The Greater Twic East Youths in USA Reject Calls for Jonglei Governor to Step down

Press release

Re: The Greater Twic East Youths in USA is not for Gov. John Kong Nyuon steps down, calls from his governorship post of Jonglei State

January 25, 2015 (SSNA) — First and foremost, the Eastern Twic Dinka Community in United States of America is questioning some groups of people who had demonstrated last week in Mading Town of Bor County. As we speak, we are basing our claims on an article that was published on many media outlets worldwide. In that particular article, the protesters from Greater Bor did call the Caretaker Gov. John Kong Nyuon to steps down from governorship post whom he is now possessing. Below are some of the protesters’ reasons why they call Gov. John Kong Nyuon to be relieved by President Kiir Mayardit from his Caretaker Governor position: “…on what they believed as Caretaker Governor Kong Nyuon’s attempt to resettle Nuer IDPs at neighborhoods…." “…Down Down John Kong….We don’t need Nuer…."

If you people of Bor County don‘t want Nuer to be there in Mading town which is actually being considered by Constitution of our nation as everybody Headquarters. And/or you guys don’t want them in your area at all according to this statement of yours. “…Down Down John Kong….We don’t need Nuer… ." Then, we think it might be better for you people to just write a letter to President Kiir Mayardit. The letter requesting that you just don’t want Nuer in your area of Bor County. From there on, we believe the President Kiir and his Administrations, both authorities in State and national levels can act suitable to ease the tensions. Because both entities of ours nation have constitutional rights to relocated the Headquarter of Jonglei State to any suitable place that might be considered as an inclusive place to every citizens of our state. That way we think your argument could been right. Instead of mixing two totally different reasons to chants for governor steps down. We are still confusing here our neighbor? In regards to some reasons here: “Gov. John Kong has to steps down” and at the same time you people seem like you are looking for his post to be overtaken by your own son from Bor County as this quote portrays it “one of our own.” “We don’t need Nuer.” To close this paragraph of ours, we conclude that you the protesters didn’t actually means you don’t need Nuer people in your area or city, but the main reason might be behind your protests was just a metaphorical way to gain back governorship post to your County of Bor. Just plain and simple.

Protesters continuing, “The demonstrators today in their petition letter asked Salva Kiir to sack governor Kong and be replaced with “one of our own."" Again, in our views, this quote of yours’ protesters, “one of our own” is totally outrage or silly if your reason for protests was this. Why? Because you guys can’t just call governor to steps down and thinking that the governorship post would automatically goes back to your County of Bor, again. By any imagination, who did reign over that post before currently Gov. John Kong Nyuon took over? Wasn’t Mr. Kuol Manyang Juuk from your Bor County? We need you people of Bor County to always be reasonable when it comes to anything related to public or social groupings. Reasoning is a decent way to deals with public affairs fairly with mutual respect of other co-existences.

Why are we against Gov. John Kong Nyuon recently calls to steps down?

Because the recently calls by protesters in Mading town about Gov. John Kong Nyuon steps down. We, the Greater Twic East Community in US are totally against unconstitutional calls by protesters when it comes to Gov. John steps down. We consider this calls as not a suitable right procedures of democracy system intentions.

  • We don’t even believe Bor County alone has power to solely remove the governor over other ten Counties of State.
  • We think our neighbor should have wait for an election times to release their grievances through right to votes as Constitutions of our nation allowing it.
  • Also we believe our hero John Kong Nyuon, the man that has devoted his whole life for nation freedom shouldn’t be alienated. He has been there since day one, done that with our own son, Dr. John Garang de Mabior and other South Sudanese liberators. So his work shouldn’t be undermined by unreasonable protesters. You (Mr. John) deserves to leads our hero. Thus, you people need to stop, and let the man do his duties to our State citizens who are suffering lots. You people seem like trying to localizing everything of State as your solely County affairs, if that the case; you are misleading yourself. Again, we are behind you Mr. governor because you are the right to do what you think is good for our State and not them. Voting would be the only way you should be able to leave your position when time comes whereby our citizens of Jonglei State has done that through election officially.
  • Our meeting with Former General Secretary of SPLM through telephone conference

First, the main purpose of our meeting with our hero, Mr. Pagan Amum was much or mostly related to his being brother-in-law to Eastern Twi Dinka people. So, it was just like a kind of family re-union welcoming to us here in United States apart from his political IQ, pioneer or aspirations when it comes to South Sudanese political affairs since back in the days of South Sudan and Sudan civil war.

The second point we were eager to know from him though was his knowledgeability, wisdom when it comes to South Sudanese political affairs since current civil war began in 2013. Also to clarify to us why he was arrested plus other colleagues of his like our son, Dr. Majak Agot? Unfortunately, our office didn’t convene with Dr. Majak when he arrived to States in 2014. We were eager to meets him though too, but unfortunately he was taken out of our hands by alien name to us (Greater Twic or Eastern Twic Dinka). The alien name so-called “Greater Bor or Dinka Bor" whom we the Eastern Twi Dinka people don’t have natural association to at all. Mr. Pagan was asked, why he plus Former Detainees didn’t join either side at war right now in our nation? These were some of the fundamental questions we did ask from our son-in-law. And he did answer one of each to us accordingly.

His final word to our Greater Twic East Community in United States was, “Twic East Community people, I need you to campaigns for peace to saves our people lives who are dying daily in hands of the two parties involves in current civil war. I and other Detainees are not interesting in anything else right now rather than our main goal is just to stop blood-sheds.” This message of his was well accepted or connected based our Eastern Twi Dinka people admirable to peace overall.

To our ear-dropping or gossiper who had already propagandizing our recently meeting with our hero, Mr. Pagan Amum. We heard your smearing campaigns joker to Western Dinka communities. You need to be careful Greater Bhar el Ghazal Dinka when it comes to gossiper [s] who becomes your negative sources about Eastern Twi Dinka. We just say it, our brothers and sisters, you need to be careful. Because some of your smearing campaigners are not honest but to continuing spreads lies against our humble community of Greater Twic East. You been stated that, “our recently meeting with Mr. Pagan Amum was all about Eastern Twi Dinka planning to installed Mr. Pagan Amum as President of South Sudan through un-rooting of an elected President Kiir Mayardit from his position of presidency.” What a child brain thinking ideal, honestly; in what way can we do that dare joker or ear-dropper/gossiper? Also, joker you have been claiming that, “Mr. Pagan Amum has nobody behind him even when he arrives in United States he was even not picked up at airport” which is not true at all. We the Greater Twic East Youths in United States are stand with him for whatever essential things he has done through whole of his life to our new nation of South Sudan. In addition, he has stood tall behind our son, Dr. John Garang during our struggle times until our country achieved freedom some years back, you remember? These are some of the few importance stuffs of the past we should be supportive to him without any exception of whoever feels negative against him politically, joker. So don’t ever blackmailed our hero thinking that, he has nobody stand with him. The bottom-line is, he is our son-in-law that means we have right to welcome him as family member or to protect him in any case.

To closing our press, we, the Community of Twic East is ultimately calling two parties at war to weigh-in more peace than war to our people. Enough is enough.

Signed by Greater Twic East Youths of South Sudan-USA on behalf of our community in Diaspora. Released by Information and Media Office of Twic East Community.
E-mail: [email protected]

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