The Nuer Council of Elders’ Position on South Sudan’s Crisis

Press release
Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Re: Position statement on South Sudan Crisis

1. Introduction

December 9, 2014 (SSNA) — The Nuer Council of Elders is a community based body created to oversee the interests of the Nuer Community in general. Therefore, the ongoing crises in South Sudan that targeted the community have concerned the Council. The Nuer has been systematically targeted by the regime in Juba and other areas in South Sudan for reasons known only to its leadership. As such, the Council seeks to find a lasting solution to end this declared massacre on one tribe. The Council is currently spearheading the community initiative to lobby and advocate for support to ensure that the root causes of conflict and Juba massacre are addressed in the IGAD led peace talks. This is meant to pave the way in reaching a consensus for an amicable and lasting peace settlement.

2. Briefing background

The politically motivated fight erupted on December 15/2013 in Juba, the capital and seat of the government of South Sudan. The city (Juba) was engulfed by fighting among the presidential guards in their barrack. In the same evening, the clashes spread to the SPLA HQS (Bilpam) between the army loyal to the president and the group which was resisting disarmament. In the following morning around 5:00 am, the war continued and reached the civilian areas whereby the army loyal to president Kiir (private army) began searching Nuer ethnic group from house to house mainly civilians were arrested eliminated. Soon, it appeared that in the whole town, Nuer civilians were being targeted, rounded up and massacred.

3. The essence of the position

The Nuer council of Elders being the voice of the community is determined to ensure that justice prevails for the sake of lasting peace. Therefore, we present the overall Nuer position as follow:

  • The Nuer council of elders strongly rejects the resolution no 3 and 4 of the 28th Extra Ordinary Summit of the IGAD Heads of state and Government of 7th Nov. 2014 on the ground that the statement is contravening the spirit and position of the mediation. It is unacceptable statement. Because it is pre-empting and dictation the warring parties to freely dialoguing on behalf of their constituencies.
  • This signify that the IGAD as mediating body, failed and deliberately ignore to address the fundamental issues mainly the Juba massacre for the last eleven months in seven rounds of negotiations.
  • It is regretful that the aggrieved community (the Nuer) felt that none of the culprits/perpetrators have been held responsible and accountable for the massacre.
  • We the Nuer council of elders pre-empt and condemn in the strongest terms possible any decision or action taking by the mediators intending to maintain the hand blooded president in the structure of the probable transitional government.

Now therefore, the council appeals:

  • For IGAD mediators to revisit their approach and acquire a neutral status for credible mediation and satisfaction of the aggrieved community.
  • To the concerned and peace loving international and regional bodies to put pressure on UPDF and other foreign forces to withdrawal from South Sudan.
  • To endorse UN Security Council proposed imposition of arm embargo for South Sudan.
  • To stop South Sudan oil flow since it is used for procuring the armament and funding of foreign troops in the country.
  • To the regional and international concern bodies to hold accountable the perpetrators that violated the human rights in the current crisis in South Sudan.
  • For IGAD Heads of state and Government to call upon Salva Kiir to resign for peace and stability to prevail in the country, in order to restore trust and confidence in the Government
Signed by: Elder, Hon: Gabrial Yoal Dok, Chairman
The Nuer Council of Elders
Nairobi, Kenya 
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