Former Justice Minister John Luk’s confession on Oct 12, 2014 reaffirms my Predictions (Prophecy)

By David Mabior Atem Kuir

October 29, 2014 (SSNA) — It was three weeks after July 9, 2011 when I took some time to read the world newest supreme law of the Land, South Sudan Constitution, and found out that the language composed in that constitution was quite complicated and loaded. Language in it was very strange and confusing so I re-read it three times and at last I came out with personal perception and conclusion that the constitution was very biased and somewhat copy and paste because it did not represent people’s wishes and desires. I came to the conclusion that John Luk Jok would be the first person to come out openly in future and say that the constitution was wrong, regret and be the victim of what he produced. I shared my prediction with some people across the globe. When John Luk confessed openly I was overwhelmed with phone calls, text messages and e-mails that my predictions had come true. In the next paragraph, I will share with you what else I had said in 2011 when I shared my predictions. But, first and foremost, please allow me to acknowledge courageous move made by John Luk, which appealed to me, and I personally accepted his request for forgiveness for God’s sake; because nothing is beyond sorry. This acknowledgement mean ownership of his mistake, however he will psychological remain tortured, for not only giving excessive powers to the President, but also misusing of his academic credentials.

Another thing that I had predicted for John Luk was that I compared him with Zimbabwe’s former Justice Minister that wrote the country’s constitution in favor of the President and afterwards disagreed with the President and consequently dismissed from ministerial post. He then went around preaching that the constitution was wrong so people began wondering why the very person who wrote the constitution would turn around to condemn it. Subsequently, people seeking and hunting for positions went to the  President of Zimbabwe (South Sudanese in Juba must be familiar with this practice) to report the matter; as a way to protect the leadership by all means and in return get appointed as a reward!  Continuing with Zimbabwe’s example, upon establishment of relevant information, security agents were ordered to go and arrest the minister. Afterwards, an investigation was launched and then took him to court; where he was found guilty of treason. South Sudanese are familiar with word “treason”. The verdict was that Mr. Justice Minister should be hanged immediately and from there his life was terminated.

For John Luk, you are not going to be hanged since you got an opportunity of using meteorologists’ telescope to predict tomorrow’s weather and asked forgiveness. That was indeed a smart move.  However, you are not the only elite person in South Sudan that said the constitution was wrong, but you were the architecture of it and therefore you should be held responsible and carry your own cross! Sir, you misled yourself when you were in a position of authority, forgetting that South Sudanese are capable of giving you any position you wish as long you will manage it well in their favor.

For your information, I have predicted other things that have so far come true. For example, creation of the Prime Minister post in the upcoming government of national unity in South Sudan which is now in progress was one of those. Nonetheless, I was impressed with your ending of confession that “it does not matter whether it is the presidency, parliament, judiciary, media or the national security services under Minister Isaac Mamur. Mark my words my dear people, the Magok Rundial of today will soon be the John Luk of tomorrow. Likewise, the John Luk of yesterday is regrettably the Isaac Mamur Mete of today”. You said it all sir! If Magok Rundial will not learn from your mistake, let him go ahead and he will be the first to be arrested by the same security agent in humiliations.

David Mabior Atem Kuir lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  He can be reached at: [email protected]

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