Genesis of Lakes State Crisis in South Sudan (Part three)

“People hate me because am realist, people want to kill me because am professional Journalist, people always abused me because am talking for the voiceless, people displaced me from my Country because am human rights defender, people are send to me day and night to threaten me because of telling the facts and realities about my Country. I was detained and interrogated because of being a columnist and a writer. It is matter of time, South Sudanese will appreciates my contribution one day some will call me a hero and some will hate me for good”….

By Peter Gai Manyuon 

November 8, 2014 (SSNA) — On 22th of October 2014 twenty (20) South Sudan army soldiers were killed when they clashed with pastoralists in Lakes state’s Rumbek North County. Lakes state has been blighted by cattle raiding since South Sudan’s independence in July 2011 and continues to be locked in a cycle of inter-clan revenge clashes and no decision is taken seriously by the central government.

Absolutely, I have mentioned the facts behind Lakes State crisis in part one and part two of this article last month and some people urged me as well to elaborate more about the same problem that have led to loss of human lives and properties in the State since the coming of Caretaker Governor Matur Chuot to power early January 2013.

Obviously, President of South Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit is sleeping without taking absolute decision about Matur who is running the affairs of the state using traditional way of handling issues.

Hence, the only solution belongs to President to decide whether he will sack or not. Lakes state agenda is beyond description and all South Sudanese people are wondering of what might be the agenda behind all these messes in the state government and the central government.

Citizens of lakes state are suffering after their elected Governor Chol Toang Mayay was sacked due to influence from the top politicians of lakes, who have nothing rather to destroy the unity of the people of Lakes State.

What is really behind the killing of citizens and government is quite? Is it a plan strategy to reduce the population of Lakes state people or what is the issue? Does it mean that, there is no capable person who can lead the people more than Matur or Presidency fears to sack the Military Caretaker Governor due to his military background?

Youth activists and traditional authorities have repeatedly called for the removal of Governor Matur Dhuol amid claims he has failed to stem the violence. President Salva Kiir has so far overlooked these calls and he is doing his own things that do not help the people of South Sudan in one way or the other. What a disgrace?

A security official in Rumbek last week said efforts were underway to apprehend those who may have been involve in the incidents or conflicts. The question is, what government is in place to put the right thing in place?

Furthermore, on 24th of October 2014, two chiefs were killed and their bodies were found lying on the ground and nothing is taken to consideration by the Government of South Sudan.  In fact, who to be blame now?

However, the International Community and the rests of the world are so quite without responding to the ongoing violation of human rights in the State. Most of the people in Rumbek are not sleeping in their home or residents; they are in disarrays due to the fact that, they are being always killed by the state authorities.

The only way to resolve the ongoing crisis in lakes state, is either through sacking of the Military Caretaker Governor Matur and bringing in someone who is well inform upstairs in order for the peaceful co-existence in the state and in South Sudan as a whole otherwise Lakes State issue might lead to something else if government is not taking good decision.

Conclusively, Lakes State issue might be bigger than the ongoing insurgencies that have control one greater region in South Sudan, if the government of South Sudan is not careful due to the fact that, the fighting has no clear ground from the government on the civil population who are armless in the State. Government is killings and displacing the cattle keepers, killing chiefs based on the clans ideologies. What will happen if Rumbek youth continue resisting the government soldiers that were send to disarms them? Will it not lead to the over throw of the government in the state?

The Author is Independent Journalist and Columnist who has written extensively on the issues of Democratization and Human Rights in South Sudan. He can be contact on [email protected] or

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