South Sudan Artist Association in Ethiopia successfully concluded the ‘Peace and Justice’ Concert in Addis Ababa

By Mekonen Tefere

Addis Ababa, December 7, 2014 (SSNA) — The Office of South Sudan Artist Association in Ethiopia (SSAAE) openly announced to the media that the event was successfully ended.

The Chairperson for ‘SSAAE’, Mr. Khor Deng Jang (aka ~ Khor DJ) briefed the press after the concert and urged the entire South Sudanese Community in Ethiopia to stand for peace and eliminate the tribalism.

This concert is just a beginning, I believe we shall held other concerts in the near future in order to strengthening the relationship among the communities and promote the love sharing in our nation”. Khor DJ said after the concert. Meanwhile, the Deputy Chairperson for the Association, Mr. Lul Tuach Dojiok (aka~LTD) appealed to the up-coming Artists to register for the membership. LTD said that the entire members of the Association will convince the second meeting on Sunday, December 7, 2014 in Gerji at 10:00am and invite non-members who are not registered but Artists to join the meeting.

In a separate interview, the Peace Ambassador Gatwech Koak Nyuon opened the concert as guest of honor and urged [the] South Sudanese Community in abroad to support the Artists. “I personally urge the Diaspora especially the South Sudanese Community in Australia, US and Canada to help promote these Artists and invite them to extend their visit for further performance [in] overseas”. Ambassador Gatwech supplemented while speaking at the closing ceremony.

In another development, Mr. Owet, a native of Greater Equatoria Region who studied in Addis Ababa extend his gratitude and urged the communities to support the Artists. Meanwhile, Nyakong Mading Chol, Elizabeth Ariat Okello and Chuol Koang Thoan admitted that the Artists must be supported not because they are neutral in this conflict, but through the fact that they are agents of change.

An official of Maban Community from the Upper Nile State who talked in condition of anonymity said that he is convinced for the occasion and he would tirelessly work to promote the Artists.

Nearly 18 Artists had performed and more than 1,000 people mostly females dominated the show.

Paul Bayoy (aka ~ Paul B) the Secretary for the Association seconded the statement by the Chairperson of the Association.” We didn’t expect to receive such a huge turn-out from our fans, of course we will really host another concert very soon.” Paul said in exclusive interview on Saturday, December 06, 2014. 

Gatwech Hoth, the Head of Organizing Committees congratulated the entire organizers for their times and active participation.

Mr. Pal Tang Yuel (aka~Jadda) said that he was so amazed to be a member in the Association. “I’m so proud to be a member in this Association, I was committed and I will remain committing to make change in the young nation through the microphone”, Tang Yuel said before his performance on the stage.

Finally, Peace Ambassador disclosed that he will address [the] South Sudanese congregations in the ‘Hawulet’ Church on Sunday, December 7, 2014 on how the 12 months conflict in South Sudan should come to an end. Gatwech appreciated the Artists for initialized the event by playing the National Anthem and prayer. He also urged the warring parties to drop their demands and focus on peace, justice and development.

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