SPLM-in Opposition in the United States to Conduct Election in April

Press release

Re: The SPLM/A-Resistance Movement set to conduct Election: Office of National Secretariat-[25 April 2015], Minneapolis, MN



Date: 28 January 2015

To: All SPLM/A-U.S.A Chapters’ Leaders
From: SPLM/A-USA Election Commission

Dear Comrades,

January 28, 2015 (SSNA) — The Leadership of the SPLM-A-(USA) led by Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhourgon voted to approve party elections in 2015, and passed on the baton to the Election Commission to take democracy to the finish line. This Leadership is a joint effort from various states chapters’ chairpersons across America; leaders passionate to practice the right we are denied by the Juba regime.

The election commission welcomes the voting result, and will commence with its duties to organize and conduct free and fair elections. Moreover, the committee applauds and praises the leadership’s sustained commitment to democratic ideals, in time of peril. Therefore, the 2015 SPLM/A(USA) Election Committee is pleased to publically announce: The 2015 SPLM/A-(USA) Election for the Office of the National Secretariat will take place on this day [25 April 2015] in Minneapolis, MN [11:00 am Central Time].

The election committee hereby extends an official invitation to: All states chapters’ chairpersons and the leadership of SPLM/A-USA, SPLM/A Youth League and SPLM/A Women’s League to join us in Minneapolis, MN in support of democracy. The invitation also extends to the South Sudanese communities at large; the committee urges all supporters of this resistance movement to attend–all are welcome. There will be interactive activities for all to enjoy.

Last but not least, this goes without saying; The SPLM/A is a national party. Therefore, the committee encourages and welcomes all qualified persons, who condemn the dictatorial regime in Juba to review the election guidelines, and submit their curriculum vitas to the election commission. For datelines and principles that will govern this election, please refer to the election guidelines for more details.


Cde. Matthew Dobuol Ruon
Chairperson, Election Commission -SPLM/A-USA
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