must work collaboratively and collectively as a team to facilitate the National Youth League elections across Australia nation-wide and shall report their works to the coordinator’s office.

SPLM National Interim Women League Office-Australia

Cde.Nyamakal Riek Dhol, SPLM National Chairperson, Cde. Mer Chuol Ging, Deputy Chairperson, Cde. Mary Nyawuor Guor, National Secretary General,Cde. Rebecca Nyakhor Them, National Information, Cde. Mary Nyalita Koka (Mary Nyaw), National Advisor for Political Mobilization, and Cde.Nyamal Ruach Guangdong National Advisor for Peace and Unity Must work collectively and cooperatively to facilitate the Women League National elections in seven states in Australia and shall report theirs works to the National coordinator’s office.

Certainly, we need to work hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder for the interest of our people and the interest of our nation working together we will achieve our communal goals. Ultimately, the coordination office MUST work together collaboratively inclusively with Cde.Aguer Rual (Country Representative) in the process of the work related matter on National Chapters elections. With this in mind, the work must be implemented magnificently. On the other hand, the elections should be transparency system and Free and fair elections comprehensively. In this regards, any difficulties that could be facing any state’s elections the Coordinator and The Country Representative shall be there to lend their hands on that matter.

Consistently, the overall works shall be report to the Cde.Aguer Rual, SPLM Country Representative to Australia by the coordinator for implementation. Furthermore, we have 30 days left to get our job done effectively from today I write this program. Apparently, your significant and immediate consideration and mutual cooperation is highly needed. Peace, Unity, harmony, and prosperity to the people of South Sudan.

“Power to the people of the Republic of South Sudan. Together we are united".

John Chuol Muon is the National Advisor for the SPLM Public Relations in Australia. He could be reached at [email protected]

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