South Sudan is led by a world’s Fool and a Monster

By Pel K. Chol

December 24, 2014 (SSNA) — Many people including some of my former classmates, who wrote essays about the former United States President, George Bush Junior as the world’s foolest and most evil President, should just turn around and analogise his policies with President Kiir of South Sudan before labelling him as such.

I believe they would get a new world record holder and their finding would be underpinned by South Sudanese who would undeniably put Mr Kiir into the category of being the world’s foolest President of the 21st century.

Only a handful of individuals, particularly those from his ethnic group in Gogrial, may argue against my assessment. But would anyone need a microscope to see that the dude is not just a dumb or a dumber but the dumbest?

Certainly not; in fact it has come to light that, South Sudanese get embarrassed not just by his filthy cowboy hat but also by what comes out of his mind. One commentator once said ‘the guy is making us look fool in the eyes of the international arena’. Most would certainly agree with him.  

Kiir’s remarks don’t just make sense. During the disarmament program of the Lou Nuer few years ago, he said “No son of man can stop this even Jesus’. Are these vague statements what South Sudanese would expect to hear from their leader? But what is more alarming now is not how he chooses stupid statements of that nature nor the presentation of himself in the international community but how deadlier his policies have become over the years leading to the Genocide of the Nuer in the capital.  

A list of his imprudent strategies since becoming the leader of South Sudan would fill an eight gigabyte flash drive. But for the sake of not making this a long boring article to the readers, I will only select a handful of Kiir’s ill-advised remarks, policies and presidential decrees which have all turned South Sudan into ashes.

Kiir had planted the seed of evil from the sand in South Sudan well before the independent but now he is blaming the violence on others. Why I said ‘planted in the sand’ was that he was able to create problems that never existed. What could Dr. Riek Machar have done differently to avert the carnage apart from running for his life when in fact Kiir had completed his risk assessment including bringing in the Ugandan mercenaries into the country to standby in case there is a fallout of his plan?

Kiir’s unwillingness to comprehend that he is the orchestrator of the nation’s ongoing darkening is an indicative that the bloke is a Big Fool.

While South Sudanese were preparing to celebrate the historic moment, Kiir was preparing to create an arson watering his seeds of evil on a daily basis. Eliminating Nuer generals in the SPLA and putting them to retirement is a classic example. Denying Nuer soldiers to train for heavy artillery such as being tank drivers is another one.

Kiir left only those he knew would be keen to carry on with his policies such as the former SPLA Chief of Staff, General Gathoth Mai. In short, Kiir had planned what we are now going through but he wasn’t aware of the reaction. It is not a surprise to see that fools behave erratically like the way he is behaving.  

Kiir had created and trained a private army from his clan of Dinka Bar El Ghazel which committed the Genocide of Nuer in December last year. Yet Kiir calls himself the President of South Sudan while the private army he created is entirely made up of goons from his clan. I think the guy is just a Big Fool because if he were to be a wise person, he could have called himself President of the Republic of Dinka so as to reflect the status quo.

While still focusing on Kiir’s private army, after the war broke out, the President lashed out on those he thought had denied his criminals some sort of support not realising that they were actually working for the stability of the nation. Kiir was seen appearing on SSTV asking “who do you think are those people fighting in the Greater Upper Nile?” ‘They were those you denied services when they were in training’ he said. 

Kiir is impression was that his idea of creating his thugs was actually good. But what he doesn’t know is that there won’t have been any war at all had he not created nor prepared them for it. Isn’t the dude a Big Fool?   Certainly he is.

Kiir also forgot to recognise that South Sudanese did not fight against the North for his freedom. Now that we have achieved our independent, Mr Kiir is forcing us to treat him like a King of Commonwealth. A style his dear friend, Museveni, is using against his fellow Ugandans throwing Opposition leaders at the back of pickup trucks as if they were bandits.

Kiir has adopted them all and now he is terrorising us and with the terror he is creating, he is free to do everything he likes and wants even if it means killing peaceful protestors such as the eleven protestors who were peacefully demonstrating their view in Western Bar el Ghazel prior to the civil war but lost their lives for doing that. Many would state that those who perished fighting against our northern brother are in fact the lucky ones as they didn’t have to see being in shackles of another master formally a victim like them.

Despite what is happening right now as a result of Kiir’s ill-equipped policies, he thinks that he is obliged to behave the way he is behaving because he is the President of the Republic of South Sudan and therefore South Sudanese should listen to him at the expense of their freedom.

All these indicate that the IQ of our leaders is more or less the same with that of a chimpanzee although we might get a different opinion from a zookeeper who keeps animals preferring the chimpanzee over our one. Kiir is brain is not suited for the 21st century leadership where people know their rights better than he does.

