SSRRA Executive Director Acknowledgment and Appreciation Message

Press release

Dear Friends,

January 7, 2015 (SSNA) — I wish to express my personal sincere gratitude and appreciation for all the support you gave me. So many friends contributed in so many ways for me to get it through. Again, I owe much appreciation to the Chairman of SPLM/A and Commander in Chief (Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurguon), the Chairperson of the National Committee for Humanitarian Affairs (Hon. Hussen Mar Nyuot) and the SSRRA staff across the globe, friends, community members, colleagues and relatives for supporting me directly and indirectly.

I am very pleased with the way in which the people of South Sudan responded to my appointment with congratulations messages through media communications and I was quite overwhelmed with being appointed as an Executive Director of National Committee for Humanitarian Affairs. This recognition is a great honor and indeed a privilege for me as a part of the community.

I am very passionate about my work and commitment to help our community who are suffering enormously and are still in great need. As we are all aware, the most hit communities are those that live in IDPs and villages where the prolonged current war has compounded the problems.

In consideration to the achievements I as an individual have attained over the past few years in the humanitarian sector, I believe that I will requires additional passion, experiences and commitments in order to increase effectiveness and efficiency in our work which many of us have demonstrated. I will also try to create a good working culture across the partnership and understanding the goals that can help to eliminate problems before they even start, but when there are challenges, such as the current crisis, it is important to work together.

As we are in the difficult era, the humanitarian imperative comes first. I also believe that the outcome of this crisis will inspire all of us and encourage us to continue in our efforts to improve our people lives and creating new beginning for supporting the people of South Sudan.

As I looked back on the past events that led me to this stage in my life, I truly believe that if you have a vision and set goals you can go anywhere you want to go: One day at a time and one step at a time.

Lastly, I wish to state that it has been a great honour to work voluntarily with our movement and hope that I will diligently continue to serve the movement and the people of South Sudan in my current post. Once again thank you for supporting me and God bless you all.


Gatwech P. Kulang
Executive Director
South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Agency (SSRRA), National Office, Pagak, GHQs
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