Bor County Leadership-USA: “Removal of Bor County Commissioner is a Disruption of his Much Needed Public Services!”

Press release

November 26, 2014 (SSNA) — Normal executive protocol or not, removal of Bor County commissioner is a disruption of his much needed public services during these critical times. The governor’s action has left the residents of Bor County in a state of consternation. 

But before we get wrap-up in the Juba’s state of affairs, it is important to acknowledge the distinguished leadership of Dr. Agot Alier Aleek. A medical Doctor by profession, Dr. Agot has served his community in various leadership capacities both in the Sudan and South Sudan. 

He is a man with distinguished public services records.  He once served as a deputy governor (2000-2005) of Jonglei during the Sudan second civil war (1983-2005). Despites the challenging nature of his appointment under the rigid Khartoum regime, Dr. Agot served the people of Jonglei with honor and compassion.  

After his tenure ended as a deputy governor, he was given another opportunity to serve as a minister of health until the warring (SPLM and NCP) parties signed a comprehensive peace Agreement on January, 2005. South Sudan gained self-determination and it was then that Dr. Agot decided to move back to the South. He then became an advisor to Governor Kuol on health and land issues respectively.

In September 2012, after South Sudan gains her independence, he was appointed a commissioner of Bor County by the former Governor of Jonglei, General Kuol Manyang Juuk. It was within his new capacity that Bor residents have felt his humility and dedicated self-sacrifice. He had touched and changed lives. 

We are all familiar with the calamity that took place in Bor during Riek Machar second rebellion. Thousands of Bor residents had perished and thousands others made homeless by Riek Machar’s warlords and militia.

Despites the daunting challenges presented by the war, Dr. Agot steadfastly stood with his people in the bush. He made sure that the wounded and the underprivileged were located and moved to safe haven. 

He continued the journey with them to Guol-yar displaced camp. There in Guol-Yar, Dr. Agot continued to uplift the spirits of the despaired Bor civilians and even more strikingly offered his medical services to the wounded and the sick. 

Many of our members who had visited Guol-Yar have told unique stores about how he continued to inspire performance in the displaced camp. We wished the governor had consulted the community before executing his executive order. However, Bor County members respect the governor’s decision.   Whether the decision was politically motivated or not that is yet to be defined. 

Logically speaking, the system of governance in South Sudan continues to defy public belief.  The president firing elected governors and the governors firing commissioners. Make you wonder, are merit factors such as good performance considered when making hiring and firing decisions?

Shouldn’t the Attorney general and the parliament be involved in such a decision making? What is the job of the parliament?  What is the office’s term (2 or 4 years) for the commissioners?  What if commissioners were elected? Would governors still have the authority to fire them without public consultation? 

These are rhetorical questions but the state of affairs in South Sudan defy logic.  On the end note, we the members of Bor County solute the outgoing commissioner for his outstanding services and we hope to see him serve our community at a difference capacity in the future. We would welcome the incoming commissioner as well and we would like to see him/her serving at the same capacity as Dr. Agot!

Written and signed by:

Bor County Leadership, USA.
Under the leadership of Mabior Achiek Chaw
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