The ideal of democracy which enshrined western nations will never be taken away in South Sudan eventhough Kiir is imposing his constitution to subjugate South Sudanese society. This is proven by his style of leadership which emphasises the removal of state governors overriding people’s will.

This informs us that his policies don’t differ with Idi Amin’s of Uganda nor the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia. Such people deserve to end in a hell of fire. Not in a negotiated peace settlements such as the paralysed IGADD led peace talks crippled by Uganda.

While South Sudanese wants the war to end and establishes federalism which curbs the power of greedy monsters such as his, Kiir is vehemently rejecting it in the pretext that it would divide South Sudanese even further. One would wonder to know if we are really united under his centralized form of governance.

I think the answer is a straight no but Kiir is trying to fool South Sudanese to satisfy his greed. ‘Federalism would have been better for us if we were to unite with the North but not when we are on our own’, he said. It is obvious that he is either trying to fill his insatiability or does not get the reason why we first sought federalism from the north was due to our grievances which federalism would have addressed.

But now that we are on our own, 99% of South Sudanese would say that we are even worst off in the independent than we were under the United Sudan. Such a feeling will never fade among the mind of many unless he is removed out of the helm. Federalism is the best tool yet again to free us and its implementation is paramount as quickly as possible.

Kiir doesn’t know that he is incomparable to any northern leader we could name since 1956. He is as brutal as a fire and as tribal as a mother to child. You only need to look at the disposition of his government and the carnage he created to see the point.

South Sudanese urgently need back their freedom they fought for and the sooner the better. However, until more souls unite that will push him out by force; he won’t understand nor go quietly. Fool neither learns nor changes.

Lastly, Kiir during peace talks insisted that we should not have two separate armies in one country during transition period. What he forgot to discover was that when he created his private army, the SPLA, as a South Sudanese Army, was there.

Yet he created one which created the mayhem in the capital. Despite the obvious, he is insisting that we should not have two separate armies. So how big a fool is the dude people? Does he think that the South Sudanese, particularly the Nuer, would feel safe being provided security by his Gelweng forces? Well if we put this question over to the White Army and General Peter Gatdet, their answer would be that only Killer Kiir would think so.

In regard to his policies of iron fist, Kiir would still top the list of being the world’s evil president. It is a matter of time before history is made where South Sudanese would be shy to name a child Kiir. That had happened in Germany after the fall of the Nazi regime to the Allied forces. Germans, nowadays, decline to adopt the name “Hitler”  mainly due to horrific atrocities Hitler committed during the Second World War using gas to kill his victims.

Some of the Jews who were lucky not to die by gas or gunshot wounds slowly died in the concentration camps after being denied food. In spate of few years, almost two million Jews had perished. There is no shortage of Hitler’s style in South Sudan under Kiir and to be fair to Hitler, people with common sense would argue that Hitler was less brutal and less evil than Kiir for two simple reasons.

Firstly, Hitler used gas to kill his victims as stated above. However, Kiir used fire either to inflict much pain to his victims or to conceal his crimes. I think a death by fire is more painful and dehumanising than a death by gas.

Secondly, Hitler is bound to the Jews by humanity while Kiir is bound to the Nuer both by humanity and blood. In simple terms, Hitler would be less keen to kill his fellow Germans than he would to kill the foreigners such as Jews. In fact it was his evil love for Germany being the world’s Super Power that led to his death after the extermination of the Jews.

However, there was no hesitation for Kiir to light the blood of his fellow citizens. Kiir was driven by greed and hunger and it was his evil idea to be a President for life which made him ripped the drafted constitution under the CPA and replaced it with toxic one.

Kiir created the marginalisation of every tribe in South Sudan and prepared for the Genocide of Nuer as soon as Dr. Garang had died.  It became apparent that Kiir is more interested with the connotation of being called the President of the Republic of South Sudan rather than what he can do for the people of South Sudan.

The confinement of Jews into the concentration camp by Hitler where they slowly died after being denied food could be compared with Kiir’s evil policies which have driven Nuer into the UNMISS compounds, refugee camps and swamps.

So far many children have become malnourished and their death is being recorded in the tens of thousands. Only God will know the exact trend of Nuer who will have die hiding in the swamps and in the UNMISS camps by the time the war comes to an end. 

Hence, stark differences can be seen between the two as Hitler wanted German to be the champion of the world whereas Kiir demonstrated the opposite. He wanted himself and the Dinka ethnic group to be the champions of South Sudan, a phrase intelligence Dinkas such as General Dau Aturjong and Mabior Garang do not want to see established.

Pel K Chol is awaiting graduation for Master Degree at Macquarie University’s Centre for Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism here in Australia. He could be reached at [email protected].

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