Exclusive: “IGAD-led peace talks are not convincing”

Addis Ababa, November 15, 2014 (SSNA) — An African Union (AU) diplomatic source in Ethiopia said the ongoing IGAD-led peace talks between South Sudan’s warring factions are not going well with many AU heads of States.

In an exclusive interview with the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA), source who demanded anonymity revealed that IGAD-led negotiations have become part of recurrent jokes among many leaders of the African Union. The source also criticizes South Sudanese political leaders for failing to find a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

“First of all, I am very sad to see our brothers and sisters dying every day there. I am equally sad to see political leaders of our youngest member [South Sudan] acting without clear roadmap for their people and the future of their country,” the source told the SSNA in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

“I can tell you that people joke everyday at the AU headquarters…and it is all about that IGAD-led peace talks are not convincing at all,” the source added.

The source also disclosed that many heads of States of the African Union are not sure whether or not IGAD will succeed in its search for a peaceful solution to the conflict.

“Frankly speaking, the current IGAD-led peace talks have already annoyed enough member States of the AU. People are asking themselves as to why East African Leaders who are respected members of the union unsuccessfully try to come up with a fair arrangement that could benefit both sides of the conflict,” the source continued.

The source further revealed that the African Union is currently weighing options that could counter the looming collapse of the peace talks, adding that a good number of influential African Union leaders are already fed up with IGAD’s numerous failed approaches and that they are in secret discussions.

Fighting erupted in Juba in Mid-December last year between different units of presidential guards after months of political turmoil among senior leaders of the ruling Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) party.

President Kiir accuses his main-rival, Former South Sudanese Vice president Dr. Machar, of planning a coup, Machar denies the allegation saying Kiir premeditated the alleged coup in an attempt to try to get rid of his opponents.

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