Rape of a Young Girl Ignites a ‘Tribal War’

Nairobi, October 28, 2014 (SSNA) — South Sudan’s two largest tribes, the Nuer and Dinka have been fighting in a Kenyan-based Kakuma refugee camp for nearly two days. The camp is populated largely by South Sudanese who fled their homes in the war-torn South Sudan.

The fighting is the latest between the two tribes who for many decades have been involved in tribal rivalry.

Eyewitnesses told the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) that a little Nuer girl between ages 9-13 was raped by a Dinka man who lured her into an isolated location nearby a market where the rape took place.

“Now the Nuer and Dinka are stationed in two locations, Zones one and two respectively. People have been killed on both sides and the fighting could resume at any time”, a confidential source who works for the United Nations in Kakuma told the SSNA.

The source further added that the Kenyan police is trying its best to prevent another clash between the two groups.

After the act is committed, the Nuer selected a small group of men (mostly older men) and tasked them to try to solve the issue with the Dinka Community. After many attempts have failed, frustration grew among members of the Nuer community who believe the rights of the young girl have been dishonored, and the fighting exploded in areas populated mostly by the Nuer and Dinka tribes, according  to Eyewitnesses accounts obtained by the SSNA.

Kakuma refugee Camp is located in north-western part of Kenya.

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