South Sudan: A call for worldwide Mourning demonstration

By Zechariah James Machar

October 24, 2014 (SSNA) — Before I start my argument I want to inform all my readers that the subject of today’s article is built in facts and experience, please carefully read with open heart. By the end of this article I expect you to make note of sufficient tips that will help you monitor rival discussion concerning the Mourning demonstration campaign.

In December 15, 2013 Salva Kiir and his supporters strike for the release of the angel of death which resulted in slaughtering of more than 20,000 Nuer civilians in the country’s capital Juba. President Kiir who masters the killing of Nuer and South Sudanese violated the country’s transitional constitution and deserve to be ousted.

President Kiir lied under-oath by creating a fabricating coup in order to eliminate those who are aspiring for the leadership of the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) party – ARTICLE 99.

Under president Kiir’s administration South Sudan has never been calm since the independent; after July 2011 emerge the massacre of Murle tribe in 2012-2013 than follows by the cleansing of Nuer civilians in Juba – ARTICLE 53 SUB (1).

President Kiir invited foreign forces to exterminate certain ethnic group in the country without the national legislature’s approval which legalized the racial execution and crimes against humanity – ARTICLE 103 SUB (2).

Traditional chief (Sultan) Kiir recruited over 3,000 presidential own private army from his clan who conducted the December 15 door to door slaughtering – ARTICLE 151 SUB (33).

There are other numerous articles that can guarantee president Kiir’s removal yet today’s article focuses on mourning demonstration campaign.

Demonstration is a public meeting or stride protesting against something or expressing views on political issue. Today I am here to introduce you a new method of demonstration where silence and rising of placard is optimum. Since the outset of 2010, African and Arab countries are in chaos, government don’t dare to permit any clamor public rally that’s why a mute mourning demonstration must be arranged in commemoration of December fifteenth’s deceases.

As we mobilize and prepare the outfit of the demonstration we will meet three different personalities who will constantly try to turn down the well organized turnout.


The bribe elders and friends: these are the people who received certain amount of money from Kiir’s government in order to mobilize and monitor Kiir’s critic’s activities; their persuading tactics are:

Security: Demonstration security is their major obstacle; they will try to convince you that you cannot compare your residing African or Arab country with Western world where freedom of expression is respected.

Isolation: This is an old time trick used by ancient enemies to divide people into countries (in case there are foreigners), states, counties, districts, and families to guarantee their dissociation. The bribe elder will use this trick in form of advice to segregate the demonstration organizers.

Sudden alignment: In this phase the bribe elders strategically utilize telephone calls and special visit to gently criticize the demonstration operators. They will privately remain you of your personal duties to coax you to disown the protest. "Sudden relationship is a way of fooling people and a ploy to hijack an idea."

Bribery: Kiir’s government agents will wisely answer your financial needs as a means of transportation, gifts, and date. "An intelligent way to bribe a wise man is by showing sympathy"

Intimidation: This is the stage where the bribe elders will try to frighten you using phone calls claiming to be security agents or someone who lost his entire family just for being an activist.


The elders and friends with pride are the people who isolated themselves and call themselves community intellectuals; they are popularly known to be former community leaders. They oppose the demonstration because they do not own the idea, that’s means they wanted the protest idea to derive from them for people to praise them and give them the credibility of being creative.


The scared elders and friends are those who experienced the war and they are psychologically controlled by fear. They will share with you their terror imagination and try to convince you that you are too young to publicly disclose your objections. Unfortunately; we should not blame them for self and community-destructive because they are intentionally clear and sincere, their problem is the chronic fear that took over their braveness and master their mind functioning but watch out or you will be influence.

Location of demonstration

After studying several locations, I ultimately came up with three places to determine the convenient location to hold your protest in the country of resident.

1) United Nation office: The UN is an intergovernmental organization established on October 24, 1945 to promote international co-operation. The organization was created following the Second World War to prevent another such conflict. At its time founding, the united nation had 51 members’ states; there are now 193. Their objective is to help countries torn by conflict find sustainable peace. It will be an excellent choice to hold your protest at the UN office. The United Nation is fully authorize to mediate and brings an end to international issues, just as they did to Muamar Muhammad Abu Minyar Al-Gaddafi of Libya when they called in North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to terminate the world dictator according to their point of view.

2) African Union office: The AU is an amalgamation of African head of states that was founded on May 26, 2001 in Addis Ababa to replace the organization of African Unity – founded 25 May 1963. The vision of AU is an integrated, prosperous and peaceful African driven by its own citizens and representing a dynamic force in global arena. They mediate continental issues like the independent of Eritrea in 1993 and South Sudan in 2011. The AU can assist us removing Salva Kiir Mayardit, the 21st century dictator.

3) Intergovernmental authority on development (IGAD) office: This is the East African regional organization which was established in 1986 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Their mission is to assist and complement the efforts of the member states to achieve increase of co-operation in food security and maintenance of peace, security and humanitarian affairs. The regional government must acknowledge that the ending of South Sudan civil war is their primary task that they will never escape; their success will pave ways for the citizens to endorse them and their failure will create more critics.

IGAD and AU must work together to convey an infinite peace to the region. They must find solution to the ongoing conflicts in South Sudan, Sudan, Somalia, Central Africa Republic, Congo, Eritrea, Nigeria, Liberia and many more. The two organizations (IGADAU) must confront the government of China concerning their military aiding to Kiir’s and many other African’s governments.

The Chinese government has an effective physical action that can help South Sudan obtains sustainable peace by withdrawing their employees and tools back to China. President Xi Jinping of China and his counterpart Vladimir Putin of Russia must refrain from military & economic support to South Sudan.  

Dear patriot South Sudanese, rejoice with those who rejoice, mourn with those who mourn (Romans 12:5). Wherever you live you should always remember that you are originally a South Sudanese. The true patriots of South Sudan constantly remember to do something about the war that torn our country apart. South Sudan was put to turmoil by the self-proclaimed president Salva Kiir Mayardit. Mr. Salva Kiir was nominated to lead South Sudan to the referendum of 2010, and then subsequently mandated to lead the new nation after the independent in 2011; he was not elected. Today South Sudan is independent and its first election is yet to be scheduled.

Salva Kiir is not our country’s president simply because he contravened his due mandates, he was nominated to protests and leads the South Sudanese to the Promised Land, but unfortunately he turned and bit the hand that enlightened him. Ordinarily, you don’t elect somebody to kill you or refuse to give back the leadership when require. Salva Kiir have eaten the Apple of death from the Garden of Eden by killing Nuer in Juba and Upper Nile region, Shulluk in Malakal, Dinka in Rumbek and Equatorians.

South Sudan is not a property of Salva Kiir, we the people ought to decide for ourselves and we want peace above personal ego. Kiir and SPLM will be long gone but South Sudan will live to see another day. We have the right to choose for ourselves a new government.

We need peace in peace in South Sudan and that peace cannot be achieved unless Mr. Kiir steps aside because he had become a polarizing figure.

To my precious leaders of South Sudanese communities in the globe, kindly be informed that this message is directed to you; please consider organizing a turnout in remembrance of our deceases. You can also demonstrate to put more pressure to the International community – the must acknowledge that South Sudan case is urgent and needs to be their prime agenda.

For more information about the outfit of the demonstration, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Long live Democratic Republic of South Sudan!
Long live nationals and citizens of South Sudan!

Zechariah James Machar is a simple South Sudanese who can be approach via [email protected]

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